PHD #138: New Names
New Names
Summary: Freshly-enlisted Devlin meets some pilots in the head.
Date: 14 July 2041 AE
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Alessandra Davis Devlin Evandreus 
Naval Head
It's a bathroom, yo.
Post-Holocaust Day: #138

The sounds of people going about their normal hygiene routines float about the Head, people showering and other such activities, all for the sake of personal cleanliness. One of those seeking to keep up their grooming is Alessandra. Fresh out of a shower, she stands all wrapped in a towel and damp-headed, standing before a sink. She has her toothbrush in hand, the bristles of which have a healthy dollop of toothpaste upon it, but she doesn't seem inclined to start with the toothbrushing just yet, the pilot instead staring into the mirror.

Evandreus is dressed, today. In something besides a sickbay gown, even. Nothing too taxing. A pair of sweatpants. A t-shirt about as unmilitary as it gets. One of those lovely four-foot canes to help him assert a little bit of his upper-body strength in shuffling his still-sore legs along in a slow putter. But a slow putter's much better than the flat-on-his-back act he's been going along with for the last several weeks. After a spin around the deck yesterday with nursely assistance, here comes the Bunny. Unplugged.

"Hey!" one of the stalls squeaks. "Is it just me, or does the radi-tation make shaving a whole lot easier?" Davis isn't shouting to anyone in particular, just in general letting people know. As she rinses off and gets her shower kaboodle back together the Ensign sings a wordless tune. Thankfully, even in space, shower accoustics make everyone sound good.

There's a laugh from another stall, a good-natured sound before a male voice replies, "I wouldn't know, sorry." The water keeps running and vague scrubbing sounds continue from Devlin's stall for another minute or two before he twists it off, stuff gathered up in a little string bag as he wraps a towel around his hips and pads out of the showers.

Glancing towards the stalls, Allie wrinkles her nose at first and then shakes her head. "I guess. Better hope the rest of your hair doesn't fall out, hu…Bunny!" Wheeling around, toothpaste flying off of the bristles it had been applied to to go *splat* upon the deck, she falls silent while gawking, very happily surprised to see him up and about. It's the fact that she's wearing nothing but a towel along with how weak he seems to be still that keeps him from getting pounced for a hug but she's happy to see him as the foot-to-foot bounce hints to. "Bunny, Bunny! Hey!"

Evandreus' bare feet drift over the slip-proofed decking, despite its decidedly not having been ribbed for their pleasure. He leans heavily on the cane, shuffles both feet forward, then gets his footing enough to lift the cane another step forward. The urinals are his destination, and he's almost there when he looks up, face glowing with a light sweat, mouth open with a smile. "Hey, Duckie," he calls back. Thump. Shuffleshuffle. Thump. His free thumb tucks underneath the waistband of his sweatpants.

The singing cuts off sharply at Alessandra's comment, and soon after so does the water. "(Bunny, Bunny, Bunny…)" Davis murmurs, trying to place the callsign with a face. It's been a while since she heard them used, after all. The Petrel steps out of the shower in a faded black bathrobe, golden coat of arms on her breast and a see-thru satchel over her shoulder full of showery goodness. And covered in little fishies and seashell stickers. "Heyyyy!" the girl calls out when, after wiping the droplets from her eyes, she sees who it is. Giving Evandreus a finger-wivvle as she approaches Davis chirps, "You look different on the vertical!"

Seeing where it is Bunny's heading to, Allie can't help but to quirk a grin. "Hey Evan. Need any help? Don't want you straining yourself by having to lift something that's heavy and unruly while you're still recovering." She doesn't laugh so maybe she's serious with the offer of assistance despite the smile, huh? When Davis arrives she waves a hand, grin broadening all around. "Hey. How's it going? Figured out the answer to your little mystery," she asks the red-head, that being about radiation and shaving.

Devlin wanders around the locker area for a minute or two, opening and closing them until he finds one that's empty. One set of toiletry-stuff is exchanged for another, and then he wanders out towards the sinks, giving Bunny and his female attendants a friendly smile and wave, saying, "Hey there," as he goes.

