PHD #323: News Flash
News Flash
Summary: Wade tracks Sawyer down to talk about what just happened in the Library. Evan joins after leaving the Chapel.
Date: 15 Jan 2042 AE
Related Logs: Directly after The Library of Hard Knocks.
Sawyer Wade Evandreus 
Deck 9 - Recreation Corridor
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
The floorplating along the corridors of the Cerberus are standard military. Their forged steel plates are welded seamlessly together to run nearly the entire length of each hallway. The hallways themselves are the typical load-bearing structural design of the angled quadrilateral. Oxygen scrubbers and lighting recesses are found at nearly perfect intervals throughout the angled passageways.
Post-Holocaust Day: #323

Sawyer's moving at a steady clip down the hall, the brisk sound of her high heels hitting the deck echoes sharply off the corridor walls. She's well aware that Wade is following her, but damned if she'll slow down. He'll just have to keep up. "I presume you're on my tail for a reason."

And Wade will have to keep up with her, that's true. The man positions himself right after a moment and says "Well, at first I was ok with keeping some distance and just, watching you go…" He nods and takes a deep breath as he dodges incoming people "But alas, your anger or whatever you wish to call it has gotten you in a really really bad mood. You demolished that poor girl. Granted, I think that what she is doing is reckless, but still."

The journalist abruptly spins back to face him, the book she's holding thrust out like punctuation to her words. "She needed to be demolished, and better by me than some other fanatic with a lot more muscle and a lot less impulse control. She thinks she's spouting truth, but what she's doing is using the media as some sort of soapbox to stand on. If she wants to go that route, she can march her pretty little behind right into politics but to pretend she's a journalist is horse shit. You think any of that crap she distributed is going to calm people down from rioting? Abbot? He was a martyr." The spine of the book gets tapped into Wade's sternum. "For her to pretend she's throwing herself on the pyre so the so-called 'truth' can be told? I should go back in there and smack the fear of the gods into her…" And for a second, that seems precisely what Sawyer's intent on doing.

Wade stops right in time, just as she does. He turns to face her as well and listens to what she says. There's a 'oof' coming from him thanks to the spine of that book and then he shakes his head "Of course I think what she writes is going to get her into deep shit, there are a lot of dangerous and potentially moronic people back in the Elpis." He clears his throat and adds "Nobody is going to calm down, and I've seen some of the replies she got on those notes, and also the replies she gave…she is inviting tragedy in." He nods at this and looks at Sawyer "My point, Sawyer, is that she looks up to you, and what better person to guide her to a better path than you? She's a child Sawyer, if you confront her like you did, she is going to get into one of those teen rage fits and will continue doing stupid shit…" Ugh…teen rage fits…how annoying. "What happened to Abbot…." he shakes his head "I don't know, I was away from all that deal"

Sawyer is standing in the hallway with Wade, practically assaulting him with a book that she's gesticulating with. At least whatever he's said has stopped her from going back in the library where no doubt more Bad Things will occur. "She's no better than those gods damned manifestos that are flying around. All they do is whip people into a froth. But news flash, Wade, no one gets to be a child anymore. So she just needs to suck it up and grow up and stop distributing blather as some sort of emo extention of her diary."

Wade is really growing tired of the assaulting with the book and his rib cage can only take that much punishment. He quickly moves one hand forward and firmly takes that book from Sawyer's hand, later returning it to her. "Stop it…" says the man to her now. He takes a deep breath "Yes Saws, none of us gets to be a kid anymore. But if you think about it, none of us were kids or acting like kids when we got here. Look, I'm not saying she should get special treatment, she indeed needs to stop what she is doing or she is going to end up in deep trouble. I am no expert in teens, as a matter of fact they annoy me to some extent. I'm just saying that it's better to sit down and speak frankly about the downsides of what she is doing….and not downright yelling at her that she sucks"

Some sort of token, wrapped away from view inside a swatch of blue cloth, gets lifted to Evan's lips for a brief touch there as he steps through the hatch and out of the chapel, of all places. The blue cloth gets folded once more and inserted carefully into a fore pocket, and the Bunny turns, moving down the memorial wall, eyes sticking on the number fourteen, his steps faltering, just there, before he moves on— an emo extension of somebody's diary, that's for sure. But whose? His glum expression lightens some when he approaches the pair of familiar faces out in the corridor, even though they seem particularly animated. "Are the books misbehaving again?" he wonders aloud by way of a greeting.

Sawyer's fingers curl into a fist now that they don't have a book to wrap themselves around. At least instead of slugging him one, the little balls get tucked under her arms as she folds them across her chest. "I gave her valuable advice. To take herself out of the piece, and how did she respond? 'Sure it was an opinion piece, but I told the truth'. You try working with that walking oxymoron." And you know precisely which syllables she emphasized in that word, too. As Evandreus approaches, Sawyer lets out a huff of air from her nostrils as one final protest on the matter before she looks to Bunny. "It's not the books I'm worried about, so much as the people that abuse their words."

