Commander Nibbles
A kyoot kitteh
A kyoot kitteh as Nibbles
Alias: Face-Eater; Fluffykins; teh kitteh
Age: Kitten
Features: Furry, purry, colorful, traumatized
Colony: Motor Vessel Eidolon
Rank: Commander
Department: Command
Position: Ship's Cat


Nibbles is a cute calico kitten who was found half-dead aboard the MV Eidolon. Currently, he serves as a mascot and morale officer aboard the Battlestar Cerberus.

It's probably best to not ask how he got his name.

Immediate Family

  • Poofs, mother: KIA, MV Eidolon.

Service Jacket

Duration Station Position
Unknown - 10 Apr 2041 AE Motor Vessel Eidolon Mouser-in-training
10 Apr 2041 AE - Present Battlestar Cerberus Ship's Cat

Physical Features

Cute. Small. Fluffy. Calico. Male.


  • Nibbles ate his owner and part of his own family to stay alive. It remains unknown whether or not he's developed a taste for human or feline flesh.
  • Only 1 of every 3,000 calico cats is male; they are usually sterile. Nibbles is not a girl, he survived the holocaust, and he could spawn kittens if ever he found a suitable incubator mate.
  • Unfortunately, Nibbles is probably the last surviving cat in the galaxy.
  • He may or may not have a Special Destiny.(tm)
  • Polaris says, "If that were a PC, we'd have rejected his app. :D"
  • All of this makes him more magical than Magical Princess Starbuck. (Plus, he's hella cuter.)

Behold! The power of Nibbles! (credit: xkcd)

Recent Logs

Cylons, beware! (credit: xkcd)


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