Evandreus' pee waits for no man, these days. No woman, either. And so, under the barrage of greetings, he tugs his sweatpants down a ways and gets it out with his free hand. No, he hasn't bothered with the whole underwear thing. "…. Sparkles?" he squints, then looks down to make certain everything's coming out okay. "Yeah, I know, it's pretty novel, huh? Does the vertical make me look thinner?" he banters playfully. No discoloration, no blood, no pain past what he's already feeling. All good signs. His other arm hyperextends a little, his shoulder shrugging up as he props himself there. He's been little more than a sieve, recently, so this might take a while. But he doesn't seem shy about talking while leaking. "Heh! Why does everyone assume that my genitals are so poorly behaved?" This, joshing back to Duckie, then, more serious, with an undertone of gratitude, "I'm fine, thanks, hon." Even if he's still peeing. Epic pee. "Hey," for Devlin, an uncertain quality to the monosyllable. Should he know who this person is?

Davis grins at Allie, bobbing her head. "Yeah, it was so easy I almost got carried away and did a total Money Shot. BZRRRRK!" she buzzes, making shaving motions over her head. She hasn't seen Tis' new look, apparently. And the whole thing might sound really weird to someone who can't see the motions. "Come over here when you're done," she says to Evandreus, looking at him in the mirror as she arranges her dwindling skin care supply. "I've got some more sparkles if you wants 'em."

With Bunny now doing his thing, Allie diverts her gaze to afford him some form of privacy…now's a good time to brush her teeth anyhow. "Everyone knows Bunny-bits are the most unruly bits around," she casually quips. The bristles now without minty-goodness, she doesn't even notice at first until she puts the impliment in her mouth. "Hmmm?" Sighing, she pulls it out to apply more. "I don't think that'd work for you, Red," she advises, Devlin given a smile and a wave although there's no sign of recognition in her expression, another new face to add to the already-large mass of new faces. "Hey! Never seen you around before. I'm Alessandra and you are…?"

Devlin is headed towards the sinks, setting down his stuff and then turning back at Alessandra's words. "That's because I'm new," he says, with a friendly smile, offering a hand to shake as he introduces himself, "Alex Devlin. Nice to meet you." Up close, the narrow chains around his neck can be seen to carry the symbol of Hermes, a medal with a profile stamped on it, and the shiniest set of brand shiny new dogtags you could ever hope to see. He glances back at Davis and says, "We've met, right? You're Psyche's friend? From the stairwell?"

Bunny finishes up— oh. Nope, there it goes again. He gives a quiet sigh, but stands there patiently while his shoulder gets more sore by the moment. "Yah, I'm starting to see where people are coming from." Dribble. Shakeshake. "Hey, Duckie, when you get a chance, like… could you dampen a little paper for me?" he asks of her. She'd offered help, after all. "Sparkle me, Sparkles," Evan assents to the other with a touch of a smile, then takes a moment to eye the third. Abs. Psyche. "You didn't used-to-be a model, did you?" he wonders. It sounds like an honest-to-gods question, if a cheeky one, rather than any sort of come-on.

"That's me!" Davis responds, her gaze slipping off Alessandra's face to Devlin, then back to her mirror. "Well, I don't know about friend, but that was me. That bastard stole my buckles," she adds with a wink for affadavits. That gets her to start making goofy faces in the mirror.

Alessandra nods to Bunny and shoves her toothbrush firmly in her mouth to free up her hands to do that. A piece of paper towel is torn free from the dispenser and dampened, the wet paper squeezed a few times to make sure it's not too wet, the wet item then brought over to where Even stands before the urinal. "Here…" she mumbles around plastic, it held out. Davis and Devlin get a looking-at from over her shoulder but she doesn't speak right now, it being a bit difficult for her to do so currently.

A little chrono chime chirps from inside Davis' shower sack, a fact clear from the glowy blue flash that emits from inside of it too. "Zomfigs!" the redhead curses, shower shoes squeaking as she hurries for the door. "I'm laate!"

"Yeah, your buckles," Devlin nods slowly to Davis, giving her a sidelong glance for a moment, almost like he's wary, or concerned. Then he turns back to Alessandra and Evan, ignoring the bit with the paper towel and stuff and instead blinking once at Bunny, looking a little embarrassed as he replies, "Umm, yeah, for a while. You know." He shrugs, and then turns to look as Davis runs, and then back to the other two, asking, "What're your names?"

