PHD #013: Objection (Tango)
Objection (Tango)
Summary: Arkat dances with a pillar, then another marine. The boogie fever spreads and scares at the same time.
Date: Mar 11 2041
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Deck 12 Rec & Training - Battlestar Cerberus Condition Level: 2 -Danger Close

The floorplating along the corridors of the Cerberus are standard military. Their forged steel plates are welded seamlessly together to run nearly the entire length of each hallway. The hallways themselves are the typical load-bearing structural design of the angled quadrilateral. Oxygen scrubbers and lighting recesses are found at nearly perfect intervals throughout the angled passageways.

Off-duty fatigues with a missing shirt leave Arkat showing off the recently-removed stitches from his shoulder as he moves down the relatively empty corridor. A wire leads up from his pocket to a pair of earphones, blasting music from somewhere along the eastern continents of Virgon not only into his brain, but for a good couple of feet around him, too. Man likes his music loud. All violins and accordions and pianos and drums planting a rhythm that has him moving in a pretty impressive impromptu-tango, right up until he smacks the damaged shoulder into a support beam. It sends him spinning with all the grace of an inebriated swan into the metal wall with a thump, a yelp of pain and a quick "DAMNIT!"

Kulko emerges from the hatchway in full fatigues, with his gun belt slung over one shoulder. His ears are unoccupied, and his leisurely pace shifts gears just as soon as he watches Arkat bite the bulkhead. The ensign rushes forward to render assistance, one hand on the gun belt to keep it secured. "You alright?"

Off duty! And finally free of KP! Sofia meanders along down the hallway. She looks content, though still not as energetic as before. There's a faint hint of sadness beneath her expression that she holds like the soft notes of a violin beneath a chorus. She wears her usual off duty wear and hums O Fortuna beneath her breath. She pauses, noticing Arkat. And … he … he dances. It's the cutest thing on Cerberus. Her green eyes go wide as saucers. Arkat better watch out or he'll have a fan club. She winces though when he hits a support beam and trundles over. "Um. Hey, you okay?"

Jogging his way through the deck 12 corridors, Cadmus has a pair of boxing gloves strung into his belt, and the sheen on his skin indicates he's probably been running for some time - up and down the stairwells, through marine country, and finally down to the rec area toward the training room. Turning the corner just in time to see Arkat's spill, he halts his advance and jogs in place for ten seconds or so, and then proceeds to jog in the direction of the Ensign and Sergeant Galiyan. He does not add to the chatter, but simply regards the man and wipes his brow with one forearm.

Sergeant Galyian stares at the ceiling, with tiny little droplets of water pooling around one eye as the lid lowers in a constantly-flickering wince. Hand clasps shoulder. "I'mfine." escapes as a half-gutteral squeak. "Thatwasstupid."

"Maragos, Lance Corporal Cadmus," answers the MP breathlessly, touching his brow in hello. "Better than I could do, Sergeant. I tried to dance once, while on leave. I think I broke my date's foot when I stepped on it," he ventures, corners of his mouth turning up just a touch. He may be trying really hard to avoid making any wisecracks about the hallway floorshow, but at least he's succeeding.

"It was pretty good," Sofia agrees and smiles. She is admiring the Arkat. She offers a hankerchief to dab his eyes though. "You sure you're okay?" Sofia tilts her head at Arkat. "No, it happens," She shrugs. She smiles at him and looks between the group. "Hey!" She waves to Kulko and Cadmus too in turn. Sofia seems fairly cheery all things, just less… froot loopy than usual. Her bright green eyes are wide, and hmms, "I can't really dance. I can sing though," She shrugs.

The music blares louder when Arkat pulls the buds out of his ears, letting them hang free from the wires around his neck. The hankerchief is taken and dabbed at his eye in the manner not unlike that of an over-emotional grieving widow. "None of you saw that, by the way. I think I just undid every bit of hard work to get some respect around here." It sounds a little meek, but the man is grinning. He knows he looked like an ass. He accepts that. "Ameris College of Performing Arts served me well, obviously." Beam. His shoulder's checked for blood with a curious look as the tune comes to an end, earphones falling silent.

