PHD #161: Of Art and Bears
Of Art and Bears
Summary: Sofia meets with some MPs, bad puns are made. However, once a very special sketchbook comes out…
Date: 06 Aug 2041 AE
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Recreation Room!
This huge room spans quite a lot of floor space, the support beams crisscrossing at even points throughout the room. The two sides are divided fairly between the Enlisted and Officers with an unseen line more or less running down the center of the room. A couple pool and card tables sit in no-man's land with a series of regular mess tables at the rear of the room, nearest a counter full of minor refreshments like coffee and bags of chips. Magazines and reading material are spread out over the couched seating areas and a few televisions are set-up with a couple of video game systems made available.
Post-Holocaust Day: #161

Samuel arrives from the Deck 9.

Rufinus arrives from the Deck 9.

Sitting in a rather large chair near the couched seating area, Sofia is looking over a sketchbook looking thoughtful. There's a sad look on her face as she just sort of … stares. She watches the comings and goings. A few deckies are engaged in a game of pool, and discussing the finer points of life fixing the birds. It seems reasonably quiet otherwise, with most folks watching TV, dipping into the refreshments or reading.

There's a sound coming from the entrance, sounding exactly like someone's using crutches to move. And guess what, someone is. Samuel makes his way in, very carefully, supported by said crutches. And looking very frustrated as he starts the heavy process of getting hold of a cup of coffee or something like that. Which takes time, in his condition.

Deja vu, almost. Off the same scheduled shift as, what he knows now to have been a dream, Rufinus steps into the Rec Room. Bipassing Samuel in his own distracted state. A way to satisfy his curiosity as to the vivid nature of what he had seen. He looks to the couched seating area first of all, searching for someone rather specific in overlooking Sofia. His visibly relaxes, with his shoulders coming to slouch, while contrast of brow lowering confusion plays upon his face, than moves forward. He finds the chair at the seating area he'd been eyeing most of all, empty, and that suits him just fine in coming to take it. Coming to recline, as he looks about for any of those same faces, in finding none. He's not in the chair for long though, as he comes to actually look among the faces that are present; and the states they're in. A glance to the melancholy Sofia, on his way to the other man in Marine clothing. "If you're going to take this long, could I cut in front of you?" he asks of the injured man readying his own coffee. No offer to help.

Crutches! Sofia looks up. "Um. Do you want some help?" She seems sympathetic enough to the injured Marine. She closes the sketchboook in her lap. She smiles politely at Rufinus in passing at least. She seems polite enough at least. Sofia sets the book on her chair and moves over to help out. She grunts as she stands. Rufinus gets another curious look, before she awaits a response

Turning his head a little bit to look over at Rufinus, Samuel nods a little bit. "Sure," he offers after a few moments of pause, letting the man pass him. He then nods as he hears Sofia's question, "I could use some help carrying it to a table, if you don't mind. A bit hard carrying things when you have to use these pieces of…" He shakes his head a little bit. "Thanks," he adds, with a half-smile.

Without waiting for an answer, Rufinus nabs a cup of his own in reaching across Samuel's position. Bringing it close, and nodding, as if in thanks towards the other Marine's position. "Marines don't need help. They need a kick and the ass and a can do attitude," he declares, no amount of seriousness in his voice, but rather some humor instead, and a slight amount of exhaustion. The coffee is warm enough of a brew to have a little steam coming off it as he pours it, adding two sugars to the mix afterward, and stepping aside for Samuel. Not yet returning to his chair, but staying with the crippled marine, and Sofia. Taking a sip from his own coffee, sans cream. "Crutches should come with cup holder," he observes, just, off handidly.

Sofia smiles at Samuel, "Not at all. Um. Are you okay?" A peer over. "Wasn't like, any bears was it?" Bears on her ship? More likely than you think! She seems amused by Rufinus' actions and response. "That would be handy, but then medbay would be flooded with people with burned thighs and groins." It would only end in tears, she notes wryly. She shrugs at that. "Cream or sugar?" She pours the coffee neatly and looks to Samuel to check what she should pour in it. "And I don't think I've met your ass kicking friend over there." Ponder.

