PHD #358: No OFF Button
No OFF Button
Summary: Roland visits Wade along with two Mighty Lions. The OFF Button is simply, not there.
Date: 19 Feb 2042 AE
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Recovery Room
A much more quiet area of Medical, this elongated room is also lined with beds. Each is similarly outfitted with privacy curtains as necessary and even the paint on the walls has been lightened in an attempt to help lift spirits. Chairs are readily available all over the place so that visitors can pull one up to talk to the patients during their recovery. Near the entrance, visiting hours are posted with a very conspicuous 'No Smoking' sign.
Post-Holocaust Day: #358

It's been a few days since the accident now and Wade is fully awake, taking medications only to avoid infection and some very light painkillers. So, he is not dizzy or anything like that at the moment. Still, he is laying on the bed, right arm completely covered with bandages down to the hand, and it seems that the hand itself has even more bandages and crap like that. The man is trying to flip through the pages of a book but, he is not alone at the moment. With him, there's a woman, apparently in her mid twenties, and also a man, in his mid thirties. The woman is thin, and stands at about 5 feet, 5 inches; she has hazel eyes and brown hair that runs down to the end of her neck. The man is black, about 6 feet, 2 inches; he is bald, has a mustache and not the most friendly face ever.

"I'm telling you!" says the woman to Wade, elbowing the man standing next her "If you don't sleep with one eye open from now one, I'm putting makeup on you" To this, the black man chuckles with amusement and shakes his head "She'll do it, Drips…you gotta be careful." Wade just shakes his head and chuckles a little "You do that, and you'll have to face Revenge, Scarecrow"

Roland enters the sick bay warily. He moves through the rows of beds, stopping to avoid the eye of any medical personel. The last time he was there, they tried to check /him/ out. He moves toward Wade's bed, and pauses for a moment when he sees the visitors. He rubs the back of his neck with one hand, and glances back towards the hatch. More doctors coming in, so he moves over to the foot of Drip's bed, and nods to the pair visiting him.

Wade does see Roland when he steps closer and says "Hey Blue, how are things in the outside world?" asks Wade, showing a smile to the man. Both Dazz and Mace look at him and nod; the difference is that, Dazz smiles…Mace, does not. "By the way…" says Wade "I don't know if you guys have met. This lovely lady here is Sandra Dazz, AKA Scarecrow and the gentleman here is Byron Mace, AKA Short Fuse" He nods to them "Guys, this is James Roland, AKA Blue" He nods to this, and Dazz waves at Roland now "Hey, what's up" Wade cuts in again and adds "Blue here is one of the Knights. Blue, Scarecrow and Short Fuse are with the Mighty Lions, I would say they are the best they have" He chuckles at this and looks at them both. To this, Short Fuse snorts and shakes his head "You are going to make me blush now" Yeah…no.

Roland nods to both of them, "Good to meet you both." He glances back to Wade, and shakes his head. He chuckles, "I keep telling you not to go out there without a decent wingman boss. See how you end up? How can I watch out for you if you keep runnin off?"

"Awwwwwww" says Scarecrow, patting on Wade's shoulder. "See, and we thought nobody liked you, Drips." She smiles at him and finishes "You have proven us wrong…for now" The woman shows a wicked smile and chuckles amusedly. Short Fuse offers a curt nod to Roland and adds "Likewise" As for Wade, he just shrugs casually and says "You know me, Blue. If I get the chance to go out there, I will, regardless of the situation. Besides, the new Ensigns need to be paired with Senior officers. Which is funny really because I was the one that got hurt" He chuckles a little and then looks at his arm "I'm already tired of being here"

Roland nods slowly, and winces, "When do you get your parole?" He smiles slightly as Scarecrow jokes, and crosses his arms across his chest, relaxing a little. He listens for a moment, and shrugs, "Theres nothing you can teach the esigns now that they won't find out in the first thirty seconds.." He glances between the three of them falling silent for a moment.

