PHD #315: Not Making Sense
Not Making Sense
Summary: Wade tells Cidra what happened at the Shooting Range. He also speaks about Colton Duben.
Date: 07 Jan 2042 AE
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Cidra Wade 
Whatever you find inside a Raptor
Post-Holocaust Day: #315

While repairs are complete, Cidra still has to wait until the Support personnel are done making the Offices presentable before she can reclaim her lair on Deck 10. So, with the Map Room dedicated to planning by someone else, she's staked out a Raptor to do some of her paperwork in. She's in her flight suit. She might as well be, given where she's keeping time. But she's alone in the Raptor at present, just scribbling one some octagonal papers on a clipboard.

Wade just spent a few minutes at the Shooting Ranger, attacking targets because they are evil targets of course. And now, he is on alert Viper mode and it's normal that he is wandering around the deck, just waiting, waiting. However, it is pretty obvious that he is damn glad that Condition Three is back in place. The man idly paces around, thinking about recent events and his attention drifts to one of the Raptors. Finding the CAG there, he presses his lips together in thought and then nods to himself, making his way to said Raptor. He knocks on it's wing and he says "Major, got a moment?"

Up comes Cidra's gaze from her clipboard. Head turns. A slight inclination of it to Wade. "Ah. Drips. On Alert, are you? I am not, but they still have not my desk back in proper working order. I hope my chair was not damaged…" A shrug. She'll find out soon enough. "I have several. Please, come in. Have a seat." She indicates the co-pilot's spot.

Wade shows a smile after she speaks and nods "Thank you" With that, he steps into the Raptor and takes a seat. The Viper Pilot takes a moment to take a look at the bird from the inside and the nods. Now, his attention moves back to Cidra "Yes, on Alert, tho damn glad we are on Condition Three again, it means I get to sleep when afterwards" His smile grows a little more there. However, soon, it fades and he says "Toast, I…I did something stupid." Yeah, basically speaking, he did. He stops himself for a moment and nods firmly, explaining "I asked Lieutenant Vandenberg to train me in firearms because in all honesty, I kinda suck on that area. And, everything went well but then I had the stupid idea of trying to shoot a cubit on the air." Mental facepalm "I…really didn't get to do it because I didn't remove the safe from the gun but of course…that wasn't the wisest thing to do and…" Yeah, he is not really making any sense. "Point is…Vandenberg did had her earmuggs on and…well…she covered her ears of course but." He just sighs and shakes his head "I'm not making any sense"

"So say we all," Cidra says firmly, as to Condition Three. The rest of that she just listens to. Expression growing…puzzled. "Cubit?" Eyes narrow at him. "You are not making a great deal of sense, Drips. What are you trying to get at?"

Wade clears his throat and takes a deep breath. "I, without thinking, attempted to discharge a firearm when people near me didn't have the ear protection…not to mention that it was for a dumb, stupid thing." He shakes his head "It didn't happen of course because the safe was on but…it doesn't excuse the action."

"Ah." Cidra nods, understanding that. "It was a grave breach of firing range etiquette, yes. What did the Lieutenant have to say about it?"

Wade nods "Yes. And, well, she said that I should never, ever do that again and that I should also make sure to prevents others from doing something dumb like that…there. And that if I were to receive training I needed to respect the whole thing. Which, I do, I honestly do…what I did was stupid and…I don't do that, that's the thing I…." He shakes his head again "There is no excuse for what I did, that much I understand. She told me the story of a guy that was able to shoot a spinning cubit and that…" he sighs "That reminded me of a friend with whom, well…we used to do a lot of stupid things when we were on shore leave. Nothing dangerous to others mind you. This guy was my best friend, and my wingmate back in the Chimaera, well, until he was transferred out after making Captain. He…died"

Another "Ah" from Cidra. "Well, the lieutenant is precisely correct. You should show the same respect to your weapon on the range that you do to your Viper in the cockpit. But if Lieutenant Vandenberg is not going to make more of an issue of it than that, I shall not either. Do not do it again, however, or I shall consider you in need of more remedial firearms instruction." Mention of his friend perks her curiosity. Some. "I grieve in the loss of any pilot, Drips, of course. Was it an accident? After his transfer, I do take it?"