"I'll do the weirdest things to get stuff accomplished, but carrying things with these…" Samuel gestures to the crutches. "Sadly, and surprisingly, even I have limits to what I can accomplish." It's said with a bit of a grin, before he puts on a pained expression for a few moments at Sofia's question about the bears. "You know, everyone mentioning those bears all the time, that's getting a bit unBEARable," he remarks, although with a grin. The grin fades a bit though. "Slipped in the gym and sprained the ancle," he explains, with a bit of a grimace. "And no, thanks." That to the question about cream and sugar. Seems like he prefers the coffee black. "And that's Sergeant…" Trying to remember the other Marine's name now…

"But if they're already on crutches, the burns are really just trivial, aren't they?" Rufinus retorts, turning the palm of his free hand upward to accentuate his return of point. "And anyone else hurt? That's just collateral damage. They should be avoiding crutch bound folk anyhow. They could be unlucky," he adds, even with Samuel 'standing' right nearby. He cringes some with the bear pun, shaking his head as he takes another drink. Snorting though, as it's shared how the injury was recieved, and swallowing hard. "I guess your leg just couldn't 'bear' it," he joins in, complete with a prominent grin. He jumps in as his title is being shared. "Sergeant Rufinus. Sergeant Chester Rufinus," he states, first at short, than at long; though with no declaration of squad.

Cidra arrives from the Deck 9.

A soft snort at Rufinus, "You say that till you get a lap full of hot coffee," She points out. Sofia smiles at Samuel. "You could use a backpack or something. And sure, where did you want to sit?" She looks to the table(s). A pause. Then a giggle at the bear joke. Dork. "Hah. I can't take this kind of pun-ishment," Grin. Despite the grin, there's some lingering quiet sadness. She looks to the sketchbook sitting where she was, just in case. "Pleased to meet you Sergeant. I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe, 3M." She bobs her head in a light curtsey. She's standing near Rufinus and Samuel, holding a mug of black coffee. "What brings you two to our lovely entertainment center?"

"Just make sure that you keep out of range as well, Sarge," Samuel remarks to Rufinus, while leaning on the uninjured side, and moving the other crutch over in the direction of the other Marine, a bit lightly. He then adds, "And all those bear jokes just because I got attacked by one. At least it's good I'm not a pilot, or I would have ended up with one of their weird names, you know." Considering Sofia's question, he looks thoughtful for a few moments, "I'll let you pick for me," he offers, with a grin.

Rufinus shrugs, tilting his head to the side. "A lap full of coffee is just what it takes to wake a Marine up, time to time," he shares, matter-o-factly; though nothing about it could possibly be safe. He glances to the sketchbook briefly in following Sofia's gaze, but doesn't comment at it, in returning the conversation. Puns. "We could stop, but that's one door that just won't o-pun," he observes. He does look to Samuel though, at the mention of call signs. A distant look, turned devious by a smirk. "Beaten by a bear. Bear beat. Beat bear, B-B? No. Hmm. Bear leavings? Scat," yes, done. "Scat," he repeats. Lifting his chin slightly in exaggeration of his self imposed victory. "You don't need to be a pilot for it to stick. 'Cause it's you know, bear droppings."

Cidra slips into the Rec Room, idly stretching her long arms as she does so. She's in her off-duties but, from the look of her, probably came off-shift not too long ago. She has the look of one still decompressing. Her first destination is the counter and coffee machine. Where she procures a cup of said coffee.

Sofia shakes her head and smiles a little, "You're both bad." She will lead Samuel to sit near Rufinus and her chair for now. Another glance to that sketchbook, almost fearful or sad. Hard telling. She lifts both her eyebrows at the callsign conversation. "It's probably a good thing we really don't use those huh?" She rubs the back of her head with her free hand. Scat infeed. Her nose wrinkles and she finally laughs softly. "It's nice to meet you." She nods and pauses. It's Cidra. "Hello sir," She smiles politely. "How are you?" She looks between the three. "I'm glad… to see you all," She notes softly.

Samuel grimaces a bit at Rufinus' words, before he follows after Sofia, moving a bit slow thanks to those crutches. Looking over at Cidra as well, offering the officer a bit of a nod. "Sir," is the only word he offers in greeting. "Nice to meet you, all of you," he offers as he hears Sofia's words.

Drinking his sugar addled cup of coffee, Rufinus glances to Cidra as she makes her entrance. If only for the proximity she finds in joining them close to the machine. He follows Sofia's example, greeting simply with, "Sir." That is, before following along back to his own selected chair and relaxing himself upon it. Looking curiously to Sofia, and to Cidra, for the change of mood apparent in the former's latter statements. He just nods along, not actually repeating the words, as his right eyebrow comes to quirk upward. Not one to ruin a personal moment, well, direcly anyhow, he sips loudly at his coffee in hand. The sound existing during any silence to be had.

