PHD #351: Of Elf's, Wolfe's And Lagan's, Oh My!
Of Elf's, Wolfe's and Lagan's, OH MY!
Summary: Constin takes the time to get to know his corpsman buddy, Circe. As he gives her advice on the best way to take down Centurions, they arrive at the Athletic Area where Sofia is busy swimming about. The three commence to a sparring of words and sharing of talents.
Date: 12 Feb 2042 AE
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Athletic Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: 351

"You don't gotta be great," Constin points out. "Hell, half of Able Platoon scores better on the range than I do. You just gotta be good enough. Long as you can stand your groun and throw back the lead that comes your way? That's all it takes, for a start." Her request to 'go easy' draws a snicker. "Shit, Lagan, you picked the wrong fella to mention this to. I used to be drill Sergeant for Dog Platoon. Mean little cuss that she is, even Vandenberg would go easier on you than me." The words bring a tight grin.

"At least I tried.." She muses and can not help but grin in return. "Besides, I am just a little ole corpsman." She winks. Circe shifts, stepping with a bit if agile grace, the one plus to being smaller. "But being prepared is being prepared, good or not, you gotta have the guts to get down there and mix with those tin cans." She intones.

"Uh-huh," Constin drawls sketically to Circe's comment of being 'just a little corpsman'. "You're right on that last part, at least," the ship's MaA drawls as he steps into the Athletics Area alongside the medic. "Truth be told, some of the shit we've hopped into's been pretty damned There's some kinda jobs there just ain't no preparing for, but still. Can be as close to it as we can get, and that's something. Long as folks don;t lock up under fire? All the rest can be handled."

She makes that innocent unassuming face as she looks upward at him. "I can keep moving, won't say I won't jump. But if I got a job it keeps me focused." True enough. Circe steps into the athletic area before constin and shifts to the side, looking about. "Was here last for a swim, don't often do much else except for weights."

Duuh nuh… duuuuuuh nuh. Dun dun dun dun DUNDUN. SNIPE IN THE POOL. You'll need a bigger boat! Actually, okay, it's just Sofia. And she's looking determined. Swimming and pausing. She looks around, as if making sure no one is sneaking up on the pool. Squint.

"Don't do much in the pool, apart from sink," Constin notes with a snort. "Ain't built for swimming. Ain't skinny or rich enough."Noting the snipe-shark, the big marine narrows his eyes and pitches his voice to carry, "Lo there, Wolfe."

Circe's head turns at the address to the other woman and she lifts her own hand in greeting, a bright smile on her lips. "Sink or swim, may come a day you will have to fight the natural ability of yours to do the former." She smirks a little, giving the pool a lamenting gaze. She heads for the weights slowly and removes the grey jacket from overtop her tanks. She wraps the warms about her waist and the long line of a swimmer's toned form is more readily revealed.

A pause. "Weeeelll…" Sofia considers Constin. "You COULD swim, you just have a hard time floating. Muscular people usually do," She notes. She grins. "And I'm not rich!" Just bouyant. She beams. "I'm mad at you though. I totally didn't get told about your promotion. Congratulations." Her smile and amused look betray any 'anger'. She's teasnig there. A look to Circe. Blink. "Allo there! Friend of Elf's?" Peer. "Have we met and I forgot? I'm gonna feel like an ass…"

"That'll be the day when I'm unarmed, out of body armor, and on a world where the water won't kill me by touching it," Constin drawls back to Circe; clearly, the big man isnt holding his breath. Turning his eye back to the bouyant Sofia, he sniffs flatly, once. "Hell, I didn't get told about it neither. Suppose Comman was looking to spare some paperwork. Thanks for the word, though," he adds at the congratulation. Elf, socialite that he is, leaves Circe to introduce herself.

"Crewman Lagana, Circe to be we haven't met and well..the Sergeant here as seen fit to take me under his metaphorical wings so that I can be better prepared to lug around my med gear with the ground pounders." She smirks and gives the swimmer a wink. As she hefts up a sing weight, she begins to ease into the routine a little. "And you are?" she asks, "I heard Wolfe?"

An amused look at Constin. She nods sagely. "Of course, that's how you promote people or they run away. And I bet you're no slouch at sprinting." She grins "I'm really glad for you though," She admits. A look over to Circe. "Specialist Sofia Wolfe, 3m. Snipe. Engineering. 3M." Grin. "I usually just lug around tools and get shot. Pleased to meet you!"

Constin bereft of his gym bag, goes about pulling on a pair of boxing gloves without the handwraps he typically employs. "Wouldn't bitch if more folks wanted to learn basic ground ops," Constin mutters, before cracking a brief grin at Sofia's comment about people running from promotions. "Wolfe there went along with us on the spacewalk into the Foundry," he notes for Circe's benefit. "She'll chatter your ear off, you ain't careful, but she's cut her teeth in the field." A nod.