"Kulko, Ensign Stephen," the tac-type replies in turn. Kulko folds his arms and matches Arkat's grin. "Won't hear a peep out of me, except per'aps in present company. Those bulkheads, they're sneaky lil' buggers, ain't they?" He cants his head curiously. "What'd you go to school for that you wound up here?"
Long distance to Silas: Arkat was tango'ing down a corridor. Smacked right into a support beam with his banged-up shoulder and faceplanted into a wall. He's now swearing people to secrecy.

Cadmus recoils very slightly - the gesture of someone surprised, not offended. "You went to college, Sarge?" he asks, scratching the back of his head. "All the college grads I know wound up being comissioned, because of the ROTC…" Apparently this has impressed him at least somewhat, even if it was attendance at a liberal arts school. The concept that Arkat may just be pulling everyone's leg has obviously escaped his humorless mind.

Sofia tilts her head, "I don't think you undid anything. It was kind of cute." Boggle. But this is 'lady who gets pantsed in laundry room' speaking. She smiles though. "I won't tell though, promise," She holds up a pinky. "Sometimes the beams sneak up on yuo," Nod. "And really, you did?" Her eyes widen. That's impressive! She looks almost a little jealous. "That's pretty cool. I just sing a bit, I'd try dancing but I'd probably body slam someone on accident with my luck," Sadness. She crosses her arms across her chest. She looks to Cadmus and back to Arkat.

"Now, now-" Arkat holds out his hands, seemingly satisfied that his shoulder isn't going to start gushing blood at any minute. "No reason to be impressed. I got pulled out of school and shoved into a college younger than most. Mother was always insistent I learned some art crap. Few strings pulled and the fact she can yell like a banshee did the job. Downside is I'm about as smart as a sack of bricks." Father being a career marine probably explains the rest of it and the lack of a fancy commission. They're all bunched around a particularly vicious support beam, for those of you just joining. Corridor: Blockaded.

Silas steps in from the main stairwell that runs to access for most of the ship. She almost walks right into the body of one of the crew (marines?) blocking the corridor, her head down, a large stuffed and scrawled sketchbook open in her arms. There might be a map of the ship drawn on a folded out piece of paper inside. Thump. She snaps it closed, and comes up just short. "Clog."

Only half marines. Ensign Kulko steps aside to let Silas through (or in, as the case may be), inclining his head respectfully. His attention quickly returns to the remainder of the circle. "Still pretty impressive Hell, I did my time - four years of college and I still can't da—" he cuts himself off at that, with an eye to the newcomer, then a quick inquisitive glance Arkat's way.

Sidling off to the side, Cadmus squeezes up against the wall to let those assembling by. "Well, I suppose that's fair, Sergeant. Though I can't speculate on the relative intelligences of inanimate building materials. Lack of available scientific evidence, you know," he says, rolling his shoulders in a bland shrug. So he's not humorless - it's just a really dry, stuffy kind of humor. Even better.

Still. Fan club - assemble! The poor Marine is doomed. DOOMED. Sofia just shrugs, "I'm sure you did fine," Smile. She moves out of the way. "Oh, sorry," A few blinks at Silas. She looks almost owlish. Sofia is Navy, which seems to have happily tugged in pretty much any other miscellaneous enlisted. "I have a four year degree, and I can't dance," Ponder. She puts a finger to her chin, almost going completely cross-eyed in thought. That's gonna stick one day. Stare. What a goof. She's in a subdued froot loop mode, but there's still the feeling she should be pantomiming something or doing interpretive dance.

Coming down to deck twelve isn't something this LT enjoys doing, but today, the people on this corridor find themselves in a lucky moment. The pilot, who has now decided to take his neatly pressed uniform out from his locker, moves about calmly. The pistol strapped to his thigh might hint someone as to where he intends to go… if the barricade ahead lets him.