Cidra takes her coffee black, so it requires little preparation time. As she's near them, her head does tilt toward Rufinus and his scat talk before she's greeted with various 'sirs.' She listens with her head slightly tilted, as if following the rhythm. "Ah. Wolfe. Hello." The faintest of smiles is offered to the young snipe. A pair of nods to Samuel and Rufinus both. "I am well enough, thank you. Yourself?"

Sofia smiles. "I'm well enough. I managed - to get something - I think you should see," Sofia manages after a deep breath. "I guess it would be rude to exclude present company," She considers the two Marines. "So um, if you like… I can show you that sketchbook because," She stops herself and looks around. Her voice drops low, "Because Miss Eleven drew them," She states simply. She is polite enough to let Samuel sit and set his coffee in easy reach. "And I think there is one that might mean something to you." The you is left deliberately vague.

Samuel pauses a little as he hears that, and looks towards the sketchbook for a few moments, before dropping down in the seat, and taking the coffee when it's reachable. "Thanks," he offers, before taking a sip and looking back to that sketchbook.

Rufinus returns the nod from behind his cup. A lift of his cup as well, before he sets into another sip. The subject of the sketchbook and its contents is curious enough though, and that gets a turn of his head towards Sofia, and a lowering of the cup at hand. "Including people is only polite," he agrees, though use a tone all too casual in saying so; teasing, almost. He leans forward as such, placing his elbows on his knees, and his coffee cup held on stand by for the moment. Rather intersted actually, if only for how the subject was brought up.

Cidra's blue eyes turn to Sofia with both surprise and a touch of apprehension. "That came from the…the Eleven…?" She hesitates. Just for a second, but it's noticeable. Then she approaches them to, indeed, have a look. "I would be most…intrigued, Wolfe. Thank you." Her voice is a little more hushed. Not so much out of an attempt at secrecy. She does not even seem aware she's doing it.

Alas, no coffee for Sofia. Being unable to revive her with an epi pen would be all bad news. She smiles politely, sadly to the Marines. She picks up the sketchbook. "I can show you all of them," She nods at Cidra. "It's strange because I used to think art only belonged to the Lords and us people," Humans. "She seemed sad in her cell, and liked art. Art was dear to my family before -" Well, Sofia's Aquarian. There's /nothing/ left for her. She just smiles sadly at Cidra. "I can't show /everyone/ ever because someone might get mad and try to destroy the sketchbook," She explains. Her voice is soft. "Anyway, before she self destructed she said I should have this. I felt both sad and happy and … yet …" She should HATE the cylon skinjob but … she can't. Either way, she flips the page open. The first set of sketches are Several rudimentary portraits of crewmembers she had memorable contact with - Tillman, Cora, and Karthasi. The latter is the most interesting. Sister Karthasi, in this portrait, is displaying a gleaming blank orb where her right eye should be, streaks of light obscuring that part of her features. There is a crow perched upon each shoulder and she cradles in her hands what looks to be a limp, dead owl. She's wearing a diaphonous white gown of what looks to be a fanciful, antiquated style. Very antiquated. Sofia is patient and lingers on them for now.

Samuel nods a little bit as he listens to what's being said now. Leaning over a bit so he can try to get a good look at what's being shown. There's a momentary wince, although he hides it behind a sip from his coffee cup.

It sinks in. Right. Eleven as a number, not a name. Rufinus's features take to a more serious hold, as he tilts his head in allowance of gaze at the sketchbook in question. His jaw, slightly slackened forward, as he reckons he wants his peek sooner rather than later, if only for the interest shown by the others. "But a tweed coat on a rack, with a pencil on the end, push it over, and even it'll draw /something," he quips. But as the pictures in question shift from the rudimentary portriats to the all too surreal image of blank orb, crows, and dead owl, he leans forward to the point that he's barely seated on the chair any longer. His coffee cup tilted, but not enough to spill just yet. A chill causes goose bumps to start taking hold, as his gaze fails to seperate from the page. "I had a case once. A father, killed his family," he starts, trying not to go too far into detail on that part of things. "He didn't cover up the crime. He didn't call for help. He just sat there, used all the …red as finger paints. Drew them all together, happy like," he states, tone of voice distant as he scans the page. "I don't think it takes a soul, art. Just passion. But, that can't be replicated either." He leaves it at that.

