PHD #291: Not Cut Out For?
Not Cut Out For?
Summary: Andrea and Wade run into eachother at the athletics area. Pranks are discussed, the idea of family is discussed as well, and also feelings are shared, sort of.
Date: 14 Dec 2041 AE
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Andrea Wade 
Athletics Area
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: #291

Wade spent long hours planetside, doing low altitude sweeps in search for survivors and just to confirm that everything was clear from enemy contacts. Now, he is back in Cerberus and while he is scheduled for CAP in a matter of hours, he is using some free time to hit the gym. Right now, the man is laying down, doing some bench presses. He is wearing military issue shorts and just his green military issue tanktop. There's a bottle of water right next to his bench and a towel.

The hatch to the athletic area opens and in walks Andrea, a bit of a swing in her step as she heads towards the weights. She is feeling good by all appearances, with a bit of skip in her step and some some punch in her arms. She's even humming.

Wade doesn't spot Andrea right away, he is just focused on finishing that last set of 12. The man exhales as he lifts those heavy weights and inhales when he brings them down towards his chest. Finally, he is done with them, placing the bar on the main support and sits down. The man extends both arms and shakes them as if trying to loosen up a little. He leans to his side to take the bottle of water and takes a long, healthy sip from it. When he is doing that, he finally spots Andrea and her red hair. It is certainly a suprise because he chokes and then coughs, patting his chest after recovering "Andrea? What…a redhead?"

Suprised a bit to see Wade, Andrea gives a bit of a start and her hand goes up to her hair for a moment before forcing it down. "Well, actually, yeah." She doesn't play with her hair. She holds both of her hands in front of her waist to be sure of it. "You like it?"

Wade takes a moment to look at her hair, same shape of course, just different color. He takes his towel now and moves it over his face, later resting it behind his neck and over his shoulders "I looks, different…" says the Viper Pilot. Then, he presses his lips together and nods a couple times "Yeah, looks good on you." Then something hits him, a possibility "Don't tell me you've got hair dye in your locker." He chuckles at this and says "Don't…mess with my hair, ok prank lady?" There's a brief smile there.

Andrea's eyes open wide, and her mouth drops open. "That… that's frakking BRILLIANT, Drips!" A hand goes to her lips as she thinks about. "I don't have enough red… used up the lot of it, but I have plenty of blonde left…"

See, after your callsign comes from a prank, by default, you become a prankster. Revenge is sweeeet, and Wade had his revenge. Oh yes. However, since the Cylons fraked up with everything, he has slowed the pranks down. The man arches both eyebrows as he looks at her and shakes his her "Oh no, no no no.." he shakes his head at this. "I know who your target is more likely to be and you'll be in deep shit if you do it. Hosedown…" he lifts a finger at her "I know it's a brilliant idea, /but/ you do /not/ want to go down that road" There is a smile of amusement there nevertheless.

"Just a few drops in the shampoo, and then let her do her regular hygiene…" Andrea's is brought back to reality by Wade's insistence, and she seems for a moment, to think about it. "You know, just yesterday she called her hair 'rat brown', and I think she wants a change…" She looks at him again. "Ok, fine, I'll think about it awhile before I do it, at least." She gives Wade a lookover. "You're looking good, by the way."

Wade just shakes his head while she talks and snorts "Already planning it huh?" The man chuckles at this and then rubs his hands over his face. "Did she ask for a change?" asks the man now sporting a smile "Because if she didn't, I wouldn't say she wants one." Then again, he is a guy, there are things he obviously doesn't understand. When she says the last part, he looks at himself and looks back at her "Sweaty?" there's a soft chuckle after that and he adds "Thanks. But don't be fooled, you always look bigger right after workout."

That remark earned a slug, and so it recieved one, right in the shoulder. Andrea can hit hard, when she wants. This one is middling at best, though. "You sassing me, el-tee?" Andrea asks in faux sternness. "You know us superior officers can get awfully snippy when we get sassed. Fun of any kind strictly frowned upon."

Wade gets pushed back a little and he laughs. One hand goes to his shoulder and he rubs the area "Whaaat?! I didn't say anything out of the ordinary, just stating facts. He lifts one arm and extends it, running one finger over it to remove sweat "See? Sweaty. And yes el-tee, I know how you superior officers can get snippy and all" There is a soft smile there than soon fades as he starts drinking water again.

"You know…" Andrea says in a lecturing tone, "If you really wanted to keep me from getting into trouble, you could always try distracting me from my evil plans." She crosses her arms and leans back, a bit. "Of course, you might need to be a bit creative. I have a very long attention span."

"As a man who dyed his former SL's off-duty greens into….pinks. I am unable to keep you from getting into trouble. I can just…" he makes a gesture with both hands that states 'leading' "…out of harm's way. Not that you like being out of harm's way it seems." Now, he arches one eyebrow and chuckles "Long attention span or short attention span?" Wade looks at the girl for a moment as he waits for the answer but, soon enough, he lays down again to start another set. He takes a hold of the bar with the weighs and lifts it up. Ooooone, Twoooooo, Threeee.

Eyes roll, and Andrea walks over to where Wade is lifting. "I don't know, Drips. I have, occasionally, been seen to be very forceful in getting what I want." She leans over and gently flicks an ear that she has a passing acquaintence with. "Know what I mean?"

"You don't say" offers the man as he keeps lifting. There is a smile there that gets mixed with pussssssh face. When she flicks his ear, he stops mid lift and tilts his head to the side. His neck joints crack a little bit as they release air pressure and then he resumes what he is doing "Although, I think I know what you mean, yes."

Andrea watches him for a moment, then sighs and walks over to one of the treadmills, sets it at a brisk speed, and starts running. She needed to talk to someone about all of this. She was trying to be good, honestly she was, and it didn't seem to be getting her anywhere. The pranks likely were merely a side effect.