The Viper Pilot just takes a deep breath and just shakes his head "You know…do what you gotta do" But he is not getting into that mess, yo. Now, he spots Evandreus walking towards him and he doesn't even smile. Which, doesn't mean that the Raptor pilot is not welcome of course, he is just in a bad mood "Bunny…books never misbehave" says Wade. Damn right.

Evandreus sucks in some air between his teeth, tilting his head to the side in deference to the little tsk. "Verbal abuse so often goes without comment. Good on you, taking a stand, Soybean," he tells her, half-jesting, half-distant, putting in some little joke in the place of actively joining in the conversation as it stands. But he brings himself around to the here and now, mind coming back from wherever it had been loitering, and he blinks, once. "Is everything okay?" Not an honest question, since, obviously, not. But it's an invitation to elaborate.

"No, Bunny, the world is being delivered to Hades in a handbasket and sometimes I feel like all we can do is skip along side it singing 'la la la'." Sawyer lifts a hand cup Evan's cheek, fingers sliding up through his hair and that gesture alone seems to calm her. "Sorry." The last is back to Wade, and she forces some of the tension out of her shoulders.

"Frak that, that's not all we can do. What we can do, is prevent that from happening." says Wade, rather firmly at that. He goes quiet after this and then looks at Sawyer when she says that magical word. He shows her a faint smile and nods afterwards "Sure" He takes a deep breath now and rubs both hands over his face as if trying to wash tiredness away. "I refuse to sit down and not do anything. So I do what I /can/ do, which is to blow Cylons to pieces"

Evandreus tips his head into the palm of Soybean's hand, nuzzling like a loyal hound trying to get his ears scratched, and a genial smile settles amongst his features. "Well, we've been in this basket nigh on a year now. If you haven't gotten the hang of skipping, yet, you soon will," he offers her with a warm-hearted but grim sort of humor, slipping his arm around her to give her a little snug by way of a proper hello, his eyes, however, straying toward Wade. "If you think it'll help," he says, permissive. "But you know they can just make more of themselves, right?"

Sawyer finally gets her book back from Wade now that it's no longer in danger of being used as a weapon. She's at least calm now, but her mood has not particularly improved. "And what I do is I report facts, record history, and make sure everyone is as informed as possible while still retaining some sense of safety. The latter never used to be issue, but unfortunately now I know the relevancy of security clearances. Mostly, anyways. Some rules are meant to be broken. But this little hot head is only going to damage the civilians chances of getting anything resembling a self-ruling government. She doesn't need a mentor, she needs to be bent over her daddy's knee and get a frakking spanking." Snugged against Evan's side, she turns until her nose is nudged under his jaw. "They have to make more of themselves somehow. If there is a foundry for ships, there's a foundry for their walkers. We just have to remove their ability to procreate."

"Which means I'll keep shooting them down until I can't, or until we figure out something different to do. And when I say we, I really mean Command. So he is not in that we… "What would you suggest, Bunny?" asks Wade to the man now, starting to feel a little like a bad guy when Sawyer cuddles against the protective Bunny and he is on RAWR mode. Now, he looks back at Sawyer and says "I'm not saying you should be her mentor. But given that you know that she is going to frak up and knowing that she apparently looks up to you, a word of advice wouldn't hurt there." He shrugs casually at this and says "Just my opinion"

Evandreus doesn't make RAWR noises very often, and this is not one of those times. He offers his suggestions and comments with a soft-spoken gentleness tweaked with a wry humor, but he doesn't manage anything close to anger or derision. "For my part, I fly when they tell me to fly. And when they say jump, I say— to what coordinates? We'd fall apart without that much in common. If I were king, though, I'd call off the whole war. Call it over. We lost, fair and square, and trying to get a few kicks in the Cylons' teeth on our way out the stadium doors is not only unsportsmanlike but… unseemly. But that's probably why nobody's made me king, yet," he adds with a touch of mirth. "Who's this, in need of a spanking and/or a mentor?" he goes on to ask.

Sawyer seems to have reached some sort of threshold on her patience tonight, and she already blew up once at some poor unsuspecting fan girl in the library. Her arm squeezes Evan, "Some civilian girl named Nataly, she's decided she's a budding journalist and if I get started again, you'll look at me in that sternly disapproving disappointed way, so I'm just going to turn in for the night. Good night boys."

Wade just looks at Bunny while he speaks, and says pretty much nothing, at least at first. When the Raptor pilot is done, he says "We all know we are in a frakked up situation, I trust smart planification is being made." With that, he returns his attention to Sawyer but makes no comments to her "Yeah, I gotta get ready for CAP…see you guys later" And, with that…he turns around and walks away.

Evandreus returns the squeeze thus administered and lets the Soybean loose, sparing her any sort of eyebeam chiding, only giving her a kindly smile. "Get some good sleep, Soybean," he tells her, "And be safe out there, eh?" That one's for Wade, and, as the group disperses, he continues on in the direction he'd been headed before pausing to dissolve it.

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