"When I was at university I tried, for a time, to write poetry," Cidra murmurs as she looks at the sketches. As Sofia talks of art. "I was…not very good." Said dryly. "I lack the soul of an artist, I think. Or the passion." Her eyes do not leave the sketches as she speaks, lingering on the one of Tillman with interest. Though it is, indeed, Karthasi's picture that makes her eyes widen. She goes silent, just staring at it. Attention particularly locked on the dead owl. Her tattooed bare arms cross along her chest, the pose almost a self-protective one. She does not immediately react to the story Rufinus tells. Outwardly. But she listens to it close.

Sofia is quiet, letting them turn it over. She smiles weakly at Cidra's story. "Mom had me learn to sing opera. I do okay, but I'd starve to death if I tried to do it for a living." A shrug at that. She says nothing for a moment, listening to Rufinus' story. There's a sad look. A strangely distant look at that. Cidra's reaction to the dead owl causes a brief flicker across her face. "Yes. But he was human." She notes. Sofia turns the page, when they've had a good look. Various simple mathematical calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and basic algebra) in a slanted, cursive hand that all have the same result. "12." The very last one, a roundabout equation, has "+1" added to its result equalling "13" and then subtracting 12, equalling "1." That's the next page. "I'm not sure what she means. But it all always adds up to 12. Then just once, 13 and 12 again. So she understood math and puzzles," Something Sofia can identify with. "It's all very strange. But the next one is quite a bomb too." It's a lot to take in really.

"Music is the only art I've got any talent in," Samuel remarks. "Of what people call art, anyway. Keeping silent as he sips his coffee.

Just as it seems it might tip, Rufinus grips the coffee cup with both hands rather than just the one; keeping it upright, keeping his hands busied with the act. He doesn't show any deep familiarity with those in the images throughout, but does freely exhibit his curiosity equally for the oddities in place. Something drawing him in, if only for the artist's works. A little short on comedic quips for the moment. He does appear to visibly tense though, with the equation. "Thirteen. That's… familiar," he comments. And for it, he appears troubled. No further sips from his coffee, and no explaination why. His right hand starting to fidget with the cup. He fails to comment on anything not directly related to the book for the moment. "A bomb? What's the next one?" he starts sounding impatient, in tone and in the haste of his wording.

"Mother made me do choral when I was a girl," Cidra says softly, making herself look from the sketch to Sofia. "I enjoyed it in part, actually. But I could not make a living of it, and I rarely got solos. I am an alto, you see. The little soprano girls get all the attention." She sniffs. But that detour is an attempt to take her mind off the sketches. Which she cannot quite. "The owl is a symbol of protection. A symbol of the Wise Lady Athena. Why was it dead like thus?" She asks as if Sofia might have an answer. Her eyes take in the equations, but those only make her look puzzled as she tries to extract some meaning from them.

A nod at Samuel. She looks to Rufinus a moment. "It is," She agrees quietly. There's a faint smile at his impatient tone. She seems sympathetic to Cidra's lot. "Yeah… my dark hair got me cast a lot as a villain or minion," She nods. She takes a deep breath. "I wish I could tell you. I don't know. I remember what you say, but," She frowns. "I hope it's not as ominous- I thought about showing this to Sister Karthasi herself, but I wonder if it would hurt her more than anything," She's at least thoughtful to consider the magnitude of it. A deep breath.

The final page. The weirdest and most involved piece, is a sketch of a sweeping, classical building that looks familiar, although you cannot remember why at first. In fact, it appears to be a Colonial temple, although it is unclear if it is a specific one. Arranged equally in a circle are twelve statues - apparently displaying the twelve Lords of Kobol. They are all without faces, though. There is a blank oval where each face should be. In the center there is some sort of altar, shaded in such a way that it is stained. At the very top of the page, the words, "A dream" are scribbled neatly in the center of the paper. At the very bottom, more notes are jotted down. "All of this has happened before." Given the scale of the statues, the building is /massive/. We're talking Delphi-style massive. The building is not tremendously detailed, she didn't have the time to probably finish it. "See what I mean?" Sofia asks quietly, "The first set of portraits hist kinda hard then /this/."

Samuel offers a grin in Cidra's direction, "See, that's why the singing I do is with my guitar, mostly, sir. Let's me sing all the solos I want, since I'm the only one singing them." He takes another sip of his coffee, almost draining it, before he blinks as he sees the last sketch. "Interesting," is all he says, for the moment, before he finishes his coffee with a bit of a grimace. "Forgot something I need to take care of," he mutters to the others. "Was interesting to watch all those." And he gets to his feet and prepares for the long journey out of the room again.