Wade finishes his set and moves the weighs back to the locks. He tilts his head and looks at Andrea for a moment. Finally, the man sits down again and moves the towel over his face once again, and over his arms after that. He stands up, takes the bottle of water and makes his way towards the treadmills. Wade takes a sip from his water and then presses his lips together as he studies the situation "What's on your mind Demarcos?" simply asks the man. After this, he steps on the treadmill next to her own and starts increasing the speed up until 'light run' level.

Andrea glances over at him, and then carries on running for a bit. "I thought you said that you knew…" she says, a bit of chill in her voice. Athena, it was like high school all over again!

Ah, the ice treatment…he is so familiar with it. Such fond memories. Not really. Wade looks at her for a moment and presses his lips together, his expression moves to serious and then he looks ahead as he keeps running. "Don't give me the cold treatment, I was being serious" says the man now.

Andrea hits a button that stops the motion of the treadmill and looks over at him. "I wasn't…" she stops mid-sentence. No, she very definitely was. "I was just…" What the hells, Hosedown? "Look… are you… are you even interested?"

Wade hits the stop button as well and, well, he does stop. The pilot looks at Andrea while she talks, takes a deep breath and the sighs. "Interested in…starting a relationship? Is that what we are talking about here?" There's no harshness to his tone of voice, not at all.

"Well… yeah." Andrea feels a bit awkward when its put like that, but rolls with it. "I mean, you seem interested, some times. But then I try to, I dunno… encourage you, and you just stay the same gentleman. Like what I'm doing is cute, but not too terribly important." Gods, she was sounding plaintive. Her arms cross… angry is preferable to desperate any day. "I just don't get it, Drips."

Wade listens to her in silence and then sighs a little bit, still looking at her. He steps down from his treadmill, extends his hand and takes her own. "Here…" now, he walks to a bench close by and sits down, guiding Andrea to sit down as well. "I just…" he stops himself and considers his words for a moment. "I just, have a lot in my mind…and I don't want you to think that I don't see you as a beautiful girl because you are, quite a lot actually" To this, he offers a soft smile and looks down at the floor. "Do I want to start a relationship? I don't think I'm cut for one right now, Andrea." To this, he shakes his head and says "And I never think that what you say is not important, don't think that. We are all…a family now, and if we don't stick together, it all falls apart. You know?" He sucks at this type of talk, really.

"Not cut out for…" Andrea looks around, almost daring an enlisted to notice her, and then looks back at Wade. "What… I mean…" she takes a deep breath. She is not getting moody. She isn't, so shut up. "I guess I understand…" No, she doesn't, "But what… I mean…" Well, that will clear everything up.

Wade sees a punch coming his way, he can sense it. The man takes a deep breath as she talks and looks around when she does the same. He clears his throat just a little bit and closes his hands over his knees. "What you mean?" offers the man, as if encouraging to complete what she is trying to say.

"Frak, I don't know. You've said I'm pretty, but if you're not… interested… then…" she glares at him. "What is it, then? Just… too busy with all this death to do any living? Something like that? Any relationship is scary but… the end of the worlds is a pretty lame excuse, Drips."

Wade focuses his eyes on Andrea's and narrows them "I am living, and I'm trying to keep others alive. And I'm taking care of my baby nephew…" he looks down "My brother's son…" He shakes his head at this "I am not busy with death, I am trying to keep going, to endure, to live…I /want/ to live." Now, he stands up and looks at Andrea. "Don't worry, I won't make any of those comments again"

"But what part of that makes you not cut out for…" Andrea stops herself, and closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them again, she smiles. "No, that belongs to you. You're right, and I'm sorry. I've been making a royal idiot of myself, again. Better if I'm doing dumb stuff that just gets me tossed in the brig for a day or two to cool my heels."

Wade looks at the hatch for a moment while she talks, but soon, his attention focuses on her again "Why do you say you are making yourself a royal idiot?" Now he turns around to face her better "Why do you want to get tossed in the brig Andrea, what good does that do? Believe me I like pranks, I do…heck, I pulled quite a few back in Chimaera." He takes a deep breath and shakes his head "You are not an idiot"

Andrea pats Wade's leg, and then stands. "Yeah, I am, but don't worry about, ok? It's not your fault." She smiles, leans over, and kisses him on the head. "Get on with your workout, I've got… things to think about. Poppy's not the only one with a shampoo bottle, and other people's aren't kept locked."

"Are you really under the impression that I won't worry? I don't know how you did things in your former Squadron, Andrea…but in mine, we cared about eachother, because we were all a family" He nods to this and moves one hand to take a hold of her wrist. He doesn't force her of course "You are definitely, not, a royal idiot" He takes a deep breath "Don't do what will likely shove you in the brig again"

Andrea looks down where he is holding her, and pauses. "A family, yeah. But some were closer than others." She looks again. "Brig time is just time in a rather exposed bed. Nothing dangerous. Besides, Poppy's earned a break, I think, and it would be funny if someone asked Toast if the carpet matched the curtains, don't you think?"

"Yes, agreed. And believe it or not, you are one of the ones closer to me" says the man, nodding to that. When she reveals her plans, he just shakes his head and says "I don't think any woman would like to have that question asked to them." He chuckles at this and shakes his head again "You really are twisting my arm here." Now, he nods to this, presses his lips together and says "Alright, you leave me no choice." With that said, he leans down a little and presses one shoulder against Andrea's mid-section. One arm goes around her legs, right over mid thigh. Now, he lifts her up in his shoulder and looks around for a moment "See…if you want to cool down, the pool is a good place to start"

"What?!" Andrea squawks as she is lifted. "Drips… you… you…" But she doesn't order him to put her down. Nope, that would not be playing fair, after all.

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