PHD #139: Not Some Bedswerving Harpy
Not Some Bedswerving Harpy
Summary: In which Cidra and Lunair chat about relationships. You can't say you weren't warned.
Date: 15 Jul 2041 AE
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Cidra Lunair 
Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Cerberus
A deck where things are observed.
Post-Holocaust Day: #139

Cidra has taken some of her off-duty time for a little meeting with one Raine Lunair. She's in her off-duties, though with the cult tattoos and general way she carries herself, the lack of evident brass doesn't particularly make her less imposing when she wants to be. Though the setting for this little chat is reasonably casual. Observation Deck. The appointed time has arrived, though Cidra was a little early. She waits now. Smoking. Standing by one of the chairs and eyeing the starfield.

Off duty. Even so, it's tough not to be a little nervous. Cidra is high up there and her (hopefully) fiance's boss. Either way, she wanders towards the observation deck, growing hair tucked neatly under a purple scarf. Lunair adjusts herself, taking a deep breath. She enters the observation deck quietly, steadily. There's a quick, polite smile. "Hello, sir," She greets Cidra.

"You may call me Cidra if you like," the woman herself says. Barest hint of a smile touching her lips. "Sit, please." She does. "Do you smoke?" Hands go to her pockets to fish out her packet, in case one needs be offered.

"Cidra," Lunair echoes the name, smiling back. She nods, and sits nearby. "Oh, no. But I appreciate the offer," She replies. "How have you been?" She asks. There's a good deal of respect on Lunair's part towards Cidra. She looks over.

The cigarettes are slid back into her pocket before they're even properly out. Not that Cidra stubs her own. She just continues smoking, eyeing Lunair through the faint haze it curls up from her fingertips. "I have been well. As you have been, in part, I do hear. You are to marry Lieutenant Junior Grade Marko Scaurus? As I did say in my communication, my congratulations. He is a young man of much quality."

Lunair nods. Lunair looks over, "I am glad to hear that. And yeah." There's a faint blush at the admission and a nod. "Thank you. It's appreciated. And though I'm afraid I'm really biased, I think you're right. It kind of shocked me personally, he's - way out of my league," This admitted with a quiet, shy sadness. "He's very talented and I'm-" … Average at best? There's a faint confusion, she's happy and yet somewhat disbelieving. "I'm really lucky and I hope I can make him happy."

Cidra does not disagree with that. There's a faintly weighing look in her eyes as she regards the young Marine. Though it's hard to tell what, if anything, in particular she makes of her. The CAG is an inscrutable creature when she wants to be. "I am curious, though. Why marriage? We are not in a situation that shall allow for traditional family for either of you. Many people on this ship dally without seeing fit to do so."

And it makes suspense all the more painful. Lunair glances over curious from time to time. Hmm. That's a good question. She takes a deep breath. "Well. I was shocked he asked. But I think it is for a lot of reasons," She admits. "It is nice… to cling to some traditions, even if times are really unlike anything before. It's a promise too," She bites her lower lip. "I'm not some bedswerving harpy," She blushes. "And I hope that I am never jealous," Lunair ticks off a finger. "Sorry, it's hard to find words sometimes. I feel like I'm catching a bowl of milk and everything is falling out. I want to be loyal to him and make him happy - dallying or not," Though given her face turns red it's not likely Lunair is the sort to dally around.

"I certainly did not mean to imply you were a…bedswerving harpy, Lieutenant," Cidra replies. Tone just a little dry. "I find nothing particularly wrong with people seeking comfort and recreation with one another. So long as all are honest about such things, it can be a most pleasant way to relieve stress on occasion." She might as well be talking about putting in extra time at the gym, all the passion her Gemenese-drawled voice puts on those words. But she does not, thankfully, go further into the positives of recreational sex on morale. "But I do think that admirable. Traditions are of the utmost importance. Anyhow, both you and he have obtained the permission of myself and Major Cavanaugh, so the matter can be…tied at your leisure. It will likely not be a traditional union in any respect, I hope you understand. You are both still serving officers and a battlestar is not a place built for families. But, I shall make what accomodations I can, certainly."

"Ack!" Lunair's eyes widen a little and she blushes. "We-well, no - that's not what I meant either. If people are happy and healthy and not being harmed by it, well… I am not a judge, and I lived on Canceron near the beaches." Tourist trap+Bikinis=well… But after a moment there is a nod. "That's a good thing," She just accepts it. "I mean, it's kind of unhealthy to be totally against it too…" Erk. Way to drop into the hot water. Sigh. She smiles at Cidra. "It's probably all about the balance and respecting others' boundaries and relationships," She finally manages it. "You're very kind to say so." She takes a deep breath. "Thank you," She finally finishes. "I am aware that odds are, a traditional family is out of the question. I get shot a bit too much," She looks away at that. Ground pounding is dangerous. "And it would be selfish to do that thoughtlessly." She notes. "Marko is speaking with the chaplain for a suitable date." Wouldn't want to cheese off anyone divine. "I appreciate it."

"Ah." Is all Cidra has to say further about situational morality. "Anyhow, I was speaking less of children than of your living arrangements. But, as I said, I am sure some allowances will be made. Perhaps minimally. As I did say, a battlestar is not a honeymoon suite. But, we shall do as we can. I just wanted to meet you properly, Lieutenant." A pause and she adds, "Flasher is an officer I have come to like and respect very much. I am a Raptor pilot, and he flies my ECO often. I trust in him a great deal."

D'oh. Lunair takes a breath. "Yeah, sorry. It's all kind of newish to me. I am clumsy. It's a long story," She looks sheepish. Didn't get out much. She looks over. "I appreciate it a lot. I understand entirely though," She admits. "I am … really honored you did. I kind of told a few potential nuggets you were awesome," She blushes. "I hope that's alright," She rubs the back of her head. "He's a good person and very talented," She looks down. "I am still not sure how I got to be so close to someone like that," Really. out of her league. Welcome to the B and C average graduates. She looks over. "Thank you again," She finally states. "It's a pleasure and I hope to do you both justice then." Nod.

Cidra smiles one of those bare hints of a smile. "They shall be disappointed with the reality, I am sure." More than a little wry. "But I do thank you, Lieutenant Junior Grade Raine Lunair of the CMC." Full name said with a certain amount of ceremony. She's done with her cigarette by now so the remains of it are finally deposited properly in her ashtray. Right hand extended, as if to shake.

"I don't know about that," Lunair admits and smiles. "Thank you very much," She seems duly flattered and respectful. "I appreciate it." She really does. She will accept the extended hand, perhaps unaware of what might be to come. "If I can help with anything, I am glad to. And um - if you like to grow things, the hydroponics are coming along." Nod. Might be stress relieving right?

Cidra clasps Lunair's hand but does not shake it, as such. Rather, she just holds it in her own. Not too hard but firmly. Blue eyes fixing to meet those of the younger officer's. It lasts longer than a regular handshake would. Though Lunair is eventually released. "I shall, perhaps," she says simply of hydroponics. "Now. I have my duties to attend to. It was very nice speaking with you."

Cidra's blue eyes are met with Lunair's own strange, purple eyes - markers of some bent or broken gene. She smiles, at this different handshake. She nods. "Marko works there a lot too, at this rate I may have most of the air wing growing things," She seems faintly amused. "But I would be glad. And I understand." A CAG is a busy person. "Be well, and it was a pleasure to speak with you too." Smile. "Even if I wasn't too good at it today." She'll let Cid escape without protest, merely a smile and a wave.

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