Amelia Naevi
Ensign Amelia Astia Naevi
Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano as Amelia Astia Naevi
Alias: Sketch
Age: 26
Features: Brown eyes, wedding ring
Colony: Libran
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot

Amelia Naevi is a Libran-born former law student who entered the Colonial military in order to support her husband and newborn daughter. Although completely dedicated to her newfound profession, Naevi makes no bones about the fact that once her term is up she'll be leaving to pursue a career in the law. Although she's new to being a pilot and to the Cerberus, she is utterly unafraid to voice her opinion and has no qualms about calling people on what she might perceive as an injustice or a slight against morality. In other words, she has a habit of jumping up on the soap box.


Amelia Apseudes grew up on Libran, her mother was the black sheep of the wealthy Cilla family but her grandfather never had the heart to cut Allison off. As such they lived comfortably, although her father labored dilligently under the idea that he would one day be able to pay his father-in-law back for what hed given them. Although she was not quite as wild as her mother was at her age, Amelia was a precocious child and utterly unafraid to speak her mind. She was frequently outspoken even in her earliest years of schooling, unafraid to voice her opinion or thoughts aloud and unheeding of the consequences.

Immediate Family

Full Name Relationship Opinion
Alexander Naevi Husband When I first met Alex, I couldn't stand him. Sure, I thought he was cute but the fact of the matter was I had a plan for my life and he was not a part of it. Unfortunately, no matter how much you plan your life it doesn't always work that way. He just kept following me almost everywhere until, eventually, I saw just how great of a guy he was. Chalk this up as the stalker case that turned out good. We got married pretty early, yeah, but so did mom and dad and things went well for them. He was on Libran when it was bombed by the Cylons. I hope against hope he managed to survive it - I mean, I survived it, didn't I? But if he didn't I … just can't face that yet. I try to keep it out of my mind. (Presumed Deceased)
Artemisia Naevi Daughter Arty was a surprise in every sense of the word but one I wouldn't trade anything for. Alex insisted on naming her after Artemis and while I've never had much time for religion, I suppose it'd be good to have a goddess on her side but I dunno. She's the reason I'm flying a Viper at all. As much as I'd love to be home and helping to raise her, we figured out pretty early on that a military paycheck was what we'd need and I was the only one who'd be able to get one without busting my ass in an Academy. I hope she survived along with Alex but I just don't know. I have no way of knowing. I can't imagine the world without that smiling little face somewhere in it … I try to keep her out of mind. I know how frakking horrible that sounds but it's the only way I can keep myself sane. (Presumed Deceased)

Service Jacket

  • 2,039 AE (3 months) - Officer Candidate School, Themis, Libran
  • 2,039 AE (8 months) - Aviation Pre-Flight Indoctrination and Primary Flight Training, Cassandra Air Base, Libran
  • 2,040 AE (10 months) - Intermediate and Advanced Flight Training, Nash Air Base, Caprica
  • 2,041 AE (Current) - VF-154 "The Black Knights", Battlestar Cerberus

Physical Features

Not entirely diminutive, Naevi does not stand exceptionally tall either. Her hair is dark, a mahogany color run with lighter highlights cut short enough to keep out of her eyes but not cropped close to her head. Her eyes are equally dark, accented by thin and angular brows and a face that seems predisposed to a knowing smirk. Her figure is a healthy and clearly feminine one, her skin approaching a natural tan that may hint at Tauron ancestry.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Nostos_icon.jpg Okay, so I'll admit that Nostos is a friend of mine. I was kind of unnerved by the fact that he knows a lot about me while I know next to nothing about him but that's just the way things are. Some people talk about themself and some people just don't like to. We got teamed up as wingmates shortly after the Colonies fell and we've done a few CAPs together now. He's serious about his flying which is a good thing, though he doesn't have a stick jammed up his ass - something I'm thankful for. He's the one who came up with 'Sketch' and started telling me I ought to draw. I don't know what to think about that.
Tisiphone_icon.jpg She's entertaining, though, and I think I might've jumped to conclusions when I first met her. She's a very friendly sort though, even if I get the feeling she's hiding a bit about her past given the way she speaks. There's no way I'd hold that against her, though. Some people have things they aren't proud of or just don't like to talk about lurking back there and I figure she doesn't have to say boo to me if she doesn't want to. I've found occasion to talk with her a few times and I'm really warming to her as a friend. Don't know her as well as I feel like I should but I'm going to make efforts to remedy that.


Naevi acquired the callsign of 'Sketch' from LTJG. Angelus "Halo" Nostos after he decided that her lack of a callsign was an issue that he needed to rectify immediately as her wingman.

On CAP together, Naevi decided to let off some steam by mooning the Observation Deck of the Cerberus in an unusual fashion. She quickly sketched down the image of a butt on the back of her flight log paperwork and held it up to the window. This earned her the moniker of 'Sketch' from Nostos which quickly stuck.

Recent Logs


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