Salvatore "Sal" Nieodemus
Senior Chief Petty Officer Salvatore "Sal" Nieodemus
Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken as Salvatore "Sal" Nieodemus
Alias: Sal
Age: 58
Features: Creepy, ninja janitor who dances with a broom. Looks and sounds like Christopher Walken. (duh.)
Colony: Aquaria
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Department: Support: Logistics
Position: Chief Sanitation Engineer


Not a whole lot is known about Sal, but he sure as frak seems to know a lot about everyone else.

Immediate Family

Occasionally mentions his wife, Phyllis. Even so, there is no record of her in Sal's personnel file.

Service Jacket

Sal is recorded as having enlisted some 22 years before Warday. Rumor has it that he never was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer due to 'personality issues'. Rumor also has it that, despite aforementioned 'personality issues', he made Senior Chief Petty Officer possibly due to some highly embarrassing information he acquired about some top brass who wished for said information to never see the light of day.

  • Long-standing distinction of making toilet bowls shine like no one else can.
  • Reportedly requested assignment to the Cerberus because "With all that shit those political a-holes are gonna be shitting, I'll still get those floors clean enough that you can eat off of them."

Physical Features

At six feet tall, Sal is lithe and spry despite encroaching upon senior citizen status, the advancement of which is rather apparent by the array of wrinkles marking his sharp face, as well as the way his dark hair is fading into grey. That, however, tends to be overshadowed by his disquieting presence and strange idiosyncrasies. Sure, there is something somewhat creepy about his distinctive, clipped way of speaking, but it might be less so were he not so pallid and weathered. That notwithstanding, there ever remain his astute, strikingly pale eyes that very well might have the power to devour souls.

In short, it's Christopher Walken.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Trask_icon.jpg Captain Kal "Bootstrap" Trask: It figures that a weirdo magnet like Trask would draw the attention (and interest) of someone like Sal, who considers the ECO something of a buddy. Admittedly, that assessment is largely due to Trask not avoiding the SCPO, whereas most people hide from the guy like they would a Centurion.


  • Sal has ninja-like powers. One moment he's there; the next he is gone. LIKE MAGIC.
  • The man is a packrat and prone to wax philosophical about the kinds of things people throw away, which he often collects.
  • For those who can withstand his rather disquieting manner, Sal is a fount a knowledge when it comes to dirt on the ship's residents. This might have something to do with going through so much garbage.
  • Is quite passionate about sanitation engineering and is usually dancing while sweeping.
  • Speaking of which, he's a phenomenal dancer. We're talking world-class champion skillz.
  • Come to think of it, he looks a lot like a much older version of the renowned hoofer Vincenzo Morrati, who mysteriously disappeared some 30 years ago after suffering a mental breakdown when his childhood sweetheart left him for another man who, subsequently, was found brutally murdered 2 years later. Coincidentally, Morrati's wife also happened to be named Phyllis.
  • Dislikes the Press because "they're always pokin' around other people's business". He sees no irony in that statement. None.

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