"Congratulations, Private Trista. You can successfully use the powers of observation gifted to you by the Gods. Do you wish to take a bow after that impressive demonstration, or are you just hanging around for the ambiance?" It's humorless, but all said with a raised brow of almost genuine inquisition. And anyway, it's not like Arkat's actually blocking the way, being all up against the wall that may have tried to viciously bludgeon him to death mere moments ago. Kulko gets a sideward glance with the tiniest hint of a smirk. Like he's daring him to finish the sentence.

Silas ventures forward, and actually, accidentally, whaps Arkat with her huge and cumbersome sketchbook as she shifts it to her other arm. "Excuse me, Sergeant." Her voice goes up a little, and then she winces as the book connects with one of the large bruises she's still sporting from that whole getting shot thing. At least that's how it probably reads to a squaddie. Otherwise, it could look like she just smacked a Sergeant with a book, and is wincing because she's about to get chewed out.

Ooooo. Dun dun dun! Sofia's eyes widen. A whapping! Should she invent the z-snap? But then, her officer sense tingles. Sofia straightens, turns neatly around and blinks owlishly at Jayden. The pistol on his thigh- wait, why is she looking - GAH! AVERT GAZE! "Deh-" She twitches, her eyes crossing. NOT LOOKING. Not a pervert! "Oh sorry sir," She tries to make sure she's not in the way, and nearly goes completely cross-eyed again. Flail! Now she's avoiding looking at Jayden to peer at the Arkat and Silas.

Looking between Pvt. Trista and Sgt. Galiyan, Cadmus simply folds his arms and waits. Conditions can get a might stifling aboard a ship, and entertainment is hard to come by. His placid and patient expression seems to say, 'Just wait. Something interesting may happen?' But just in case it doesn't, he starts moving in the direction of the athletics area… keeping a careful eye over his shoulder just in case, however.

Jayden was happy to just nod and move along, but when Sofy's eyes trail to his sidearm, he also glances down towards it with an amused smile is given back to the crewman, "Something askew, little one?" He takes the opportunity to look at the group and clasps his hands on his back, stopping and waiting for a reply from the crewman.

Kulko shifts his gun belt on his shoulder and offers up a casual salute. "Ladies. Gents. Sir. I'm going to get in there before my range time expires."

The Sergeant just eyes the moving Private, having just taken a sketchbook to the good shoulder to balance out his aches for the day. His eyes may have flicked closed in a very un-marine like fashion, mind you. Booties like to go for the face. It's Arkat's constant. While she's wincing, his hand tucks into a pocket that the earphones around his neck dangle in to. The music he was dancing to starts up once more. This should be… something. "Not at all, Private." A smirk creeps. "Excuse me." Aaaaaand whether she likes it or not, the short bootie is now a dance partner, with a hand clasped on her lower back to drag her down the corridor in a quickstep. Far more embarrasing than a chewing out.

Cadmus stops, watches Arkat's crazy dance antics, and just mouths the words "What. The. Shit." Discretion being the better part of valor, and madness being contagious, he turns back down the corridor. Lowering his head, he marches straight away from the crazy man and toward the athletics room. If one has very good hearing, one can even note him murmuring, "I do not understand *any* of these people…"

Oh dear. Sofia blushes. "Oh no. I didn't realize other people were being given practice shooting too," She smiles. She shakes her head though. She looks a little amused by being called a little one though, and tilts her head. "I'm sorry sir, am I in the way?" She scoots a little to the side. She is a bit torn though, looking between Kulko and Co. She waves as Kulko goes, "See you, sir" A polite smile at the man. Sofia's eyes widen as Arkat dances with Silas. That was /unexpected/. She rubs the back of her head. She just shrugs at Cadmus.

"… Whnn" Private Trista doesn't even have time to finish a word before her sketchbook thuds to the floor, and she's taken up in a dance. The pair spins and cavorts down the corridor, the only thing keeping Silas on her feet are her quick reflexes, and an unwilling participation in the dance. "Inappropriate use of rank!" That's heard just before the turn a bend in the hall.

Jayden shakes his head at Sofia, just as Kulko departs. Then, the corridor is turned into a ballrom and he just watches the pair dance with a smirk. "Lovely," he quips, as he shifts to a side and lets his blue feast on the moves displayed by the marines. "This happen a lot here…" he looks back to sofy.

