PHD #259: Off the Books
Off the Books
Summary: Cameron finally meets Sawyer late one night in the library. Introductions are made, questions are asked, and a favor requested.
Date: 12 Nov 2041 AE
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Ships Library - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.
Post-Holocaust Day: #259

Cameron's been working a lot lately. Missions to Aerilon, shifts in Sickbay, which means that he's been sorely neglecting one of his most important duties. Elpis. On this, his day off, he has repentantly spent every minute of it with the little girl who has adopted him as her own it seems. From breakfast to explorations of the ship to time in the observation deck to several games of cards, with lunch and dinner fitted in as well, they have finally ended up here, in one of her favorite places, where Cameron has softly been reading to her whilst lying on one of the provided couches. With her fingers curled into the knit of his heather grey sweater and her head pillowed upon his chest, the little girl has fallen fast asleep. The book set aside, Cameron can't help but quietly study the small child that has somehow become his responsibility, a mix of awe, worry, and affection coloring his gaze as he lightly strokes her hair.

Days and nights really mean nothing in space, especially when one doesn't have to report to any specific shift of duty. Therefore it's not really an odd sight that Sawyer shuffles into the library in her pajamas. Well, maybe the fact that they're pink and plaid on a military ship is one oddity, the other being that here's a civilian that obviously doesn't require a marine 'escort' as she ambles about the ship. She hasn't even bothered to wear her lanyard with proper identification. A book about Tatau is tucked under her arm, which she slips onto the desk manned by a young crewman from Support. She exchanges a few words with the attendant, obviously returning this particular selection, and then she heads for the stacks. Cameron is hard to miss, and the journalist's steps slow as she creeps past the pair as to not wake the child perhaps.

Ocean eyes lift curiously, first of all because there is an attractive woman sneaking through the library in her pajamas. Pink pajamas no less. That's definitely eye-catching. The second is because she's, well sneaking, a soft chuckle escaping him as he rumbles in a voice low and lazy, "No need for tiptoeing. A bomb could go off and she wouldn't wake up…" though a second later he clearly realizes the inappropriateness of that metaphor, as he clears his throat and notes, "Well, you know what I mean. Please," Cameron offers with a gesture toward one of the comfy chairs nearby, "make yourself comfortable. Come for a little late night reading, or late night research?"

Sawyer, caught, just gives a bit of a sheepish smirk. "Yes well. I was erring on the side of caution. Crying children isn't very conducive to a library atmosphere." At the offer of a seat, she just looks over to the indicated chair, but doesn't deign to sit. "My evening routine was interrupted." She touches her fingers to her forehead, massaging at the enter of her brow. "I thought I might as well get some work done while I couldn't sleep. I'm up now, so…might as well, right?" Her hand falls and she gives a little shrug in a 'whaddya gonna do' kind of gesture. The shelf of books she's targeting is just a pace away, so she starts searching. "You should get your little poppet to sleep in a proper bed."

Something flickers through Cameron's eyes as he replies, "Elpis doesn't cry. Sometimes I wish she would, but she doesn't." Shoulders shrug at her logic as he notes, "Sometimes the best cure to a sleepless night is to work, sure. Sometimes though it's better just to relax and explore the sleeplessness. Have an adventure, try something different, or just spend the time a little indulgently. Make friends with your insomnia, as it were." His lips curl as he adds, "Trust me, I'm something of an expert on the phenomena." His head tilts to one side before he compliments, "Nice pajamas. How did you get up here anyways?" he asks bemusedly, since, well, she clearly isn't military. Gazing down at the child sprawled over him he nods and notes, "Soon enough. She doesn't like sleeping alone, generally."

Sawyer looks over her shoulder at the attendant, then back at Cameron. "I'm something of a fixture. Normally I'd have my clearances strapped to me like another appendage, but I guess I just…forgot them." That notion seems to sit ill with reporter, but she just shakes off the feeling and goes back to her book search. Fingertips slide along book spines as she reads the titles printed on them. "Elpis? Amusingly enough, that was the name I suggested for the new ship." She finds what she's looking for, and pulls out thick tome on Tauron. "This?" She hefts the book higher. "This /is/ my catharsis."

"Well, you must be somebody then. I'm always getting stopped left and right if my ID isn't in plain sight." Reaching out with one hand, the man greets, "Dr. Cameron Adair." His lips curl into a wry smile as she mentions the possible ship name. "Did you now? I'm sure that Elpis here will be most pleased. She'll think the ship was named after her, most likely." His hand rests lightly against the child's back as he gazes down at her again. "Most likely you suggested that name for the same reason I named this little one Elpis seven months ago. The last diamona from Pandora's jar, after all, and my hope." His head lifts and cocks to one side to better see the title of the book asking quizzically, "Tauron? Is there a particular reason why that is of interest to you?"

