PHD #058: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Summary: Yeah, ok.
Date: 26 Apr 2041 AE
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Ethan Daphne 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #58

A normal day for the Battlestar, nothing happening, nothing going on, everything is, for lack of a better word, quiet. But things are certainly eventful for Ethan. He has been recently released from Sickbay after spending more than 50 days in intensive care, and right now, after being assigned to the Harriers as a Raptor pilot, he is at the Pilots Berths, selecting a spot of his own. Little did he knows, that the one he is currently manipulating, is not empty, does not belong to a dead pilot. Instead, it belongs to a very much alive Daphne. He is wearing the standard outfit, tank-top over tshirt, standard pants and boots. He only sports a few minor bruises, the rest has either healed, or is covered up. He has a box of his things waiting next to him on the floor, while he neatly fills another box with Daphne's things.

Daphne, the Industrial Hummingbird, steps in with a clipboard at her side, the thing glued to her arm as if it were surgically grafted to her body. There are about fourty pages on the thing, and each one is lined up perfectly both with one another and with the clipboard itself. THe pen running through the top of the holding mechanism is perfectly centered, as well. The only evidence that it's actually used would be today's date written on the thing. She steps into the berthings, and stops short. Her jaw drops, and she forgets to breathe.

Footsteps is the only thing that advises Ethan of a new arrival. It only takes a moment for the young man to figure out that he did something bad, and after studying Daphne's expression, he looks at a very specific photo that he placed on the box. -NOTE: Everything has been placed in the box in a very proper way- He looks back at the woman in front of him and presses his lips together "I" starts the man as he stands up "I'm sorry, I didn't know it was taken, with so many of us" he swallows as flashes of the accident access his mind "You know.." He politely places the box with Daphne's things on the table and he offers "I apologize"

Daphne drops her clipboard, which clatters to the floor, shaking the pen loose. "Ohmygods." The colonies are nuked to toxic ash, nearly everyone she's ever known and loved is dead, the future of humanity is precarious and heavily uncertain, but this is the thing that makes her lose it. "Ohmygods." She shakes her head, not sure what to do and not entirely looking like she's of her right mind at the moment, because all she can do is shake her head and utter, "Ohmygods."

This is certainly going to be interesting. Her reaction doesn't give any hopes to Ethan and then man opens his mouth, closes it again, takes a deep breath and looks down at the box "HereI" he looks at the woman, a bit of nervousness in his expression since he doesn't know here "I can help you put everything back together " It somethinghe can't really anything of anything that would offer comfort as he also, doesn't like his things to be manipulated by strangers.

Daphne's eyes dart left and right, as if hoping someone is going to help. When it appears that nobody is, she takes swift, nervous action. What she does is wordlessly hustle to her locker. She fumbles with the combination, and opens the door. The woman's got a heck of a lot of cleaning supplies in there. Lint rollers, anticeptic sprays, a lint roller and several spare rolls, paper towels, glass cleaner… it's like she's the janitor. She pulls out a spray bottle and a piece of paper towel and hustles back towards the bunk. She sprays down the top shelf, still not saying anything to poor Ethan.

Ethan just /stares/ at the woman when she starts cleaning everything. He's not infected with anything! ".ok" simply says the man after a long moment of silence. He turns around and picks up his box, and the 'finding a place to crash' process starts once again. Finally, he does find one that it's hopefully empty, no owner coming in to kill him or anything like thathopefully. The young man walks to another spot, not far from where Daphne is and sets his box down. One of the things clearly visible in that box, is an old 'Green Gulls' logo, so that's a bit of information right there. Ethan looks over his shoulder at Daphne and studies her for a second, he wants to say that he's sorry, but he already did, what good would that make. At least he thinks that.

Daphne cleans the shelf off and then begins to polish it, before she finally comes to 'grips' and wordlessly pulls each item from the box, wipes it down, and places it -exactly- -so- on her shelf. She's unlikely to seem angry. More like she's had her world shattered.

Ethan is at a loss right now, he doesn't know what to say or even if he should say anything. So, the best next thing to do, is to get on with his own business. So, he kneels down next to his box and starts to retrieve things. First comes the logo, then his Aerospace Engineering diploma, then a bunch of pictures of him with his parents and friends and so on. Looking at his parents' picture, Ethan sighs, he doesn't know if they are dead or alive, they are supposedly still in the Cylon occupied Leonis. However, he can't shake that bitter feeling that, for some reason, whatever it was, he caused grief on this person he doesn't know. He looks over his shoulder again and then resumes with his setup process.

Daphne places each item as if it has its own special spot on her shelf and even the Gods couldn't put them in the wrong place. If Ethan is particularly observant, he'll notice that she's even got a particular order in which she puts things back on the shelf. She's not reaching for the first thing within range of her fingertips, but is hunting for things, one at a time. Once she's done with this, she starts to 'straighten out' her bed, making sure it's just stupidly tight. She goes for her lint remover and carefully rolls it over the bed.

Ethan doesn't take long to get his things into a pre-ready order, he'll move things around later. The Raptor pilot turns around and walks towards Daphne who is cleaning her stuff, and he did notice the whole cleanup process she is following. "I'm Ethan Weber" idly offers the man "In case you want to know who to screwed around with your things. He can't help being social, it's not in his nature. However, after saying that, he doesn't speak any further.

"Ensign Kolettis." replies Daphne between strokes of her lint brush. "Daphne. 154th Fighter Squadron. You… why did you tou… " She can't even fathom, apparently. "You know, it's alright. Are you new? You… you touched my stuff." She sounds more shocked and uncomprehending than annoyed.