Wade lifts a hand "I will not do that again Toast, please trust me on that one. I know the regulations, I know…I…." he nods and to the last, he presses his lips together and offers "Toast, can I ask for your full secrecy on what I'm going to say? Please?" To add something and answer her question he says "He…died in combat, apparently"

"Secrecy?" Now Cidra's curiosity is mixed with more real concern. "Drips, you can trust in me. Know this. However, also know that we both have an obligation to this ship, and it is paramount upon us to reveal to Command matters that might threaten the security of this vessel. Barring a matter like that, yes, you can trust my confidence."

"Well, of course Toast" says the man, nodding at that. He takes a deep breath now and offers "His name was Colton Duben, callsign Spank. It's a funny story should you want to hear it." Now he nods, smiling a little as he remembers his lost friend. "When he made Captain, back in Chimaera…he was transferred out. Before that, we spent three years as wingmates, our SL always placed us together because we worked better. He was my mentor, Colton." Another deep breath taken and he clears his throat "We kept hanging out of course, during shore leaves and all and I always asked where he was posted and he always told me that, it was classified" By now, things might start to make sense. "I recently found out that, he was posted in the Areion."

"The Areion?" This surprises Cidra. Of all the things she was expecting that wasn't it. "For true? That is more remarkable. I have combed their roster, as Lieutenant Colonel Baer has allowed, but I recognize none of them myself. He died in one of their encounters with the Cylons?" A nod. "Well. Papa…Lieutenant Colonel Baer, that is, has spoken of the grievous casualties they've taken. All honors to his service, Drips. It is a sorrow he could not fly long enough to meet us - and you - in space above Sagittaron when we encountered the Areion."

Wade nods at those first words from her "Indeed, the Areion." Yeah, that surprised him too "You should have seen him Toast, he was the best frakking pilot I've seen and I'm not kidding here." There is a smile forming on his features again "When I was in the Academy, my instructors always told me that I should…" moment of silence "…slow myself, that I should not do things the way I did them because it was dangerous, because I would end up killing myself. Spank told me that, slowing myself down would be a big mistake, that he would help me control it, make it work for me…and he did Toast, I am a better Viper pilot because of that man. He was like a frakking brother to me." His voice sounds hurt of course. It's like, when you know the chances are low but you still hope your family and friends to be alive? Well, it hit him pretty hard to learn that his best friend, his brother, died. Now, he takes a deep breath and nods firmly "Honors to his service. It is indeed, a sorrow and…" he clears his throat again "Apparently he died during an encounter with the Cylons, died fighting and in all honesty, that is how he wanted to go. A Warrior's death. "He was Evocati"

"The 'Evocati', as they call themselves, are supposed to be the 'elites' of the Fleet," Cidra says. "If your Colton Duben was among them, I do imagine he was among the best of his age." She reaches out to clasp his shoulder as he speaks further. A comforting gesture. "A warrior's death. So say we all."

Wade chuckles just a little and then shakes his head "I'm a little jealous, I admit. He used to tell me that he wished for me to be where he was, so we could be wingmates again." He half snorts and shakes his head "Frakking crazy ass…I can only imagine the things he did with those modified Vipers, because I mean, he was /damn/ fast." Now, he nods and says "So say we all" The pilot goes silent for a moment, as if thinking about something. "Hermes…" says the man "He was our guardian…our token for speed and luck. He was Colton's from the get go and I adopted him when we became friends. Top speed, no restrictions, flying as fast as we could…" Good times, good times.