The musical subject is something more distant to Rufinus now. Though, he looks to Cidra at the mention of meaning given to the image. His manner, rather edgy now, as he looks back to Sofia once more for her part to say about the next. His gaze gradually lowering to it. He has a sharp intake of air, and exhibits a cringe. "Gemenon?" he voices to himself, as driven by the letters forming 'A dream'. His hands with coffee cup tremble slightly up until the point that he just stops. He doesn't look at the page anymore. He just stands, and chuckles nervously some. Using Samuel's leave as his own distraction. "Take care," he declares, almost uncharacteristicly, given his earlier quips and jokes. Nodding to Samuel, in the crutched man's leave.

"The Sister has a right to see it," Cidra murmurs. Very soft, staring at the last picture. Squinting as if that make features apparent on the faces of the Lords. "And she may be able to derive something from it. I…maybe it is a matter of passion. I can make little sense of such as this." A blink at Rufinus. Eyes sharpening. "What about Gemenon?"

"Be well," Sofia smiles at Sam and his talk. "Don't work too hard. And I'm glad you think so," She replies softly. She looks to Rufinus for a moment. "Maybe, I wonder if it's a dream she had. But…" She looks thoughtful. "Could she have seen Gemenon before?" Sofia speculates quietly. She gives up after a moment. "Okay," A nod at the Sister's right to see it. Sofia seems to trust Cidra's wisdom. "Maybe. I don't know. She never got to finish most of this and I doubt I can ask her now," She sighs softly, "But since she played a part in … things, I felt you had a right to see them too," Sofia admits to Cid. She looks to Rufinus again and after a moment, "Kind of a heck of a first meeting huh?"

"Will do," Samuel replies, before heading off, never to be heard from again. At least not today.

Angelica arrives from the Deck 9.

Rufinus takes a bit of pause. He doesn't seem to want to answer right away. He shrugs it all off, and displays the chuckle a second time. "Too little sleep. Weird dream, you know," he declares, as if same old, same old. Not that that'd help, so he continues. "Lampridis Falls, Gemenon. But not. I've never actually been there though. So, this is just taking a dream at its word," he states, throwing in a little quip at the end. Trying not to make himself sound as crazy as the dream itself. He shakes his head, looking to Sofia as well. "I didn't see it in the dream. But 'we' talked to two old folk, who mentioned eleven others nearby. Thirteen," he declares sitting back down in the same chair. "One of them was going to tell us a story. Bird at the serpent. Said we should take a good look at what's left of the colonies. That the Cylons didn't wreck 'everything'," he pauses, than just stops. Nodding to Sofia's last question, though he looks a little off put. "I think I just need to stop putting so much sugar in my drinks."

"There is nothing like that on Gemenon," Cidra says firmly to Rufinus, a touch of sharpness in her voice. "The abomination would have no reason to dream of any of the holy places there. It and its kind reduced all of them to cinders." Genuine anger creeps into her generally even-keeled tone as she notes that. Well, she's passionate about some things. She is clustered near a table with Sofia and Rufinus. Their attention on a sketchbook. "In any case. I did make pilgrimages to most of the greater temples throughout my childhood there, and *that*…is not of Gemenon." Her manner grows less hard, and more curious, as Rufinus talks of his dream, however. "Do you think you had a vision?" It's a perfectly serious question.

Angelica makes her way into the rec room. She glances around a couple times, before she makes her way over to a comfy looking chair. She drops down into the chair, and stretches out.

A frown. "I'm sorry," Sofia murmurs. "I'd never gone…" She admits. As far as she knows, there is a good deal of temples on the Gemenon. She's sitting near Cidra and Rufinus, taking her turn in listening. She looks to Rufinus at his dream. Her eyes widen. "Really?" She considers the sketchbook again. "We? Hm," She considers Rufinus again. "No, sugar is good. I can't have coffee though," She smiles weakly. "And I am enjoying your company, both if that helps any. But those're what she drew. I was … admittedly shocked she told me I should have it," There's a sadness lingering in her voice, like the last wispy traces of something dissolving into water. "But a part of me is touched. I will try to keep it safe. I have to show Sister Karthasi at least. I am glad to show it to you again if you ever like. I just have to keep it safe." Nod. "Paper's kinda rare, so I guess someone might grab it by mistake." Or destroy it out of hate. She looks to Angelia, briefly curious. There's a polite wave.