Evandreus reaches across his chest to take up the damp paper. Not the sort of paper he was expecting, but— it'll do. He shifts a little bit as he tidies up with the moist paper— at least the wetness negates some of the paper's roughness. "Thanks, Duckie," he tells her, poking his tongue out the side of his mouth and tossing the paper over into a wastebin. "For real? You're Bubbles' abtastic model friend? Hey, nice to meet you. Bunny," he introduces himself, getting his bits back into his pants.

Bunny's given a quick hug and then it's off to finish getting cleaned up herself, the toothbrush now put in motion. Enough toothpaste has clung to it so she's at least make her work worth the while. "Model, huh? Cool. What kind of modeling did you do?" The scritch-scratch is drowned out as she takes up with humming, the song sounding oddly not-unlike the one Davis was humming a bit ago.

Devlin nods at Bunny, his smile tilting crookedly, a shade sheepish as he shrugs, "I mean, yeah, I guess so? I haven't really met her other friends?" Right, because there are probably a lot of former models wandering around. He smiles at the introduction, though, replying, "Nice to meet you too, Bunny. That's your callsign, right?" he checks curiously, before shrugging to Alessandra. "I mean… you know, a bit of everything? I did it for a couple years. If you can name it, I probably did it once or twice at least."

Evandreus leans his head against Duckie's for a moment, giving her a little playful bonk. Then he lets his shoulder relax, moving his other arm around to grab the handle of the cane along with the first. "Yeah. Evan. Evan Doe," he gives his documented bit of nomenclature. "Doe like a… bunnyrabbit, I guess. So are you… joining up, or whatnot?"

Alessandra can't help but to grin like a fool when she's bonked like she is, the soft headbutt getting her to sigh. Seeing him doing better really has done a lot to hoist her spirits out of the black hole they've been in, some. Devlin is given a quick up-down looking at, a very obvious looking over which is less looking and more ogling in nature. "Nice," she offers as an abrupt compliment, it coupled with a nod. Yes. Very nice indeed.

"I guess Psyche saw me in a runway show on Caprica and… somehow remembered," Devlin offers by way of further explanation and partial defense; he would never have advertised this fact himself. He leans back against the edge of a sink and chuckles at Evan, "Doe like a bunnyrabbit? Alright," he smiles, and then nods, "Yeah, I just enlisted yesterday, and Major Hahn agreed to take me. I guess I'm a… midshipman, now?" He flicks at the dogtags, jingling them together. He glances over at Alessandra as she eyes him like that, and then kind of looks away, not uncomfortable exactly, clearly used to this sort of thing, but just sort of ignoring it. "Uhh, thanks," he replies when she speaks, reaching for his bag o'stuff and digging around in it.

Evandreus is a total gentleman, meanwhile— he knows where Devlin's eyes are. After that first identification-by-abdominal-excellence, of course. "Hey, cool. At least you won't have to worry about getting gutshot. You've got, like, built-in armor, eh?" Just because he's not leering doesn't mean he can't tease, tossing the guy a chipper little smile before he continues on his shuffle-shuffle way. "Anyhow, I'm back in berths, now, Duckie." If that wasn't obvious. "Aaaand I'm gonna go lie down. Until I have to pee again. I'll probably see you in five minutes or so," he chuckles. "Are you in berths, Abs?"

Alessandra blinks and then sighs, that being thanks to how she got the new guy to react that way. "Sorry," she offers Devlin while smiling sheepishly, her embarrassment all self-directed due to how she behaved. "Just…well, you know, I'm sure." The sink is approached and turned on, her toothbrush and mouth rinsed, and then all her stuff is packed up. "That's great news, Bunny. I'll be back there myself so will be around to help if you need it." Always the helpful one.

Devlin laughs at Evan's tease, head tilting back a little with the humor before he replies, "I hope it works that way! I haven't tested that out yet. Hopefully we won't see for a while." Alessandra's apology gets waved off with a gesture and a shrug, telling the woman, "Don't worry about it. Sometimes people just come up and grab me, so, you know. Staring's not so bad." He offers a friendly smile and adds, "But you could tell me your name. Third time asking's the charm, and I think you owe me, now." Evan's casual use of that new nickname draws a groan that mingles with a laugh. "That's going to stick, now, isn't it?" he says, shaking his head ruefully before saying, "Yeah, I just moved into the recruit berths. I think I don't get shifted into the pilot ones til I finish basic training and some sort of officer course thing."

