Nikolai Ganas
Specialist Nikolai Ganas
Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner as Nikolai Ganas
Alias: Slip
Age: 20
Features: Clumsy; nervous around occifers, sir.
Colony: Libran
Rank: Specialist
Department: Deck
Position: Aircraft Handler


Nikolai Ganas was born on Libran to the trophy wife of a lawyer who left her the moment she went into labor. Although his father paid ample alimony and child support, he was never a part of Nikolai's life. His mother descended into despondency and frequently turned to alcohol to drown her sorrows. Nikolai swore he would never drink, seeing what it had done to his mother.

He did poorly in school despite his best efforts. The good looks he inherited from his parents did him no favors, since he was so awkward and clumsy as a child. Being mocked, taunted, and bullied was an everyday occurrence for him at school as a youth. As he progressed through his teenage years, he lashed out by getting into fights with those who antagonized him. The fights saw him suspended, then dismissed from the school Pyramid team, then expelled from the school in his second-last year of high school.

Forced to repeat that year, he enrolled at another school the following year and found himself subject to the same kind of abuse he endured during his childhood years. As the new guy, he was picked on by those vying to climb the ranks of the juvenile social ladder. He was bumped into lockers, tripped in the cafeteria, and laughed at for his low grades. Not even halfway through the first semester, he threw in the towel and dropped out.

Where do dropouts go on Libran? There weren't an overabundance of options available to him. After working minimum-wage jobs for a bit, he decided he'd try joining the Fleet at the age of 18. At least that would get him away from his mother. He was taken in as an Aircraft Handler. After Boot Camp and A-School, he was assigned to the Cerberus as his first posting. That was pure luck of the draw; he hadn't done particularly well throughout his training.

On the Cerberus, he received his promotion to Crewman then Specialist. He's well-known (and often mocked) for his clumsiness, nervousness around officers, and gullibility. But he seems to take it in stride a lot better than he did as a civilian - at the very least, he hasn't snapped and started any fights yet.

Never mind. Specialist Ganas committed suicide by jumping into a launch tube's maintenance hatch on 04 Jan 2042 AE, killing himself and CPT Kefir Abbascia.

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