Rufinus blinks at Cidra's first statement. "The woman. Cass. She said the same thing almost. She said, that she never said it was Gemenon. Just that we were at Lampridis falls when we pressed for the name. Or was that Tom?" he asks, mostly himself. Yes, his dream folk had names. He looks puzzled up until the question of a vision, to which he outright laughs, much more genuinely, until he sees her to be serious. He blinks at her. "I couldn't rightly say. Can't really compare it to another. It was just me, Bravo Company's Major, and a couple more varied crew. People I don't make a habit of dreaming about, promise," he explains, though his tone is less troubled now; less serious too, even as it answers questions of both Cidra and Sofia. Quieting his tone some with another entering the room. Having briefly forgotten himself with the nature of the sketchbook. He nods along to the enjoyment of company. "Not out of support for a skinjob or anything. But, what's in there is… different. I don't aim to share word of it with anyone that'd want it harm," he promises, though shrugging casually.

"I would not have it damaged, Crewman," Cidra promises Sofia. Though her gaze never leaves Rufinus. She regards him steadily, though her features are difficult to read. She seems good at schooling them to reveal little of what she's thinking. Hands clasp her still-crossed forearms. "I know of Lampridis Falls. It is a very beautiful retreat. Not a holy site in and of itself, though it was named for a location on Kobol that the Histories of the Faiths teach us was of much importance before the Exodus. An intriguing place to dream of, if one has never been." Angelica's entrance is missed, as her blue eyes are currently trying to drill holes in Rufinus.

Angelica hmmms, and looks around for a moment at the wave. Can't be waving to, no. People tend to never see her, but she returns the polite wave just in case. Then she settles back into her chair, and looks over to see what the little group is up too.

Sofia smiles back at the wave. She was indeed waving at Angelica. The snipe has decent eyesight still. She looks back to Cidra and Rufinus, her voice still soft, "I aappreciate t. I can understand why someone would hate the Cylons enough to destroy this." She's not unsympathetic. "But… Eleven was a bit different," She is sad. "In ways I can't put my fingers on." Sigh. "But she did help us a lot. Still, I'm not exactly jumping to run and hug skinjobs," She taps her chin gently. She blinks at Rufinus. "Hmmm." She looks thoughtful and glances to Cidra. Her eyes widen a bit. Oooh. Time to see if holes do indeed get bored into Rufinus. "Still, if you want copies- I can always use a copier," Sofia notes to the pair at the table. The Crewman has a sketchbook on the table in front of her.

Rufinus doesn't entirely flake, under Cidra's gaze. He is a Marine after all. Coupled with what is said though, he does see fit to sit back against the backrest of his chair, as opposed to how forward he had been earlier. A retreat, for his nerves. "Maybe I saw pictures. In a magazine or something," he tries to find excuses. To fool himself, mostly, it would seem. He shrugs yet /again/. His gaze shifting to Angelica as she seats herself nearby. He looks her over, particularly drawn to the outfit. "Civie?" he inquires, pausing his participation on the overall conversation for just a moment. His gaze shifting back to Sofia afterward. "Wouldn't know," he comments as to Eleven, just outright unsympathetic in his unfamiliarity with her as anything but a number. "I'd like that. Copies," he comments, despite his renewed off-handedness about the whole thing.

"No, thank you," Cidra says for her part, as to copies. Eyes still never leaving Rufinus. She's not glaring, quite, but it's close to it. "You should speak with the chaplain, Sister Karthasi, as soon as possible." Despite the not-quite-glaring, there is a certain urgency in her tone. "If you have been given a vision by the Lords and Ladies, particularly of my Gemenon, then you may have been blessed with something important." A pause and she adds, "You have been most favored, perhaps, I hope you shall not waste it." Slight edge to her tone. Jealousy, perhaps?

Angelica stretchs a bit, then digs around in her bag. She pulls out a small camera, and snaps a pic of the little group.

Sofia tilts her head, listening. "Alright," One set for Rufinus then. She takes a deep breath, "Yeah, could be really important." Nodnod. She's not entirely religious - but she seems to grasp that the universe tends to work in mysterious ways sometimes beyond her snipely grasp. She blinks as there's a picture taken of her. "Oh. I hope you got my good side," She blushes lightly and smiles. There's still some lingering thoughtful sadness. She looks to Rufinus again, thoughtful.

"Chaplain?" Rufinis starts, in looking to Cidra with a tilt of his head. Some slight amusement showing in spite of himself. "I've never visited Cerberus's Chapel. Do I have to book an appointment to see her, or do I just drop in whenever?" he inquires, in a tone that suits his demeanor. The pictures being snapped drags his attention back to the one in civilian clothing. He winces some, as his head perks up. No answer to his question. He sets himself back forward into the chair, looking between her and Sofia as the other addresses the camerawoman as well. "Yeah. Fine. I'll meet her," he agrees as the notion is seconded by Sofia. Taking to also quiet the subject some with the pictures being taken. "What's that for?" he aks, raising his voice a bit towards Angelica.