Tucking the heavy book up underneath her arm, Sawyer extends her free hand to the man, careful of the child sleeping in his lap, she shakes gently. "Sawyer Averies, current ship historian, journalist, and resident nosy nelly. If you haven't heard of me yet, it's probably a good thing." She straightens away, re-shifting the weight of the book to clutch it to her chest. "There's a distinct possibility I'm merely working my way through each of the twelve colonies in an attempt to culturally diversify." Of course, there's also the distinct possibility that she's full of horse shit.

"Sawyer Averies? Ms. Averies? Good Gods, I've been trying to get an appointment to talk to you for weeks now," exclaims the doctor, very much indeed surprised. "You are a very busy lady and, to be fair, I've been rather busy myself, as of late." Even though Cameron shifts, he's right about the child, she merely curls into his chest more, resettles herself to his new position, and then relaxes once more into sleep. One brow raises at her claim, but diversification, now, seems a bit late. But he hardly knows the woman and certainly cannot come up with any inferences beyond what she offers him. "Distinct possibility?" he asks wryly before adding, "Are you trying to convince me or yourself of that fact, Ms. Averies?"

Sawyer gives a lopsided smirk. "I'm trying to convince the only one worth convincing, Mister Adair. Then you /have/ heard of me, sorry to hear that. Now is as good a time to talk as any, if you don't mind my state of dress. Doctor did you say? I hope they are putting you to good use." As it doesn't seem she'll be able to make her escape quickly, she finally chooses to sit. The heavy book gets set aside by her feet so she's unburdened from it.

Chuckling softly, Cameron returns, "Spoken like a true politician, but then I have recently heard that you've stepped down from your position as official unofficial spokesperson and representative for the civilians?" Shaking his head, he once again gestures to the chair and notes, "Your state of dress is charming, and personally I like the color pink, but don't let that get around." He nods at her question, explaining, "I'm still a civilian, but I've gotten security checked and approval to work for the Fleet. But it was important to me that I remain a civilian and work with and for the civilian population as much as the military. I guess that was in part what I wanted to talk to you about. But perhaps that is not precisely your area of influence any more? I shan't bore you with questions and ideas if you've stepped down from the position of leadership."

Sawyer tucks a foot up underneath her, becoming a captive audience for what the doctor has to say. It's part of what she does, after all, which makes her just as effective as a shrink sometimes. Well, except a shrink won't publish your words for mass consumption. "I've gotten a few balls rolling and then made the hand-off to a very capable woman named Rose Ibbhanas. I'll continue to facilitate the cooperation between military and civilians, but I'm more suited to more…liberal pursuits. I'm not very talented at keeping my mouth in check, for example. Public image is important for a politician. I suppose that's a long answer to your question. No, no I'm not holding the bag for the organizational forefront anymore."

"Ahhhh," Cameron replies with an understanding nod. "Well, that shouldn't be too difficult then, for me to make arrangements with Ms. Ibbhanas. I'll be assisting her with her cataract problem so we'll have plenty of opportunities to talk then. I shan't bother you with dull details or questions though there is one that I would like to ask you?" Cradling Elpis, Cameron shifts more upright, settling the girl onto his lap as she shifts and curls into him once more contentedly. "I got the idea, back down on Aerilon, to do something … celebratory. We have a tradition there, a sort of social get-together called a Kitchen Party. Someone opens up their kitchen and all are welcome. The only rules are no fighting and no turning anyone away. We play music, eat, drink, and generally celebrate being alive and being together. I thought this would be a good thing to organize, the civilians, and that we would invite the crew of the Cerberus to celebrate with us, because, well, they've saved many of us from death and uncertain fates. But when I shared this idea with certain members of the military they were… less than enthusiastic. They said that many of the civilians hate, resent, and blame them for what's happened. That they would not be welcome at such an event." His head tilts as he studies her face closely and asks, "You've been here longer than I have. What do you think? Would the civilian population embrace this idea, or would they indeed be more resentful and hostile toward the crew than welcoming?"

Sawyer tilts her head as she studies Cameron and contemplates his question. "You'll have a split camp. While the majority will be more than willing to welcome the crew, the other portion will resent it if not protest it. Considering damage control aside, it wouldn't be a bad idea. However, the roadblock that you're coming up against, is they are about to release the new ship for civilian inhabitance, and I believe they are planning a big ta-do surrounding it. Another such social gathering might seem…excessive. My suggestion would be to either combine the two, or save your idea until another time when everyone could use a little pick-me-up."

"Ahhh," he replies once again, but this time with a subtly disappointed air. "Yes, I suppose that would be a bit much. I thought that the celebration for the civilian ship would be, well, on the new ship and more just for the civilians. Seemed a good idea, since we are likely to be leaving Aerilon soon, to give it a farewell kick off party of sorts, but perhaps not." His lips purse, a soft sigh released before Cameron shrugs and adds, "Well, as you say, perhaps another time… pity." The doctor goes quiet for awhile, ruminating matters in his own head before murmuring, "Ah well. It was just a thought. Not like I'm not busy enough as it is." His eyes lift to her as he realizes, "I'm keeping you from your book and from your bed. Please excuse me. Have a good night, Ms. Averies. I'll see you again some time I'm sure…"

Sawyer knows when the red carpet has been rolled up, and a lead has run dry. She also knows when conversation is drawing to a close, and she bends to retrieve her book. "Terribly sorry to rain on your parade, doctor. I know how few and far between happy news comes. Again, why I got out of politics. Someone has to be the reality check, and doing so doesn't exactly win you the popular vote." She's about to get to her feet, but pauses. "What's your area of specialty, if you don't mind me asking?"

