PHD #426: Newly Minted Mean Green Killing Machine
Newly Minted Mean Green Killing Machine
Summary: Marko takes a break and bumps into his wife and some of her fellow marines celebrating Nataly's graduation from basic training with drinks at Colonial Pete's.
Date: 28 APR, 2042 AE
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Colonial Pete's - MV Elpis
Post-Holocaust Day: #426
Colonial Pete's is the long-awaited successor to Kythera's Aquarian Pete's, though this version is more bar than strip club. Not that there aren't any strippers here, in fact there's even a raised platform complete with pole built just for them. The majority of the room, however, is dominated by miss-matched tables and chairs and a long bar. Lighting is haphazard, the harsh fluorescents that came with the place usually left off in favor of lower lighting from scavenged lamps and even a bit of neon rustled up from somewhere and hung behind the bar. There's a pretty decent sound-system playing a wide variety of music, and a couple of low-tech bar games, like a mini pyramid arena.

There are always a few burly-looking guys around to keep an eye on rowdy patrons, and especially to guard the doors to the back rooms, where the stills are kept along with (rumors say) a few private alcoves for those willing to pay extra for one-on-one time with the girls.

A large black chalkboard that once adorned Cerberus' Ready Room hangs behind the bar. Scrawled on its surface beneath a crude picture of a steaming bowl are the words 'SOUP OF THE DAY: MOONSHINE.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

Once Circe has taken her drink, Corrath's dropping himself down into the chair next to her, eyes playing over towards Lunair as he offers the woman a quick smile, "Nice to see you out and about, Lun. As for me? Can't really complain, to be honest. At least, not today." That said, the drink is lifted to his lips, a quick sip taken and when he lowers it down, it's coming to rest in his lap. Eyes play over toward Spade and he's offering the fellow marine a quick nod of his head.

Nataly takes the advice, slowing her drinking and occasionally eating the bits of whatever are provided by the bar. She looks over at Lun with a smile. "Thanks for coming. I'm pretty excited about all of this."

Looking up at the young marine, Circe smiles some too. "How about this, I will pay for your next shot. You get it, I got the vouchers." Cir offers to Nataly. She gives Cor a prod in his side. "Cor…I need some vouchers. I have to have a shot with the newest addition. Once handed over, Circe stands and reaches them out to Nataly. "Here you go…get two, I will do one with you." She winks.

Lunair smiles at Corrath. "I'm glad to hear that. Tan suits you," She nods. She's watching over Nataly now and smiles. "It is a pretty big occasion," She seems to agree that it is indeed awesome and exciting. "Congratulations are in order for certain." She's snacking and drinking a small beer. Circe gets another smile. "Enjoy yourselves." She looks pleased, just watchful for the less savory types.

At Circe's request, Corrath's digging into his pocket to withdraw a couple of vouchers, extending them over in her direction as he gives a quick chuckle, "I'm not going to need to carry you back to the Cerberus, am I, Cir?" The words hold a soft teasing tone and he tries to mask the smile that follows, by lifting the glass to his lips. Then, he's looking over towards Lunair, his free hand lifting to run along the scarf that's covering his bald head, "Thanks. Figured I'd put it on for this."

Nataly finishes her first drink, downing the rest of it. "Captain ordered me to get tanked, figured I might as well follow orders, yeah?" She grins at the group around, then reaches for another voucher. "Maybe a beer, this time?"

As the vouchers she offers Nataly go unnoticed, Circe steps away from her chair. "Hmmm well I do want a shot." Even if the new marine does not. She curls her fingers around them and then looks back to Corrath. "Well you can carry me if you like, but would you like a shot?" She asks him instead. "Shall I go get them.." She waits at the table, flashing them a moment or two.

"Might as well try them both and see which you prefer," Lunair offers quietly. She's riding her own vouchers for now. Though she smiles at Corrath. "It does look good on you," She nods sips her own beer. She's alert though, still watching for unsavory types. She smiles at Nataly. "Of course… just be careful. Throwing up and hangovers are all of zero fun." She winks. She's near Nataly and the other Marines, having a small drink and keeping an eye out on the festivities. Someone just finished basic and her name is Nataly! Good times abound.