"Hermes is immortal, of course, and not restricted by mere human physics," Cidra says wryly. "But he is a fine and proper Lord for a Viper pilot to devote himself to. Hermes is messenger to the gods, you know. He is also the one charged with bearing the souls of the dead to catch the ferry to the Underworld. To the hereafter."

"And with ourselves, we carry the memories of the ones we lost." says Wade, looking outside. His attention moves to Cidra and he smiles softly. Now, he unhooks his suit straps and lowers his zipper, digging inside to pull out a Medallion. Wade shows it to her, it has the symbol of Hermes. "It is a good Lord, it has been with me for the past, four, almost five years now" Now, Wade rubs his fingers over his eyes and asks "Do you remember? Reading his name?"

"I shall admit it does not stick out in my mind," Cidra says. "But it is not one I would have recognized. I looked for the familiar on the casualty reports, and there were many names. Papa told me he lost more than a third of his people between the time the bombs fell and when the Areion met up with us. Many names. As we have lost many names, though I do try to carry them all with me."

Wade offers a smile to Cidra and then he takes a deep breath "It's ok, I understand." He saves his medallion back and zips up his suit. Now, the man looks around for a second and then back to Cidra "Anyway, I apologize if I dumped grief on you, Toast." He smiles a little bit more at her and then takes a deep breath "So, you still have time for me to ask what the hell are we going to do now that we are back on Condition three? Or should I just leave you be?"

"Do not apologize, Drips. I am glad I could be here to hear you. The losses we suffer are greater the closer to us they strike." As to that last, Cidra replies, "We are set to jump to Parnassus Anchorage within twenty-four hours. I pray our missing away team can be found by then, but Command does not intend to delay any more than that. There are Raptor teams out looking for them, but they have found no traces. It is fearful strange…"

Cidra's first words bring another smile to Wade, but then the rest create worry in his expressions "Is there anything I can do? I can do low altitude sweeps, try to use the Viper's DRADIS to pick up readings….I know it's not as strong as the Raptors but I can cover ground a little faster" He wants to help, that's true. "And Parnassus Anchorage? Why?" See, he wasn't in Cerberus the first time they were there. "What's the plan there?"

Cidra nods short to Wade. "I can slot you out with the morning planetary patrols. The Vipers will be of little good at night, but when the sun rises the more eyes the better." As for Parnassus. "It is…a place of safety. Do you remember Audumbla?" Cidra can never speak of the place without a shadow crossing her face. Not that she goes into war stories from it. "The radiation around it. Harmless to humans, but it seems to cause Cylons much ill. Parnassus is surrounded by much the same. It will provide the Fleet with a modicum of more defense than normal." A pause. "And we shall be there until Admiral Abbot's trial concludes." Perfect spot to space a convicted Cylon. Not that she actually *says* that.

Wade nods "Please do. I'll get some sleep after the current CAP ends and I can go out with the Planetary patrols tomorrow." Yes, yes, sleepy time good. "I do" answers Wade about Audumbla and then oooo's at her explanation "Ok, I understand. So basically, Abbot's trial and…I don't know, more planning? I never really liked playing sitting duck" To this, he smiles a little and then nods "Alright then" he rubs his hands together and "Oh, and perhaps we can do another Raptorball thing? I kinda want to shoot Papa down…or whoever is on the Raptor of course" Revenge, it's a dish better served cold.

Cidra's lips curve into a slight smile. "We will be doing some tighter coordination with the Areion. I think another game of Raptorball might be in order. Fare you well on patrol, Drips. Clear eyes and steady hands." He's dismissed, on that note.

"Tighter coordination? That sounds interesting" admits the man with a soft smile. Now, he nods firmly and stands up, taking his helmet "Clear eyes and steady hands Major" He steps between the seats and moves to the exit "And…" he looks over his shoulder, offering a smile to her "Thank you Toast" Wade now offers her a light salute and steps on the small wing, jumping down on the deck. More pacing around, here he goes.

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