"Don't get much conversation down in the sick bay..have to admit. Best to let the patients rest." She grins at Sofia, "Nice to meet you, Wolfe." She intones, inclining her head as drying hair frizzes a little. Circe eyes the unwrapped hands and tsks below her breath as a way to shame him - if she can. She gives a shake of her head, "Chatter all you like, good way to get to know people." She smiles.

Sofia tilts her head and smiles. "Well. I do my best. It's really not my fault they give us magnetic underwear. Attracts all the bullets," She offers sagely. A smile at Constin's grin. She sticks her tongue out. "Oh, psh! I'm not that bad." She pouts. "It's not my fault you're stoic and mostly communicate through facial expression and grunts. My grunts don't convey as much so …" That's one talent he has on the operatic snipe of doom. She smiles at Circe. "It's not so bad. I liked to talk to people while I was sick there," There's a faint, distant stare. "I try not to talk too much."

Constin gestures between Circe and Sofia with a half fastened glove when Circe mentions enjoying chatter. The medic does get a pointed look when she tries to 'tsk' him for not using handwraps. A shake of his head, and setting of the timer, before he finishes securing the gloves onto his thick hands.

"I would offer to hold the bag, but I have a feeling you might actually send me flying unlike Samuel." She smirks at this, switching hands to continue to work the muscles of her right arm now. Her head swivels, looking towards the other woman. "Hey, don't try. Just let it out." She winks and takes a seat on one of the benches. "When were you last in the infirmary?" asks the medic. Funny how her relationship revolve around that - she really needed to get out more.

Sofia looks to Constin. "Yeah, he punches bears for warm ups in the morning," She nods sagely. Sofia seems to have some hero worship of the Gunney. But hey. She smiles. "I have to tighten the bolts every so often. So if it rattles too much, let me know?" She looks over. Sucks if it falls over! "I … ages ago?" She considers. "I seem to have learned to dodge bullets," She admits. "My longest stay was a bit weird really."

Constin snorts once as the ladies trade hyperbole regarding his punching. Tapping the timer with one glove to get it started, the MaA starts into a light punching routine on one of the heavy bags, letting his arms and legs warm up with the movements. "Frak's sake, Lagan-" *jab-jab-cross* "Can you give minutes without talking about the infirmary?"

A dirty look is given towards the gunner. "Nope, fraid not. It's my home away from home." Circe expresses. "Besides, I could talk about swimming and you seem equally distraught about that…" She eyes the bag and then turns back to Sofia. "Well then, since I can't talk about subjects familiar to me, tell me more about your stint here." She switches the direction of her motions with the weight.

Hero worship is fun! She's seen Constin in action. And yeah. Sofia looks amused. "It's good to have hobbies outside work, or you'll go insane. So much suffering," Sofia's eyes are weirdly blank at that. She shakes it off. "He likes boxing. I still think they need to set up a league sometime." She nods. "uhhm. It's my first station. I fix things, bring people stuff…"

Constin's lips twists in a brief smirk as Circe rebuts. "SWimming's a-" *jab-cross-hook* "Damned sight better than infirmary chatter," he opines curtly. *jab-jab-cross-hook-uppercut* "One of these things.. involves bathing suits. The other involves staples," the marine grunts between impacting the bag. Talking and punching is causing his shoulders to start heaving, as the rate of his blows to the bag hastens. "Ain;t nobody close… to m'weight class, anyhow," he mutters on the subject of a league.

"Meaning he'd break the first person who stood up to him." She grins at this and looks to Sofia, "Same here." She says in response to a first station. "Just months before the attack, strange luck that." Circe gives a look back to the Gunner, calling over her shoulder. "You in a swimming suit I would pay to see." She grins at that and gives a brush her hair from her face. "Besides…all you need is someone agile enough to dodge you."

"That's because you're -" Ponder. "UBER GUNNEY." Uh oh. Constin is inspiring Sofia, who seems to still think he's the frakkin' greatest thing ever. She beams at Constin. "I'm kinda jealous really. I don't have the body for lots of sports." A sigh. Oh engineers! She looks to Circe. "He's more sporting than that, but I guess it's tough when you punch bears." A beam. "Realy?" She considers. "Hmm. I wonder how I missed you. Must be my weird shifts. Something's always breaking." She shrugs. "Do you have any hobbies?"

"Ain't a pretty sight," Constin drawls flatly at the notion of him in a swim suit, before lapsing back into talk on boxing. "Weight classes-" *cross-jab-jab-hook* "Ain't there to protect the big guys from the midgets, yanno," he mumbles between punches. Sofia gets a bone-dry look at her declaration, and a short exhale that just oozes hope that this is a nickname she forgets about in a couple hours.