"The Ecclesiastical Services are open at all hours to those who require counsel," Cidra replies to Rufinis. Tone getting a little cooler when he says he's not a frequent chapel-goer. "It is on this deck, actually not far out the hatch. If you get lost I am sure someone can direct you more specifically." She's just getting snarky now, which she seems to realize, and she moderates her tone with a clearing of her throat. "Do make time. Such things can have deep meaning we are not ourselves always able to perceive." Pictures? She does not notice until the others point Angelica and her photography out. She turns her level gaze in that direction. Adding no more questions, though she awaits Angelica's response.

Angelica hmms, "Oh, I don't go for good sides…I prefer candid shots. Keeps things more realistic." She smiles a bit, "Oh, you never know know..might work it into a montage of some kind. Always good to have stock shots and such."

Sofia is quiet as talk of the chaplain comes and goes. "She does get pretty busy, so if you don't see her right away she might be talking to someone or preparing for a service or ritual," Sofia does note. She looks to Angelica. "Oh. I see. That's alright. I was just kind of surprised," She admits. She looks to the sketchbook and then back to the others. "Do you work with Miss Sawyer?" She considers after a moment, peering at Angelia. "I talk to her sometimes, though she's been kinda busy too."

A small smirk adds to a still troubled expression, with the reaction Rufinus gets from Cidra. Something about it is amusing, to him at least; though it's not enough for him to forget himself in the given situation. "Right," he comments as to the latter bit, before turning his attention back to Angelica for her response. "What'd the montage be? Military at play? Uniforms sitting on their asses?" he quips. In ignorance of the fact that they not exactly on duty. He forces his smirk to overtake the troubled state, and stands. "I'll see if I can get around to seeing her before my next shift," he offers, though with not a whole lot of conviction. Nodding his head to Sofia and Cidra, than, after some afterthought, to the camerawoman. Set to head out.

"Good," Cidra sort of snips at Rufinus. His near-amusement is not appreciated. "Montage?" Her brows are arched at Angelica. "You are a…civilian? Do you know Miss Sawyer Averies? She is something of…war correspondent. In any case. I do not know how much interest this exchange shall be to anyone." She looks on point of heading out herself, though she lingers for a moment. Her cup of coffee, never really touched, sits forgotten on the table she was lingering by a moment ago.

Angelica hmms, raising an eyebrow.."Miss Sawyer?…no, can't say I do. I didn't hire any staff to come with me on this project. Being it was a long term one to begin longer of course." She chuckles a bit. "And really, still pictures often work well with a nice voiceover. Maybe a fade and pass…that would be nice too, we should think about that…maybe a catchup of whats been going on…yes, yes..I like that…" She stops a moment, "A civilian?..yeah, I like to think of myself as more of a person, but I guess thats about right as well."

"Miss Sawyer runs the paper that circulates onboard," Sofia explains. "Her and Mr. Rejn are both big writers." Pause. "Kinda literally, kinda not." At least in Rejn's case. Sofia looks flustered for a second. She smiles at Rufinus. "See you. Be well, and good luck." Sofia waves at Rufinus. She looks thoughtful at Cidra and shrugs, "Probably not too many people. But that's okay." Sofia looks confused by the civilian person remark and just blinks. "Oh. I see."

"Long term project." Cidra repeats it dryly. "So say we all." A shrug. "I should be on my way as well. Be well, Wolfe. Thank you for sharing those sketches. They were…most intriguing. A good luck to you on your…project, Ma'am." That last to Angelica. With that, she makes her way out of the rec room.

Rufinus looks to Cidra with her parting word. He tries not to look any more entertained for it, though. He'd been taking enough risks thus far anyhow. Looking to Angelica as well, as she seems to draw the attention of the others, if only for her occupation and activities. Her answer getting a quriked brow from him, and causing yet another look back to Cidra and Sofia. "You know what? Have fun with that," he declares to to Angelica, letting the statement stand casually on its own, with a tone of sarcasm. "Yeah. See you around," he sees fit to reply to Sofia, nodding at her yet again, as he starts the long route out. First dropping off his chosen cup near the coffee machine and making his way out the door soon after Cidra.

