Nataly Rassvet
Private Natalya Rassvet
Nataly Dawn
Nataly Dawn as Natalya Rassvet
Alias: Nat
Age: 19
Features: Young and sweet, light brown hair, blue eyes
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Private
Department: Marines
Position: Able Platoon MP


Immediate Family

Viktor Rassvet- Caprican Industrialist, deceased before the war.
Amelie Rassvet- Philanthropist, deceased before the war.
Alex Darkin- Uncle, Mother's younger brother. Adopted Nataly after her parents were killed, died on War Day.
Cicely Darkin- Aunt, married to Alex, housewife, part time Hydroponics worker aboard Elpis, died of Failure to Thrive PHD#: 389

Service Jacket

Would have graduated from High School last May if not for the War, participated in nearly every conceivable extra-curricular, most notably dance, music, and writing for her school paper.

Has Enlisted with the CMC, and is currently a recruit.

Physical Features

Quirkily attractive with soft, young features and bobbed light brown hair, Nataly looks at the worlds with the intensely curious blues of a girl who used to keep track of which celebrity singers were dating which Pyramid players in her sleep. She stands a few inches above five feet, more softly feminine than voluptous, typically sporting a smile.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sawyer_icon.jpg Sawyer Averies: Everyone knows that she is the voice of the Cerberus, the one who gets the dirty and tells the story. I want that, and so I'll have to see if she can't help me get that. Frak her, just frak her. All I wanted to do was say hi and she goes off on me like she can't even be bothered to treat me like an actual person. All the way until she offered me a job? Now I am seriously confused. And Employed. I don't know whether to fangirl, scream, or bring her coffee. I'm not working for her anymore, but I learned some stuff under her direction. And I'm never giving up my writing.


  • An Artist with many interests, Nataly has been seen dancing, singing, painting, playing piano, guitar, you name it.
  • Something of a shit-stirrer, Nataly seems unafraid to express her opinion, or ask hard questions.
  • Though not always a fan of Military decisions, her experiences have left Nataly an unflagging supporter of the CMC.
  • Nataly's sole surviving family member, her aunt Cicely, has been nearly comatose since their arrival on the Elpis.

Nataly is a decently talented musician, and from time to time covers the popular songs of others on her own. She has given some thought to playing at Pete's, so long as her clothes stay on. More on that to follow.

Recent Logs




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