"Until you get a tummy, dude," Evan agrees with Devlin's assessment with a faux-sympathetic playful touch of ruefulness, eyebrows popping upward in a 'what can you do?' sort of expression. "Recruit berths? When did we get recruit berths?" Evan's been out of the action for most of the last three months, now, so. "Did Harrier berths get turned into a hatchery for baby pilots?" he asks Duckie, then. He's leaving. Just slowly.

There's a pause and then Allie freezes, deer-in-headlight look taking hold. "I..didn't give you my name? Could have sworn I did. It's Allie. Alessandra Sophronia, if you prefer. I'm the SL for the Knights so you might be flying under me if they assign you to Vipers." Tracking Bun-Bun's departure visually, she twists to watch him and make sure he's alright. "Believe they are in where the QUODEL reps were," she gives along with a wrinkle of her nose; so many changes have happened since Warday which makes it impossible for her to keep track.

"Fewer sit-ups, more beer. Got it," Devlin replies to Evan with a grin. He shrugs at the question about the berths, replying, "I don't know, they just stuck me in them, that wasn't one of the construction projects I was on, converting stuff over." Alessandra's introduction draws a smile and a shake of his head, "Oh, maybe you did and I missed it, I'm sorry. Oh. SL as in… squad leader? I should probably be saluting or something, shouldn't I?"

"You don't generally need to worry about saluting in the head. People could get the wrong idea," Evan grins on back, even if the expression's a little wan. "But, yah. I've got about ten pounds of coma-weight I've got to gain back, myself, so if you want someone to calorize with, just lemme know," he tells the Abs, finally getting to the threshold and lifting his cane over to the corridor-side of the raised hatchlip. Then one foot. Then the other.

Allie's not breathing easy until she's sure the navigation over the knee-knocker happens without problems. "It's alright. I think I'm off duty anyhow," she murmurs while tugging at the towel which has been snugged around her since she got out of the shower, the length of terry cloth staying put despite how it's pulled. "And I'm pretty laid back anyhow so don't worry too much about protocol in more social settings." Might get some of the more anal protocol-followers' panties in a twist but it's something to be concerned of later.

"No saluting in the head, got it," Devlin replies with a smiling nod, and then he laughs, and nods at Evan, "I'll think about that," he promises, "See you around, Bunny. Oh, so, off-duty I don't have to salute people?" he asks Alessandra curiously, "I'm still figuring out procedure and stuff," he admits.

Evandreus lifts his cane up off the ground and tocks it against the hatchframe, twice. Knock-knock. A wordless farewell matched with a warm little smile. Then the four rubber feet of the cane hit the ground and he shuffles on past.

"Usually no," Allie replies. "Some people are anal and want to be saluted no matter what so best to salute someone and let them tell you if they find it necessary or not. Well…not. Those who want to be saluted won't come right out and say it, most likely. You'll get the hang of it all soon, though. Don't worry." Her stuff put away, Allie takes it to the locker her clothes were stowed in and she begins to get dressed, the towel hitting the deck as she reaches in to grab her off-duty uniform.

"Ah, okay," Devlin nods, "I'll just salute until I'm told not to, then." He offers an easy smile, and then glances over his shoulder as she heads towards the locker, giving the SL a once-over after she drops that towel. Just to be fair. Then he turns back to the mirror, putting away the razor and going for a toothbrush of his own instead. "So," he calls back to Alessandra as he prepares it, "You're the head viper pilot?"

Alessandra looks at Alex, her expression wry. "For the Black Knights, yeah. Just recently got the job after our previous SL…" This is where the humor leaves her tone of voice and her expression flashes pain, the subject still fresh enough to be painful to discuss. "Our previous Squadron Leader was killed while trying to get people off of Leonis." Clearing her throat, Alessandra is now quiet, the silence lingering for as long as it takes her to get dressed. "Where are you from," she eventually queries, this asked while she sits and gets her socks and boots on.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Devlin offers, "I heard a little about the stuff on Leonis, it sounded like a lot of good soldiers were lost." He smiles apologetically, heading towards his own locker after a perfunctory tooth-brushing and beginning to get dressed himself. "Libran," he tells her, "But my family is from T-" Somebody sticks their head in the door and shouts, "Devlin! You're late!" and the Libran whose family is originally from T- grimaces and tugs his shirt on faster, apologizing, "Sorry, I've got to run. Nice to meet you. See you around." He flashes her a grin, and then dashes.

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