Bridge North
Private Bridge North
Bojana Novakovic
Bojana Novakovic as Bridge North
Alias: Eggs
Age: 20
Features: Big brown eyes & long dark hair.
Colony: Sag
Rank: Private
Department: Marines
Position: MP

Private Bridge North is a marine MP on the BS Cerberus. Though seriously injured in the line of duty, she's doing much better now. Thanks for asking!

“The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.”
- General George S. Patton


A former street rat, the Sag born marine is the child of an actor. She doesn't talk about her mother. BS Cerberus is her first station, and it was on the Parnassus Anchorage that she took her first battle wounds. It's taken her a year to fully recover, but she's back on unrestricted duty as of 31 March 2042 AE.

Immediate Family

"There is no death, only a change of worlds."
- Duwamish Proverb

Ransom North - (father), actor. Location: Unknown. Presumed dead. Before the destruction of the Colonies, Ransom North enjoyed moderate success as a character actor. He generally ended up with bit parts in artsy or alternative films, in which the pay was quite low—the kind of things that filmed in bad neighborhoods on the poorer of Colonies for "gritty realism." Only die hard cinema buffs or artsy alternative types would be at all likely to recognize his name. He had a bit of reformed bad boy rep going into the most recent decade, and occasionally appeared on the arm of some older actress as an accessory for awards shows and charity events.

North probably has some sibs out there somewhere, given her dad's wild and drunken younger years, but she has yet to meet any of the bastard children. They're probably extra crispy now anyway.

Service Jacket

Occurrence Date Item Incident Location The Low Down Dirty Truth
Late 2040 Basic Training Fort Argus, Sagittaron Recruit North becomes Private North, and many marine-y things are learned.
Jan 2041 Change of Post BS Cerberus Bridge transfers into her first posting aboard an honest-to-Gods Battlestar. Let the good times roll, Pvt. North.
Feb 2041 Crapstain Picon Station Sucks to be human.
Mar 2041 Injury Parnassus Anchorage During recon and salvage at Parnassus Anchorage, Pvt. North takes shrapnel to the shoulder and round to the helmet. She sustains a TBI. Over the next months of healing and rehab, apparently recovers except for partial numbness in right hand.
Jun 2041 Lazy Duty BS Cerberus More serious symptoms of TBI manifest, leading North to be taken off training and put on lazy duty. Prognosis is guardedly positive with targetted rest and rehab.
Dec 2041 Light Duty BS Cerberus More serious symptoms (expressive aphasia, balance issues) subside, and North is given the all clear to resume light cardio and restricted marine training, and placed with the MPs on guard and desk duty in the security station.
Jan 2042 Surgery BS Cerberus Corrective surgery on her shrapnel wound (shoulder) provides much needed relief, the healing and rehab begin anew.
May 2042 Reinstated BS Cerberus North is given the all clear to resume full active duty.

Physical Features

Bridge's brown eyes are wide and bright, an amber cast lending even more spark to the smile that always touches them. Her skin is fair, lips full, lashes long. Her hair falls almost straight to well past her shoulders, the chocolatey brown riddled with warmer golden strands. She wears long bangs that are slightly asymmetric if she's been too lazy to trim them for a while. A tiny flower tattoo in the tatau style is visible on the nape of her neck only when her hair's swept aside. She's petite, only about five foot two inches.

On the Grid

Known Associates

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."
- Mohammed Ali

North_icon.jpg Pvt. Bridge North: Still figuring out if the piece are all gonna fit back together now that the docs say my physical recovery is good enough for duty. Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain, but I'm working on it. Ciro_icon.jpg Sgt. Ciro Sondray: This guy is a marine with just enough oorah and a dash of actual humility. He doesn't swing his gun around because it's big and boomy. Seems a man who isn't like to get me all killed if he gives me an order, and he appreciates ink. All in all, not a bad guy, which is great since I have to sleep in the bunk over his.


"When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite."
- Winston Churchill

  • Art Historian - She digs the art histories of several different Colonies, particularly as it pertains to tattoo, body mods, and painting. (Much love for Sagittaron, Tauron, Aquaria, and particular.)
  • Collector - She collects things. Smokes. Crappy paperback novels (Romance, Mystery, Horror, and Art preferred). Cards. She loves cards. Most recently, she's begun asking crew members for sessions in which she can document their tattoos by drawing or painting the designs onto paper.
  • Card Trickery - Bridge knows a thing or two about doing silly things with cards, building epic card houses, etc.
  • Heavy Sleeper - Dead to the world when she's catching some zzz's. She can also fall asleep anywhere.
  • Iron Stomach - She can and will eat anything resembling foodstuff, particularly on a dare for smokes.
  • Scars - Injured on Parnassus Anchorage in 2041. Her recovery/relapse/rehab took over a year. Bullet to the helmet + shrapnel = lose. She carries a mass of scars on her right shoulder.
  • Nicknamed - Some marines have taken to calling her "Eggs" because she got pretty scrambled by her TBI. Clever lot, marines.
  • Sleep Talker - Sucks for the guys bunked down around her.
  • Tattooist - Next to painting, this is her favorite art form. She's familiar with tebori, tatau, and modern and more pop tattoo.

"A man without tattoos is invisible to the Gods."
- Iban Proverb

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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