Suddenly Nataly notices the shot, and blushes red. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Yes, please, a shot would be nice!"

Marko slips into Colonial Pete's with the bag he keeps his laptop in hanging off his shoulder in 'geek purse' mode. Pausing to let his eyes adjust, he spots Lunair and grins a little, making his way over, hopefully un-spotted, to give her a hug from behind.

Angling his head back over to look at Circe, Corrath's flashing a quick wink in her direction before giving a bob of his head, "Oh, I'm not going to turn down a shot, Cir." Shifting in his seat, he's moving to settle his glass on the table so that his hands can rub together lightly, "Please do. I'll grab the next round, then." Now, he's looking back to Lunair, flashing a quick grin before chuckling to Nataly. One hand dips down to his pocket, withdrawing another voucher which he's then extending over in Circe's direction.

With more people filing in, people that are clearly more familiar with each other, Cilusia lets her cigarette burn down, working on her…third? fourth? drink. Who's keeping track but her, and she stopped paying attention about an hour ago. The warmth in her belly has spread to her head a while back, and when the cigarette in her mouth burns out and the current drink is empties, she decides it's about time to call it a night. Though she's not staggering drunk, she certainly is walking with a careful and slow wobble, making liberal use of the bulkheads to get back to the Raptor stop.

Nodding to them all, Circe winks, "Three shots then." She passes by Nataly and gives the young one a gentle squeeze of her shoulder before the medic is merging with the bar crowd. Elbowing her way forward, she watches Cilusia starts to stumble off, a brow raises and she watches to make sure she is okay. Seeing that she is making something of a clean get away, she turns back, waving her vouchers to get some attention and actually using her long legs to lift on her toes and get more height - waits, three are soon set before her and she is balancing them in the palm of one hand as she makes her way over, sundress flowing about her ankles.

Alas, Lunair is watching for baddies! Not husbandies! She waves to Cilusia, watching the woman go out and making sure she's safe. But otherwise, Lunair smiles and is hugged! Gasp! She squeaks a little at the hug. Embarrassing! Her eyes brighten. "Marko! How are you?" She doesn't seem to think anything of her husband's geek level. If anything, it's endearing and impressive to her. "I'm just here to have a small drink and watch the festivities." She is definitely happy.

"OH, what's the occasion?" Marko asks, leaning down to brush his lips against his wife's cheek gently before giving a polite nod to the other gathered there. "Good to see you out and about." he notes for Lunair's benefit. "Evening all, sorry, didn't mean to crash your festivities."

At the newest addition to the table, Corrath's looking over in the direction of Marko, flashing the man a quick smile before he's looking back into the crowd, where Circe disappeared off to get those drinks. When she starts making her way back and he's spotting that fact, the S2's hands once more come together, rubbing lightly as if in mild anticipation of the burn to come.

"I would be the occasion!" Nataly says with a smile as she drinks the shot purchased for her. She shudders a bit, but then smiles. "Hey, I think its growing on me!"

Nataly is quite the eager one and even as Circe just hands off the shot it is being downed. Blinking some, the medic smirks and then moves over to Corrath and Lunair, setting down the straight Ambrosia before him. The golden liquid glimmers as it settles, Circe lifting her hand to clean her palm of some spilled drink. She then lifts hers and waits for the S2, ready to touch her glass to his and down it.

A nod as Nataly explains. Lunair smiles, "She finished boot," She explains. A new Marine. Hooray! She returns Marko's hug. "I'm just here for a little bit I think." Just enough. "How have you been?" She asks, a bit distracted by Marko and glad to see him.

"Eh, I'm good-ish." Marko replies, giving a little shrug. "Thought I'd stop in for a couple of stiff drinks before I start writing this memo." he smirks tiredly. "And I've got some thrilling new mathematics to try and process." he adds in a mock-excited voice. "Congratulations, Nataly!" he says, turning to the young woman in the startlingly short black dress. "Next round's on me." he grins.