Ethan knew that he forgot protocol, he realizes about that and offers a nod "Ensign Weber, Pilot with the VAQ-141, formerly Pilot with the VAQ-135" Then he listens to the rest he says and again, he is out of words. A couple seconds go by and he says "No, not new, I've been in Intensive Care since Warday" he takes a deep breath and offers "I'm sorry, I didn't know it was occupied. With so many of us gone and my whole squadron whipped out, I know almost nobody now and I'm not sure who's still around and who isn't. No harm intended in my actions"

Crisis averted. Daphne actually exhales. She carefully puts her cleaning supplies away, then peers at her face in the mirror she keeps stuck to the back of her locker. The door is closed and she goes for the clipboard and pen she dropped. "Oh. That's rough. It's okay. I just… I'm really particular. I have a system for things and I don't like it touched. You thought I was…" She peers at her bunk, apparently not seeing where the confusion could've come in. Her bunk, of course, still looks unused. "I don't know, but whatever. No. That guy over there…" She chuckles, pointing to the new bunk that Ethan has taken up, "He's definitely dead."

The man looks at the bunk he selected and nods "Ok, I'll keep it then" he nods to that, fixes a couple more things here and there and then turns around. "Aye, I can definitely say that you areparticular, as you've put it." says Ethan with a small smile on his lips. He now nods and adds "However, I understand you, I don't like my things to be touched, specially my pictures." He points to the pictures of his family and friends. "I guess I'm yet to meet a lot of people, so far I've only spoke with Medics at the Sickbay and with Captain Quinn, she assigned me to the Harriers"

"They're a good squadron. They have to be. I guess you already know how frakked up everything got while you were in intensive care." Daphne dots the point of her pen to her tongue, then looks over her clipboard. "I'm prickly about my stuff. That must have really hurt, though. Last thing you saw was when everything went really really bad. I don't know if I could stand being stuck to a hospital bed all this time."

Ethan listens carefully and shares with Daphne the last thing he remembers of Warday "I can remember the console of my raptor exploding in front of me, I can remember myself being thrown backwards by the blast, hitting my ECO. After that, his console exploded and everything went white first, and black after that." He takes a deep breath and continues "And then I woke up in Sickbay. Apparently I was out for 30 plus days." The man clears his throat and mentions "Yes, I've been informed of the recent events, I still don't know how I stayed alive." He presses his lips together "I can tell you this much tho, those frakking Cylons are going to be hearing from me soon enough. Heck, I would even start studying to fly a Viper, but I love my girl too muchI know they were able to fix her." He is of course talking about the Raptor he was piloting during Warday.

Daphne shrugs to herself, "They don't even have to hear from you. We hear from them enough to make it all so much easier. Convenient, huh?" Daphne polishes her nails against the breast of her jacket. "My guidance systems were fried. I flew the entire sortie by the seat of my pants. I'm pretty sure the only reason I didn't shit myself is because I was scared shitless." She stops for a moment and peers at the ceiling, as if she were looking for help. "I don't usually swear this much." And then she shrugs and lets it go. "I'm just glad you're okay and in fighting condition. The worst had to be how frakking quiet the berthings were after warday. And they got quieter every week. They just moved all you raptor guys in here, so it's a lot more lively. THey're shoving civvies in your old bunks."

Ethan it nods "It does. And they keep coming back don't they? They'll be easy to spot" Then the man smiles just a bit more, this one comes out naturally so it's a bit more wide and not held back. "I don't see anything wrong with swearing, as long as it's kept at a normal amount. It says a lot about the character of the person, at least I think" Now, once again, he smiles "Thank you, I'm glad to be back on my feet, from the day I woke to the day I was released, I've been poking around to see if I could stand up sooner." Now, the part about the Raptor bunkers being cleared up, hits him hard. He knew about this already but it's a reminder how many died that day. "Yes, gotta get those civvies somewhere. And it's nice to see a bit of movement I guess"

Daphne shakes her head, placing her clipboard into her locker. "I'd rather they stayed wherever they were staying. I don't want to look at them. Whiny, and bad for morale. If they were useful, they'd have signed up by now." She shrugs to herself, and then shuts the locker with a rattle, punctuating her sentiments: "Breeding stock."

Ethan chuckles softly and says "Well, it tells you that the ones at the top don't trust us to keep the population growing. Expendable assets some would say" he shrugs at that and sighs heavily. "I know what you mean, they do whine and complain a lot." When Daphne shuts her locker, he walks a little closer to her but not invading personal space. "So anyway, how do they call you, do you have a callsign assigned already?" he laughs amusedly after remembering something "My old squadron was never able to find one for me, I guess the closest thing I got to a call name, was my ECO calling me Zombie because I was always awake before everyone else" He presses his lips and smiles with amusement "What that had to do with flesh eating zombies, I would honestly never know"

"Click," replies Click, "But it's stupid. When our comms fritzed out on warday, I switched to colonial signal code to try to get something resembling situational awareness back. Not that it exactly worked." She shrugs. "I'm half inclined to call you Rummage or Graverobber for this." There's a slight smirk on her face, "I need to go. I've got flight footage I need to study. But welcome back. We'll keep you in the air long enough to do some damage before you clock out. Don't worry about that."

"Click" repeats Ethan after the callsign is provided. He nods and then chuckles softly "I can see that. It's a good one tho, I like it" Now, as for Daphne's comment, he opens his eyes wide, opens his mouth to say something and closes it again. A smile forms on his lips and now he says "I guess I deserve that." Ethan takes a deep breath "Thank you, if you do that, I'll make sure to do some heavy damage to the Cylonsone way or the other" He turns around, going back to his things and offers "Happy hunting, Click"

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