From somewhere around the corner, there's the noise of people being suddenly forced to press themselves against the wall to avoid getting wrapped up in some kind of katamari tango, the two marines twirling themselves into… everyone's way, really. Arkat's half-laughed "Youhitmewithabook!" can be heard just over a particularly suprised yelp from an incredibly confused member of personnel.

Sofia tilts her head, "No, not really. The Sergeant's a good guy though." Smile. "I haven't met his dance partner," Ponder. She looks to Jayden and shrugs. "I think people are doing something a little light hearted with all the badness that's been going on you know?" She considers, wiggling her fingers. "But I could be wrong. Sometimes I'd air dance with the mop when I get stuck on KP," She admits, rubbing the back of her head. She tries not to giggle at the katamari tango. Oh dear. "Do you think we should check in on them?"

Jayden nods slowly as Sofia details the status quo of the deck. The CO can rest easy that this is just a temporary event. 'Dancing with the Stars' is given a whole new meaning. "Check on them," repeats the LT, as his gaze is turned back to the sailor on his side. Sly grin creeping over his face, and he adjust his posture to make a small court bow in front of her, "I'd be delighted follow them." Yeap. The Dancing thing in this area is catchy, as the LT openly asks the gal to dance. Cidra will be sooo proud.

There's a shriek from around the way, and the dull thud of someone getting kicked in the shin. "I only dance when I'm drinking! I'm not drinking!" Trista's protests are somewhat modulated, though neither alarmed nor fearful. Just slightly indignant. "Aphrodite's pink titties, I need a cigarette." Mutter, mutter. Yelp. Someone probably just got dipped.

Hee. "Sure," Sofia nods. "… it sounds kinda violent," Sofia admits. She pulls her choker nervously. "Wait, what?" She blinks as Jayden bows. Eyes go wide as saucers. Dancing with the officers. Is that allowed? Will she get punched? Uh oh. "Um. Sure." Sofia is hardly known for caution. She beams for a second, giving in to the boogie fever as it were.

Someone totally just got dipped. She's just lucky he's not thrown her into the air, yet. "You're supposed to smoke afterwards!" comes the retort, Arkat more than likely spinning the bootie around by a hand as punishment for complaining. There's almost a scream rom someone coming through a hatch at the wrong time and seeing a spinning Private in such cramped conditions. "If you do it during, you're going too fast!" Well, at least one of them is having fun.

Jayden has done this thousands of times. Trust him. He takes his spot and is gentle enough to ease into the music that can still be heard from the Sarge's player. "Your toes are safe…" he chuckles lightly as he leads the gal on, "Jayden Ekonomo, by the way." Yeah. He throws in his name just after asking her to dance. Men. He's not as dramatic as the marines, but he keeps it nice and sweet for the crewman that is in his grasp.

Sure enough. Sofia doesn't seem too bad, she's desperately trying not to stomp on his feet. "Thanks," Smile. "Sofia Wolfe, pleased to meet you," She replies. She's a bit surprised, but somewhat amused. Apparently kindness shocks the Crewman more than being yelled at. She blinks at the scream and smoking comments. But she appreciates Jayden's good manners at least, and tries not to blush madly. "Hey, you're really good at this."

It's all fun and games until someone high ranking throws you in the brig. "Gods, man!" The little private grunts, then halts the spin with a jam of her boot to the floor. She flattens herself against the bulkhead to allow said startled person to pass, then advances on Arkat. "You can't do a real tango without heels and tequila. Stop staring at me with the ghost eye." She reaches up to flick her hair out of her eyes, and adjusts her clothes. She stops just short of kicking him in the shin, but that's training. All training. The 5'5" private stares down the 6'0 sarge.

Jayden is just happy to spend some off-duty time enjoying himself. He's an above-average dancer, so, he knows how the beat goes. It seems that knowing your home has been blasted into oblivion, makes up for a slight break of military protocol. Worst case scenario here, he gets chewed out by his CAG, but he's been chewed-out before. He'll live. "Frak a duck, Wolfe, you're not so bad yourself," replies Jayden with a friendly tone. His breathing has increased a tad with the tango, but its all cool and jovial-like.

