Niobe "Pickle" Pylades
Lieutenant Niobe "Pickle" Pylades
Tina Fey
Tina Fey as Niobe "Pickle" Pylades
Alias: Ni
Age: 31
Features: brown hair, brown eyes
Colony: Leonis/Caprica
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VAQ-141 "Harriers"
Position: ECO


Though Niobe was born on Leonis, she doesn't really remember much about it. At a young age, her family migrated to Caprica. Always the liberal, peaceful sort, Niobe grew up with a sheltered sort of life. While she knew about Cylons and war, she was mostly isolated from the idea that bad things happen. It wasn't until she started to go to school that she realized that kids could be cruel, bad things happen, and the world wasn't filled with rainbow and lollipops.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Almost tomboyish in looks, Niobe doesn't seem to care about femininity. Her shoulder length brown hair is carelessly wavy and parted to the side. Though she has bangs, they seem to have been trained to fall to the side of her face and out of the way. Pale, she has the type of skin that looks like it would be hard to tan even with constant contact with the sun. She has brown eyes and wears no jewelry or make up.

On the Grid

Known Associates

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Glasses: While in college, Pickle wore fake glasses because she thought they made her look smarter. After joining up, she ditched them. Once in awhile she'll still read with frames without prescriptions out of habit.

Sarcasm: Niobe has it. She is almost always ready with a sarcastic complaint when necessary - and often times when it's not.

Sammiches: Do not get between Niobe and her food. She will cut you.

I See Food People: While on Leonis, Niobe caught fever and started to imagine the people there as food. List of food and people below:

Safety Dance: Niobe cannot dance. Do not attempt to make her or the following will ensue:

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