"Umm swimming, diving, hiking..hard to some of those on board a ship. I think its why I am itching for the next land mission." She smiles and switches the weight again to her other hand. Flexing fingers, she rolls her grip and then continues on. "Haven't really found much else to take up my time. And yourself?" She asks. Circe leans over a knee, resting her elbow against it.

"Nah, there's two out of three," She admits. Sofia looks to Constin and nods. She eyes the bolts attaching the punching bag to the ceiling. "If those make rattling noises, let me know okay?" She peers. And then stiffles a giggle at the bone dry look. "Okay, okay, sorry." At least she's perceptive. "I can't help it. You're badass and your friend seems cool." She shrugs. She pauses. "Well, I sing opera. I read. I can make tea, but I'm allergic to caffeine so."

"Bolts're fine," Constin grunts back at the query, before the timer sounds, and he takes a brief break, regarding Sofia with surprise. "You say opera? Like.. the concerts and horned helmets and shit? Opera?" Circe gets a sidelong look ad Elf rests gloves on top of his head to improve the air flow. "We go diving sometimes. Prolly a bit higher than you're used to, and there ain't no water."

"Sounds risky as most things are that you do." She replies to Constin before her eyes slip back to Sofia. "Opera…" She says and smiles a bit more. "Interesting, like to do a little singing myself..more folk tunes. Don't think I have ever given a try at the belting that opera singers do." She admits, setting down the hand weights before she lowers to her back on the bench and hooks her legs, starting to do use the legpress.

A ppeer at Constin. Sofia nods. "Well, we had one pilot apparently punch it - the bolts were loose and-" She makes a *squish* gesture. "He wasn't hurt, cept for his pride and some bruises. And yeah! You didn't know?" She tilts her head, looking baffled. She goes quiet. "My mom made a living singing opera. Granted, I'd die happy if I had like, HALF her talent and looks but there you go." A math nerd in an artistic family. Poor Sofia. She seems content to stay in the water and watch the others. Though she's moving closer to teh edge.

"Huh," is Constin's eloquent commentary on Sofia's elegant hobby. Cracking a crooked grin, he drawls on the subject of the bag being knocked down. "Fella probably loosed the bolts hisself, to look like a badass by knocking it down," he muses, with a snicker. Then the one minute break is passed, the timer rings again, and Elf drops his hand and starts punching again.

Gripping the edges of the bench, she curls the leg press up and down. Circe smirks a little and watches Constin. "I think the gunner needs a show from you. I wouldn't mind listening either." She grins a little. A mischevious glint enters her gaze as she does.

"Yeah. I can sing whenever. Dunno if you want me to in here," She grins. Then a laugh. "… I dunno, does being knocked flat on your backside beneath a boxing bag make you look badass?" She rubs the back of her head. "What kind of opera would you want to hear? Something sad? Happy?" She looks a bit shyer at that.

Constin pauses a moment to rack his brain for one detail or another, before launching back into the series of punches. "Either 'Gunnery Sergeant' or 'Gunny'. I think. Ain't a gunner," he muses in correction, after ttrying to recall whether or not his new rank gets called gunner. As soon as the words are spoken it's out of his mind, and the big marine is answering Sofia as the punches renew. Cross-jab-hook-hook. "Leave it to an Airy Fairy to fail at looking tough," he quips with a brief chuckle.

"Definitely happy, Wolfe." She offers, as Constin is on the thought process and patterns of other things. "Gunny it is then." She says and Circe rises, up, unhooking her legs and giving the pool a long look before she walks over to the punching bag. It is then she motions to it. "I will take next round for you." She offers to Elf.

"Gunney," Sofia smiles. "Guns ? Hmmm," Sofia considers this. She shrugs. "Specialist just makes me sound smart," She notes wryly. Then a faint laugh. "Hah… he used to be an actor before I think. He was the guy who liked handcuffs," Sofia recalls. "Hmmm," She considers. Happy Opera… "I think I know one. Are you sure I should sing in here?"

Constin nods once, to acknowledge Circe's offer, conserving his own breath for the moment to keep the heartrate up. Before much longer the timer sounds again and once more Constin takes a breather. Sofia's description of the pilot fails to alter Elf's distinctly unimpressed-but-amused expression at the recounting of the mishap. Eyeing Circe briefly sidelong, he sets gloved hands to hips and regards the would-be singer.

She looks back at Wolfe and then up at Constin, catching his gaze. The medic smirks a little and lifts a hand to the bag that still swings from his last bout. She steps up into and braces the bottom against the inside of her right thigh, her left foot sliding back as she gets set to take the punches. She tucks her hair behind her ears and she lifts her hands up to rest lightly upon the bag for the moment.

Sofia takes a deep breath. It's a bit hard to sing from swimming, but there it is! She belts out a small, cheery number. 'Donna' is among the words. It's not over till the snipe sings! "There's not a -lot- of cheerful opera, but there's some spring stuff and … Magic Flute…" she considers. She watches Circe and Constin a moment, smiling. "Careful, he punches bears for a warm up."