Gods, they always go on about the eye. Which, by the way, is currently rolling in the midst of an overacted sigh. "No, Hestia. You can't do a real tango without passion!" He adds such a burst of Thracian accenting to the word that it summons almost instant flashback of a grumpy Virgionian dance teacher yelling at a younger version of Arkat. His hands go onto his hips, and there's a tutting noise from the back of his teeth as he stares right-on-back at the marine. "But I suppose in a pinch tequila and heels will have to do. I'll ask Sofia if she can remember the box number that has my hollow books in." What's in the hollow books should be pretty obvious at this point in time.

It's the passion that prompts a snorted laugh from the little marine. "That's what the tequila's for." Silas shakes her head, but doesn't immediately comment on being addressed by her middle name. Maybe she didn't even notice. "Take me back to my sketchbook, and if you don't keep the turns tight, I'll kick you in the shin. I almost spun off into that crewman."

Silas adds, belatedly, "Sarge."

Well, what's a little more KP time anyway? There's often leftovers and getting in good with the cooks hardly hurts. Sofia accepts it for now. Her eyes widen, "Really? Thanks." She nods. She's keeping up reasonably well, although she might not be in as good a shape as Jayden. She looks a little flattered, but somewhat concerned. "Um, it's nice of you to say that," She offers quietly. Although she winces again. Hee. "Wait-" Blink. Sigh. She just shrugs. "Oh well." She just gives up, looking confused.

Jayden chukles lightly, as continues to 'burn the carpet' with Sofia. A few moments later, he slowly comes to a stop with Sofia slightly dipped backwards. Classic and on the money. "Perfection," he muses before easing back up, and releasing the crewman. Another bow is given, and a bright and flushed smile to boot. "Man, that felt good, Wolfe." He unbuttons the top of his tunic to let some air in, and looks around for the marine duo that started this commotion.

"In that case, grab my arm like you mean business, not like you're holding on for dear life." There's a mutter and a grin as the Sergeant drags her into a tight spin back around the corner, kicking her leg up with his foot before backpedalling so her trailing boot slides along the floor, coming to a stop just in time to shove her away in a half-turn so they end up back-to-chest. "Passion!" He snickers, a little less comfortable for breath than before. The accent alone right now is enough get the giggles, honestly.

"Fine." Silas' response has way too much backbone for a private so new to the ship. Must be her Saggie side kicking in to make up for the challenge to her personhood. She stays in with the spin, even the drag, taking part, for once, in the dance. Her grip is like a tiny vice. She even kicks a knee around Arkat's leg, but loses it entirely when he invokes passion again. With giggles come loss of muscular control, particularly in the ab region. Her form goes to hell. Hopefully it's not in a spin, or she's going to end up on the floor.

Sofia grins. She is having a bit of a good time, even as she leeeeeeeeans back in a dip. "You're really good, like I said," Nodnod as she curtseys back easily. "That it did," And she blinks as he unbuttons his tunic. Ahem. Sofia rubs the back of her head and starts to look around. "Oh! Hey, I gotta mark this wall. I know what I was looking for earlier. Be right back!" She yanks a sharpie from her pants (Although she IS happy to see Jayden) and darts for a second.

Jayden waves to Sofia and smirks. So much for shooting practice. He lets his eyes fall back on the dancing pair ahead for a few seconds, but is interrupted by the beep of his timepiece. Time to go to work. He immidately angles around for the staircase.

Good News: It wasn't a spin. Bad News: It was a calesitas. When two people start gigggling in the middle of a move that's dubbed 'Carousel', you know the outcome won't be pretty. The sounds of them both hitting the floor are spectacular. Despite the pain coursing through… well, everywhere, Arkat just lays flat on his back, unable to groan or whine about it because he Just. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Five minutes later, that's exactly the sight a member of senior staff comes across. The explaination takes about half an hour, and there is a lot of looking at the floor.

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