Angelus "Halo" Nostos
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Angelus "Halo" Nostos
Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion as Angelus "Halo" Nostos
Alias: Nos; Halo; Ang
Age: 28
Features: Squarejawed, Big Shoulder, Ruggedly Handsome
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot: VF-154 "Black Knights"

LTJG Angelus "Halo" Nostos died on 10 May 2041 AE when the Viper he was piloting exploded upon exiting the launch tubes. Foul play is suspected.


So, far, he is new to the Cerberus as he has transfered from the Pegasus. Others serving from the Pegasus might describe him in whatever fashion suits them.

Immediate Family

Gloria Nostos, Mother — Maryann comes from old Caprican money the sort that has been bathed in luxury and still managed to survive the Cylon war. It wasn't hard for them since they had the money and the influence to get things reshaped in Caprica with her ties to the many political and social networks of Caprica's eliete. She loves Angelus dearly and while she might look like a martini swilling socialite who has a little to much she is probably controlling everyone in the room around her.

Robert Nostos, Father — Johnathan Nostos is a full on business investment especially with ties to Aquaria and Sagittaron. He has made a lot of money though some rumor that his money has been made from laundering for various mafia groups around the Colonies - however this has never been proven. Johnathan loves his son more than anything. This is evidenced in the one time it was suspicioned that his son and a few friends broke into one of the Delphi Museum at night to see if they could do it - no charges were made and there were no investigations either after a few words from his Father to the Mayor. Jonathan really wishes that his son didn't become an Officer in the Fleet. Still though he plays it up publically speaking of his strong support for the colonies.

Service Jacket

Battlestar Pegasus — Angelus served on the Pegasus and manage to earn his rank of Jig there despite constant competiton. Viper Pilot.

Battlestar Cerberus — Latest Assignment - Viper Pilot.

Physical Features

Angelus Nostos is taller than the average bear as he stands at a good six one and a half or one point eight seven meters. Not only is he tall but he is muscular as from head to toe, this especially true of his broad shoulders and strong arms which makes him look something like a marine…though he is a flyboy through and through and the glint in his brown eyes shows it. His face is a ruggedly handsome affair as he has a cut chin and good looks. His brown hair is cut short and kept up to military standards.

On the Grid

Known Associates

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  • It is not to well know but he knows how to get into and out of places without being seeing and he knows how to make things disappear. Though it is know that he knows how to get out of a pair of thumbcuffs because it is his favorite party trick.
  • Just about any Caprican should recognize his family name but in social Caprican social circles Angelus is seen as an odd man.
  • He has an odd knack for getting things and whenever anyone asks his response is always the same, "Please, I know a guy."
  • Angelus is a word for Angel in Latin and Nostos means Homecoming in Greek.

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