As Circe returns and settles the shot down in front of him, Corrath's lifting a hand to claim that small glass and then he's shifting, lifting it upwards so as to touch it to hers even as he offers, "To good times, Cir." He pauses a moment, long enough for her to add something if she chooses, before the glass is lifted to his lips, the contents quickly drained as a slight wince crosses his features.

Down her own shot with nothing but an echoed reply to Corrath's toast, she places the glass upside down, wetting her lips. "Oh…" Circe states, noticing Marko. "Your round?" Pleased at this. "More shots of ambrosia? I thin your wife needs one." She insists. The medic remains upon her feet, standing relatively close to Corrath for the moment. She smiles down at the aforementioned man. "That is if the Es-two can handle another." She winks.

Poor Marko. Lunair smiles and ruffles his hair. "Well, do get some sleep alright?" Then her eyebrows lift and she grins. "Quite generous of you," She nods. "And perhaps just one bit of Ambrosia then…" She won't protest. Then her eyebrows lift at the challenge to Corrath's alcohol tolerance.

"Yeah, why not? I get voucher same as anybody, just don't use 'em much." he says, fishing enough of the aforementioned bits of paper from his battered-looking billfold to pay for a round of ambrosia for all. "Oh, no worries, sleep will be happening… way or another." he sighs, then shoots Lun a bit of a wink. "To Nataly, Semper Fi!" he proposes, taking up his shot-glass.

There's a slow lift of Corrath's right brow at the mention of him handling another shot. This is followed by a slight lean forward, enough so that his other glass of booze can be claimed and he's simply lifting it to his lips, draining the contents from within before lowering it back down. "Another shot it is, then. I'll even give you a head start on trying to challenge my tolerance, Cir." His hand lifts then, poking lightly at her arm with his comment. Then, he's looking towards Marko as the shots are ordered, a nod of thanks being offered and when the arrive, he's moving to claim one of the glasses, hefting it up in response to that toast.

Watching Corrath take up his drink, Circe lifts a brow and watches. "Oh now that is just abuse of alcohol.." She proclaims. Her lips press together and she reaches for her own half gone drink and tilts it back. Downing it some, she is forced to take a breath before draining it. This was going to be a hard night for the medic. She reaches down for the shot next, lifting it to the toast. She looks it over and then tilts it back rapidly, downing it quick before she is placing it upon the table. "Another?" she asks Corrath, knowing full well he promised the next round. Her stomach is feeling nice and toasty before she shoots Marko a look. "Thank you." She says.

"I'll chip in a little too … but we'd better not make ourselves sick," She notes quietly. Lunair seems concerned. All she's after. And a grin at the others for now. She'll settle in to watch, perhaps chipping in a few vouchers for a familiar face or two. But for the most part, Lunair is a quiet watcher.

"You're welcome, Circe." Marko replies happily before downing his shot, wincing a little as the alcohol burns its way down his throat. "Oooh….That's gasoline." he chuckles, wincing a little as he settles down at a nearby table, setting up his laptop. "So how's recruitment going?" he asks to make conversation.

There's a faint chuckle to Circe as Corrath leaves his brow lifted upwards just a touch, "Sure. Why not. I gotta take it easy, though, since I managed to draw the early morning shift." Lifting a hand, he's summoning a waitstaff before producing enough vouchers to purchase another round for the table. Eyes flit over in the direction of Marko, a soft chuckle escaping his lips, "It goes, I suppose. Probably about the same as it does for the Air Wing." When the shots are delivered, he's moving to claim one so that it can be lifted up with a quick toast of, "To the Cerberus."

"To the Cerberus.." Circe echoes. Her smile grows some and she clicks her glass to each. Downing the next shot she lines this one up with the rest, upside down upon the table. Licking her lips, she is then tasting the tip of a few of her fingers. Still standing, she looks over to Marko and there is a faint flush of her cheeks, perhaps some reaction to the alcohol. "Well I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to after the Aerion incident.."

"To the Cerberus." Marko echoes, returning the toast before slamming the shot down, shuddering a little and pulling a face as what one would hardly consider the galaxy's best ambrosia does it's best impression of a drain-declogger on his esophagus. "Huh, yeah, no kidding." he grunts in reply to Circe's comments. "How we lived through that one, I'll never be sure."

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