PHD #205: Not-So-Positive I.D.
Not-so-positive I.D.
Summary: After Sawyer places a call to the security hub following her run in with Pallas, Kincaid shows up for an informal statement of sorts.
Date: 21 Sep 2041 AE (back-scened to 19 Sep 2041 AE)
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Sawyer Kincaid 
News Room - Dark Room
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Post-Holocaust Day: #205

Sawyer was understandably shook up when she placed the wireless call to the security hub, delivering a short a clipped message that she just had a visit from an unsavory gentleman that got a little physical. She really should have come up to make a statement at the hub, but instead just said where she'd be. The red light over the door to the Dark Room is off, but Sawyer's tucked away inside, chewing on her thumb nail, bouncing her knee, and smoking a cigarette like a chimney. And has been for the better part of the night.

Given their relationship, it's perhaps unsurprising that the MP that responds to the call is no other than Lance Corporal Daniel Kincaid, the Cylon-lover himself. He announces his presence at the door with a light knock. "Danny Kincaid, Libran Post." She would know that cadence anywhere, he reasons, having heard it so many times from the press pool. He follows it up with opening the door to the Dark Room and stepping inside. He squints as his eyes adjust to the light. "Damn, Sawyer. Just because it's dark doesn't mean they can't find you." His voice goes softer. "You all right?"

The Dark Room is serving double duty, it seems. Not only is it for the developing of film, but Sawyer's also has an unauthorized cot set up in one corner and she's turned this into her sleeping quarters. No wonder this is her hide out of choice, it's now her home. "I suppose I could have locked the door." She tries to slant a smile, but it falls a little flat in the long run. "Hey Daniel, thanks for coming up. I didn't want to…well. Just glad I didn't have to make the trip is all."

Kincaid shakes his head. "Not at all, Sawyer. You don't want to be hanging out in an interrogation room after all of this." He goes to perch himself on the edge of one of the counters, his eyes taking in the surrounds. "Huh." He seems to be commenting on the fact she's set up shop here, but doesn't pry. At least not yet.

"Yeah well, tomorrow I'll pretend to be brave. Right now I just want to curl up in a ball and be a girl for a moment. Heh." The laugh is surely lacking any true mirth and Sawyer takes another puff of her cigarette. "So I'm the next accused of being a Cylon sympathizer, hmm? Soon there's going to be more of us than not. It's such a baseless accusation, it'd be almost laughable. Except, you know, it happened to me."

"How can /anyone/ sympathize with the Cylons? I mean, there's just no sense in it. But there's no sense in any of it, all that's going on. People are just venting their fears in any way they can. It's easier than facing up to them." Danny takes out his pack of cigs he carries and lights one up for himself. He doesn't really smoke. Call it social-sympathy smoking. "But one sympathizer to another, well. I feel your pain."

"Some how they've twisted the belief in truth and due process into some sort of witch hunt, using us as scapegoats when they can't face their true fears. I agree. But something has to be done to contain this, or at least assuage it. They can't go around defacing personal property or roughing up random targets just because they can't nut up and dealing with their fears." Sawyer's thumbnail gets gnawed on again, "Abbot's trial needs to go smoothly. Though I doubt it will, will it?"

"Who knows? We'll likely have some disruptions. But that's the way things go." Kincaid now chooses the time to take out his pad and click open his pen. "But what happened to you, Sawyer? I'm working on a plan to crack this nut. Take it down from the inside."

Sawyer leans over her knees, resting her forearms on them. She expels some pent up energy by bouncing her heels on the floor, causing ash to fall off the tip of her cigarette to dust the tips of her fancy shoes which she pays no mind. "Yeah? You have someone infiltrating the Haters Club?" She shrugs, trying to trivialize the event. "A man came by, seemed oddly familiar, you know? As if I'd seen him some where before. He was wearing off-duty gear, so it's a good chance he was military." She pulls her bottom lip into her mouth to rewet it. "Said I was at the top of the list, to learn some lesson about aiding and abetting Cylons or…something." Sawyer must be frazzled, if she can't pull up exact details.

"Yeah?" Kincaid doesn't dig. At least not yet. He just lets Sawyer talk, taking a few notes as she does. "But yeah. I've got some people working on it. We'll see how it goes, huh?"

Sawyer finally notices there's a column of ash building up on her cigarette, and she reaches over to ash it into an old coffee can set out for just that purpose. She even has it clearly marked with a piece of duct tape and black marker, likely due to the amount of dangerous chemicals stored in this little closet. Above them, lines of photographs are clipped to lines, long since dried and developed, just never taken down. "So how are you going to do it then? Have them dig up enough dirt on these people to hang themselves? Going to set up a sting operation? If you need any help stirring up public support to catch these monsters, let me know. I'm all for flaming someone right about now."

"We'll see. We'll see." Maybe Kincaid has a plan and he isn't sharing it. Or maybe he's just making it up as he goes along. He transitions: "You think that you can take a look at some pictures for me? See if you can't pick out the guy that came up to you?"

"Uh, sure." Sawyer rubs a sweaty palm on her pants leg, "Brown hair. Light eyes…maybe blue. No, definitely blue. That should narrow it down a bit for you. Older gentleman too, in his forties, maybe. I can look at pictures, sure. Not that this is really grounds for any sort of official charge, I suppose. You'll get stuck on he said she said, which is why I wanted to at least make some sort of official report. So there's record. Just in case…well."

Kincaid shakes his head. "It's not about making an arrest right away. It's about working up the investigation so we can eventually bust the whole ring, if there is one, not just bust individual petty vandalism." He clicks his pen closed. "I'll bring by a photoarray book for you. But Sawyer?" A beat. "It's going to be okay. Give me a call if you need anything. And I don't mean the Security Hub. I mean me. Okay?"

Sawyer is quite for a moment, meanwhile she's gnawing on the inside of her cheek while she mulls something over. Finally she just gives another nod that seems to be her final say on the matter but then she tilts her chin up a little higher, a little more proud. "When all of this blows over…I want to talk to you about something. But…it can wait. For a little while at least. Some changes have to be made around here, to the betterment of us all."

Kincaid screws up his brow, as if he's not quite certain what that means. But he just goes with it. "Sure thing, Sawyer. Assuming I don't get lynched, we can talk about whatever you want." He pats her shoulder. "See you soon with that book."

Sawyer manages a smile this time. "Thanks for coming by."

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