Angelica ponders a moment at the exodus. Shruging in her mind a moment, "Oh Print…kind of arcahic in my oppionion, No, no…honestly didn't know someone was doing that. Interesting…video offers more detail, but I guess if thats what people want around here. Perhaps I should start up a news agency myself…hmm, maybe I should check the monitors around the ship.

Cidra leaves, heading towards the Deck 9 [Out].

"Good luck," Sofia replies, "Be well. And it was nothing, sir," She smiles weakly. Her expression is sad for a moment. but it disappears. She takes a deep breath and looks to Angelica. "Well, that might be an idea. I'd still talk to them in case they have some Audio/Video stuff kicking around. Um. Have we met before?" Sofia looks confused a moment.

Angelica says, "met?..oh, I'm sure you've seen me around. I been working around here, since the place was first pressurized. Well, prolly since before you came onboard…so, we may have run into each other." She says with a smile, "As stuff. I have all my equipment in my quarters, I was thinking more of just displays around the ship…but I have my ediiting bay, control boards, cameras, etc…well and ton of footage, but most people are interested in that."

Sofia nods. She smiles a little. "I see, well, I'm an engineer so I probably saw you at one point or another. But I am not really exciting," She admits and looks to her sketchbook. "I think Miss Sawyer and Mr. Rejn would have a lot of good things for you," She considers. "Ummm. I kind of came here to read a bit, so it's really boring of me. Did you want me to pour you some coffee?" Sofia offers.

Angelica hmms, "Well, if they'd like to interview for a position, they can drop off their resumes. Though I'm not sure..I think we'd have to start them off with an unpaid intership and see where that goes after six months. Could get then college credit if they like…hmm, thats an idea…. Though hard to transfer those credits anywhere…" She stops, "Coffee? no…I have my own in my quarters. Never cared for military coffee."

Sofia blinks, and looks confused. "Sure." She just nods meekly. "And oh. Okay. Um." She rubs the back of her head. "Well, I'm Sofia." She looks to be at a loss for conversation briefly and gently hugs the sketchbook close a moment. "Do you sometimes just wander around taking pictures?"

Angelica slips the camera back in her back, "No, not at all…usually I like to capture video." she says as she pulls out a small digital video camera. "Then you can cut together and the like, of course still photography does have it's place." As she turns on the video camera pointing it at you. "Capturing life aboard a battlestar…well capturing life."

Sofia ohs softly. "I see," She nods. A blink at the video camera. She peers at it. "Hmmm. I'm kind of a mushroom really, I don't move much when I'm taking a break." She grins a little and wiggles fingers for emphasis. "Do you have favorite things to take videos of?"

Angelica hmms, "Just what I feel is good for the current project. Better to have too much, then not enough…you know? Can't go back and ask people to relive life, now can you?"

Sofia listens a bit, and nods. "I guess so, I'm not really much of an art project person, or - video," She admits quietly. "So it's a project about people on Cerberus?"

Angelica says, "The people, the know. It was going to give the people a chance to see things that they normally wouldn't. Most of the population never saw a battlestar, yet alone inside one. Yep, gonna make a great show. I'm thinking at least 3 awards."

Sofia nods again. "I see," She replies. Sofia looks like she might speak, then stops. "Oh snap! That sounds neat, but - there a clock?" She looks around. "Oh heck, I'm gonna be late for my shift." She pouts. "3 awards? That's pretty good," She smiles. "I'll see you around. I have wires to replace I guess." Sadness.

Angelica says, "really?..but I thought you said you came here to read? Kinda of funny, that you would forget that you had work to do. I mean, you did come all the way here to read."

Sofia blinks, then laughs softly. "Yeah, I've been here awhile. I was gonna polish off a chapter or two then start my shift," She blushes. "The walking feels nice, I always worry something will get caught in the treadmills personally, or I'll get run over by a Marine on the track."

Angelica nods, "Ah, I see…well then…Sofia, I'm sure we can arrange a time for a proper interview. Good thing I caught your name. I'll make sure to arrange it with your supervisor so it doesn't interfere with your work.

Headtilt. Sofia blushes. "Oooh. Call it … Interview with a Snipe!" She grins and splays her fingers. "That sounds kinda fun. Though I don't get to do cool stuff like fly a Raptor or um, man the cannons," She rubs the back of her head. A nod and a smile. "Well, the full thing is Crewman Sofia Wolfe. I'm sure there's another Sophia around here somewhere." She waves to Angelica. "It was cool to see you. Be well and good luck with your project." She hugs the sketchbook a moment before scampering along to attend to her snipely duties.

Angelica nods as she turns off the camera, "I'll keep that in mind."

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