PHD #444: Not Exactly Fair
Not Exactly Fair
Summary: Bunny and Bootstrap disagree about what is fair when it comes to the frak-up that is Shiner.
Date: 16 May 2042 AE
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Evandreus Kallistei Trask 
Guest Quarters - Deck 3 - Battlestar Cerberus
The area here has been spiffed up for the Delegates. Bunks are kept neat as a pin, the lockers are brand new and have a beautiful shine on the fake wood. A table sits in the center with a vase of fake flowers resting in the middle. The deck has been mostly covered with a round, braided rug of multiple colors. To the back of the area, there is a private shower area. This is just one of five separate areas along Deck 3.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #444

The ongoing adventures of Gregor Rabbit are happening down at the foot end of mom's bunk. Evan's sprawled there, slouched with the little girl using his middle as a cushion, arms around her as he holds up Gregor and makes him bounce about and flop his ears, telling stories for the little girl even though she mayn't understand them yet.

Moo-moo. Why, are those /udders/ brazenly flashing? Why, yes. Yes, they are. Pervy Cow is something of an exhibitionist. Here's hoping this story in-progress doesn't evolve into a plushie porno, especially because Trask's other hand is holding Fergus MacMutton.

While in the once-populous land of Leontinia introducing children to the manifold forms of Aphrodite at an early age may have been all the rage, Evan, for one, is going to let mom decide the proper time for those sorts of talks, and with Bootsies' help puts on a fine G-rated production of some manner of childish nonsense. Yes, this little one has the Wing at her beck and call. When she begins to applaud the tale with an opened mouth and a tiny wee snore, Evan slooooowly shifts her about so he can hold her the easier, holding her against his chest. "Thanks, Boots," he smiles, talking at a regular voice level. He heard from Mama Astra that whispering around sleeping babies only made them more apt to be fussy.

This suits the SL just fine because the pr0n he knows is the pr0n he inherited, and those really are not stories he cares to recount (even if more than a few do star animals). "Anytime, Buns." Then, as an aside, he quietly snaps at the heifer in one hand, "Hey. Eyes up here." Because Pervy Cow appears to be checking out his butter churner.

Evandreus restrains any noise from the force of a chuckle, only letting the heaving of his stopped-up lungs shake his chest and shoulders beneath the slumbery babe. "Oh, hey, can I ask you about something, really quick?" he swerves onto another topic.

"Sure." For Kal can be hella easy-going when he's not being insufferable. "Wassup?" And since he can multitask, while the pilot constructs the question, the ECO returns the duo of Aerilonian animals to their designated perch.

"Do you know what went down with Shiner?" Evan wonders. "Was he ever charged with anything, or what? I figured if he'd been charged with something, he'd either still be in the brig or he'd have been let to get a little freedom outside the ship."

Perhaps because it's Evan, some effort beyond the usual snark is made. Even so, there is still snark. "He lucked out that being an utter imbecile isn't a crime that garners a military execution." That said, "I know he was drummed outta flight. The JAG ruled that he'll never qualify for a commission." Which means Shiner will never be a pilot unless, somehow, that ruling gets reversed. Bootstrap doesn't seem the least bit distraught to have lost a Raptor nugget, though. Not /that/ Raptor nugget, anyway. "Look, I know you're a soft touch an' all, Buns, but that jagoff was talking about how Kepner had the right idea, and went on about how a pair of great tits told him to make sure no one interfered while others tampered with the bird." Or so says the report the SL read. "How the frak that didn't result in a Treason verdict, I have /no clue/. What I /do/ know is that he's no longer our problem, and I'm bettin' the Chief likewise told him to frak off. That's probably why the prick tore into 'im." The non-prick being Damon.

"It's not a crime to agree with someone, even if that someone is exceptionally frakbrained," Evan points out. "And in any event, if I was a nugget in a crisis situation, and someone my superior told me to keep watch on an area, I wouldn't have stood around asking a bunch of questions either, but I'd have done it. Tits or no. I don't get how everyone figures he was supposed to have known what was going on. And I dunno about the Chief, but shit, Shiner came into the s'bay looking like someone tried to bash his skull in. I tried to get him to press charges, but he wouldn't say who did it to him."

More than just sharp-tongued, Trask is incisive. "Really?" That might as well be a rhetorical question. "All birds launch but one remains behind. That wouldn't strike you as odd? Especially when… oh… I dunno," cue the flippant shrug and upward tilting of his eyes, "it's been established that there were /saboteurs/ aboard the ship. That one such saboteur /detonated a bomb/ in the XO's quarters? And that, hey, a group of people whose asses should've launched were doing shit on the sly?" Now comes the full-on eyeroll. "He was /supposed/ to know because he's /been studying/ just /how the frak/ shit goes down in situations like that. And, even if we cut him some slack and say he's just an insufferably slow learner, he worked on the Deck for /how long/? There's /no/ frakking way he didn't know better. And whether he followed those orders because he was following his dick or because he was following Kepner doesn't change the fact that he's a menace and got off way too frakking lightly."

"But, no," is the last snippy bit, "it's not a crime to agree with someone exceptionally frakbrained. It is, however, a crime to frakking /side with 'em/ in /action/." Which, evidently, he believes Shiner did.

"Come, Boots, that's not exactly fair," Evan murmurs, voice soft and almost cloying sweet. "Studying how shit goes down and going through how shit goes down are two separate beasts altogether. If there was something wrong with that bird that someone had -just- spotted, and they needed him to manage an emergency perimeter— or if some other condition had come about they had no time to explain—" Evan trails off, shaking his head. "Things happen. And when everything's on the edge like that, how could you blame him for wanting to help the best he can? Anyhow, it's not my call to make, it's JAG's, and they've already made it. Still, it seems wrong that people are beating him up for it, too. He's had his day in court, people should leave it at that."

Not fair? Oh, ho-ho! Bootstrap is acutely aware of the unfairness of existence. His bitter personal experiences not up for discussion, however, he deals with the here and now. "No, see, what's not fair is that he's not been entirely drummed out of the service. What's not fair is that it's still within the realm of possibility that he can work on something that can get people killed when," not should, but actually when, "he fraks up. What's not fair is that /anyone/ would seek to make /excuses/ for him. Because, I'll tell you what, Buns: I worked on the Deck for 6 years. I was an AE Lead. And there is NO FRAKKING WAY that he did what ANY knuckledragger would've KNOWN to do even in the most chaotic of situations." Looks like Bunny needs to peddle his honey elsewhere.

Fade for RL. Kalli may or may not have woken-up before Trask took off.

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