"Heh," Constin grunts again at Sofia's swimming-singing display. "Quite a set of pipes you got there, Wolfe," he mutters with a nods. Gloves tap together in a brief approximation of applause.

A sharp whistle of appreciation for the display is given by Circe. "We should have morale meetings with you singing." She intones. The medic grips the bag, looking at those gloves as they slap together in applause. She fixes her footing again and holds true to the bag, bracing upon it as she waits.

Sofia looks amused and laughs softly. "Thanks. Not nearly as awesome as mom, but I've heard worse," She shrugs and smiles. "Thank you." She seems pleased. She 'bows' and starts towards the ladder. A pause at Circe. "What? Demoralize the enemy with a number from Aida?" She considers. "Thank you. You're too nice." Beam.

Constin starts in on the (now anchored) heavy bag, once again. Gloves thud into the leather, but the force isn't so great that Circe should have any difficulty keeping the bag steady. "Swear, some day, Wolfe?" *thud thud thud* "You're gonna hear a compliment, and-" *thud thud. thud thud thud* "And not spend breath playing y'self down. Damnation," he grunts between punches, cracking a grin to take any bite out of the

Taking the hits, Circe adjusts to better suit the way his rythmn is. The Medic shoulders the bag as it thumps against her. She smiles, giving a look back at Sofia. "No thanks needed. Gunny is right." She intones. "You have a wonderful voice, no need to hide that."
Constin has disconnected.

Sofia watches the two at the boxing bag. She laughs and pouts. "No worse than you!" She sticks her tongue out and smiles. She seems to understand. A shrug and a blush. "It's just tough not to be modest. Do you swim a lot then?" She peers up as Constin likely goes off to use the little Marine's room.

Stepping back from the bag, she turns to regard Sofia, "Yeah, quite a bit actually. As much as I can. Glad the pool exists. I grew on to Lake Nemi. Parents were fisherman. Did nothing but stay near the water year round." She smiles warmly and moves over towards the pool. She drags a hand through her hair and shimmies off her sweat pants to sit at the edge of the pool and dip her legs in. "It's home….more so than the sick bay." She states, "And you? Seems like you enjoy it."

"Yeah?" Sofia tilts her head to listen and smiles as she steps up on the ladder. "That's cool. Shiner does too," A shrug at that. "I do. I'm from Aquaria though. Seems like a logical thing," She replies. She smiles back. "You'd like the library. You should definitely visit Elpis and the hydroponics sometime too. Real plants are awesome," She offers. "Have you gone over there?"

"I would guess especially with you from Aquaria." Circe smiles and looks over at the other woman, her feet swirling the waters a little. "I am sure I would enjoy the library..and plants sound like a blessing from the lords." She intones. Her head tilts and her dark hair brushes along her shoulder. "I haven't had a chance really to be anywhere else." She admits. "But I could make some time. Would you mind showing me when I am able to go?"

A soft snort and an amused grin at that. "Is it obvious?" Sofia questions. "You would! And even if not with me, most of us know where they are," She notes. "A good chance to get to know folks and stuff," She points out. "Raptors go back and forth between the Elpis. But I don't mind showing you too."

"I have rather latched on to the few things that I am familiar with on the Cerberus. Been kinda sketchy with leaving her if you know what I mean. Another friendly face would help in a transition into explorer. Space gives me the willies. Reminds me how small I am." She says. Circe forces a faint smile.

"Yeah?" Sofia tilts her head. "And that's alright. I don't mind. We can go whenever then," She shrugs. "Or Gunney could go with too," She notes. It might be reassuring! "It can be pretty humbling. But it's pretty awesome we can even do it," She adds. She smiles back. "I understand though."

Circe gives a nod of her head in thanks to the other woman. "Don't be a stranger, pop by the marine berths..its nice to get some company." She winks and rises. brushing off her legs before returning to her sweats. "I got duty in an hour. Gotta go get changed." She intones and then looks towards the punching bag. "Gunny is always reassuring. If not just by pure mass." The medic lifts a hand to wave to the engineer. "It was good meeting you Wolfe. I hope we can catch up again soon…" She moves to gather up her grey sweatshirt and slips her shoes back on while doing so. She then begins for the exit.

Sofia beams. "Oh - er- that'll be tough to explain," She giggles. "Maybe I can bring Gunney some shaving cream or something," She nods. "Or just come by! Snipe invasion!" She teases. "Don't work too hard." She nods. "And yeah. It was a pleasure to meet you. Call if you ever need help," She waves. "It was fun." She takes a breath. "Though I think I'm up soon anyhow. Be well out there huh?"

"I will, you too. Don't work too hard." With a wink, Circe, hops out of the hatch and turns down the way to head to her bunk and change for sick bay duty

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