"You would think that I would be used to disappointment by now?" he offers humorlessly, his gaze falling to the child in his lap simply because that feels like the safest place to look at the moment. "But it was a foolish idea. Trifling. I really should know better than to get involved in such things. It is not my forte'." At her question, however, he glances up once more, his brow creasing as Cameron notes, "I'm experienced in both traditional and alternative medicine, but my specialty is neurology and biomechatronics. Why?"

Sawyer smiles thinly. "We are /all/ used to disappointment by now. So maybe that's all the reason to frak what I said and try to push it through, hmm?" The book once more gets folded to her chest, a defensive position or perhaps just another layer of between (inappropriately dressed) self and the doctor. "I've just been having these headaches. It's probably nothing. Tolerable after I take a handful of aspirin. But you're off work and with your daughter, I won't trifle you with medical history now. I don't suppose you make house calls?"

"Well, we'll see," he offers, a small crooked smile touching his lips. "I'd rather do it at the right time than right now. Perhaps it would be best to wait and see. One brow lifts as Cameron automatically corrects, "She's not my daughter …. ahh, it's more that she's adopted me," though he really isn't sure any more why he bothers to clarify the relationship he has with Elpis. She's the daughter he never had… isn't that enough to make her his daughter, period? "I would be happy to make a house call, though it might be better if you came to Sickbay so I could run a few tests? Just to be safe and make sure everything is a-okay." His smile now is warm and reassuring, one of the few doctors it would seem who has a good bedside manner.

Sawyer quickly raises a protest, just as fast as he was to correct her misspeaking about Elpis. "No, no Sickbay. I just…I'd…I'd rather not. I'd prefer to keep this off the books until such a time as you logistically /can't/." There's another smile, this one all thousand watts in her repertoire. "I wouldn't want Command to think I was misappropriating their resources."

One brow lifts, but Cameron doesn't mind working below the radar, so long as the person in need of medical help at least gets the medical help that they need. "Alright," he offers softly and thoughtfully. "I think I can work something out. We'll start with a preliminary visit and then, if we need to run any tests, I think I have a work-around that can keep this strictly off the books. Will that suffice?" His head tilts up to study Sawyer's features as he asks, "Do mind me inquiring exactly why you wish to keep this "off" the books?"

Sawyer is pleased, that much is obvious just from the way her shoulders relax and her smile softens. "I'd very much appreciate that, Doctor Adair. I'm a rather private person," An odd thing when she's always up in other people's business. "And I prefer my issues to be my own. As to why I'd like to avoid the Sickbay, isn't it rather obvious?" She leans towards him in a conspiratorial manner, "I hate the smell. All that sterile equipment and astringent cleaned floors." For effect, the woman shudders and her lips pull into a momentary grimace. Again, she could be full of shit, but she has a smile to cover it up.

"Call me Cameron," he offers with a small conspiratorial smile. "If we're going to be doing this unofficially, then you best not be using my official title," he whispers with a sly wink. Shaking his head, Cameron adds, "You forgot about the puke and piss. Nyah, just kidding. We run a clean ship." There's a light in his eyes, something about his expression, that suggests that he doesn't completely buy her reasons for wanting to be checked out privately, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to play along. For now.

"Then you better call me Sawyer." The woman leans over, softly touching the sleeping Elpis' hair. "At your leisure, you can find me in the News Room. It's on Deck Three just down the hall from the Observation Deck. If anyone asks, just tell them you're coming to be interviewed for a piece on survivors we pulled from the planets."

"Sawyer," Cameron echoes, tasting the name on his tongue before chuckling. "That's an unusual name for a woman," he muses thoughtfully. The child doesn't move at all as the reporter caresses her hair, but she does release a soft little sigh, her lips curling slightly. Cameron's gaze warms a bit at the gesture and he nods. "News Room, Deck Three," he echoes, locking the information in his mind. "I'll be sure to come late sometime. Fewer people and then they don't need to wonder about why I brought along my medkit." He offers his hand up to the woman again, his eyes curious and kind as he offers, "It was nice to meet you, Sawyer. I look forward to examining your head at a later date," he adds with a waggle of his brows.

Sawyer gives a little laugh as she straightens away, once more hugging her precious book as some sort of safeguard. "Careful, Cameron. You might not like what you find. Goodnight, then." She offers him a little nod of her head that suffices for a parting gesture and then pushes off for the hatch.

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