"Well, they have to get the stitches out, don't know when that'll happen. Then, I need to do Physical therapy and hope that I get back the movement on my hand, at least enough to be able to control the Viper" says Wade and he doesn't look amused, not one bit. He hates what happened, and he is…well, a little scared. "Well, it has a side of 'teaching' but it's more about, protecting the Ensigns, Blue." He shrugs at this "It's how things are done" Now, Short Fuse jumps in, nodding again "And Ensign needs to be flying with a Veteran Pilot, at least during the first times. They need to be able to depend on said Veteran Pilot…" he nods firmly to this and now Scarecrow says "I think Broadside is flying with the new Ensign, Travers"

Roland nods slowly, glancing over to Short Fuse as he speaks. He shrugs, "Yer right. They need bringing along. These raiders are taking us a bite at a time. We can't afford to pay Drips here to squeeze a rubber ball in his hand. I'd rather have him up there where he can bitch at me for taking the wrong target." He smiles slightly, "Watching ensigns is above my pay grade.. They're all in good hands I'm sure."

"I think it'll take more than squeezing a rubber ball, Blue" says Drips, showing a very faint, worried smile "And you know, I wasn't bitching at you, I was just commenting on." Right after saying, Wade gets a slap in the head by Scarecrow who points a finger at him and with an amused tone she says "/Don't/ bitch at people" She chuckles softly after that. Short Fuse nods at Roland "Aye, and I would like to know what the frak are we doing to prevent from this to happen again. I am sick and tired of going out every day when the only thing I hear is 'we are looking into things', /bullshit/" says the Mighty Lions pilot now, narrowing his eyes showing a bit of an angry expression. "Hey, Short Fuse…don't let it get to you, we'll get there" says Drips to the man, punching his arm with his good hand. "I hope you are right, Drips" says the Short Fuse, calming down a little now.

Roland shrugs, "Somebody is. I can't see past my next hop, and hope we don't get scrambled today.." He glances over to Wade for a moment, "Anything you need Drips? Somethen from your bunk?"

"Speaking of which…" says Short Fuse, looking at Scarecrow now "We have to go, CAP starts in 30 minutes and we have to run Pre-Flight" To this, Scarecrow nods to her wingmate and then looks at Wade, smiling to him "We'll be back later ok, don't do anything stupid" She leans in and places a kiss on Wade's cheek. "Me? Doing stupid things?" asks Wade with an incredulous tone of voice. "Walking around on your hospital gown, showing your ass to everyone…is pretty stupid." says Short Fuse with an amused tone. The man pats Wade's shoulder and says "See you later Drips" Now, both Mighty Lions look at Blue and nod at him "Blue…" say both of them at the same time, and they are goooone. Drips just shakes his head and looks at Blue again "Umm…no, I'm fine. I just wish for the doctors to let me go, I don't need to be laying here, it's useless"

Roland nods to the two pilots, "Scarecrow… Short Fuse.." He looks back to Wade, and smiles slightly, "They heard about already too then? I tell ye what. I'll bring down a flightsuit. I know yer popular around here, but don't wander off in a robe eh?." He shrugs, "Besides.. When you take a notion to get up. You'll blend in, and the nurses can't chase you down as easy."

Wade chuckles and nods "Aye, pretty much everyone knows that by now. It was the drugs you see?" says the man "Well, I think that, if you appear here with a Flight Suit for me, the Doctors will taze you and throw you in a dark hole where nobody will ever find you. They have been annoyingly insistent, telling me I can't get up for a while and…" he sighs heavily "It's just my arm, I'm not going to die…but they make such a big thing out of everything" Nope, he's not amused, not at all.

Roland chuckles, "Well they haven't assigned me to anyone else. Since you're my flight leader still. Its in the regs to help you esape capture. So its my duty. If they taze me then you'll be on your own Sir."

Wade arches one eyebrow at what Roland says and "You haven't huh…" he thinks for a few moments and then chuckles, seeing where this was going "I can tell you, Blue…this is not a place you'll enjoy being in. I know I hate it…I don't wish for anyone to get hurt" He nods to this and then rubs the fingers of his good hand over his eyes "I'll be back…sooner or later" He clears his throat and says "Umm…if you see Captain Vakos, tell her I recommend you be paired with Queenie. He's a good pilot, yeah"

Roland shrugs, "You'd have to be on duty to do that Drips. Tell her yourself when you get up and around." He nods over to the other pilot, "I'm going to get out of here before they decide they don't have enough business. Get better eh?"

Wade snorts "Yeah, right…I'll tell her when I see her. I won't just lay here and do nothing, it's not productive" No off button it seems. Now, he nods at Roland and says "Thanks for stopping by, Blue. Much appreciated"

Roland chuckles, as he walks off. He calls over his shoulder, "That why you need the suit. Talk to you later on Drips."

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