Lucius Mukesha
Lieutenant Lucius Mukesha
Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd as Lucius Mukesha
Alias: Muk
Age: 36
Features: 5'9", dark hair, distinct eyes
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Psychiatrist


“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?” - Rose Kennedy

Born on Sagittaron, but raised on Leonis, Mukesha was stationed at Colonial Fleet Air Station Anadyome during the time of Warday. Fortunately for him, he'd taken the day off, but could only watch as nukes nearby and neutron bombs decimated it, from an almost entirely healthy distance. It was months of waiting and of survivng berore the Battlestar Cerberus arrived, and Mukesha considers himself lucky - and nothing more - to have done so. Optimism clashing with survivors guilt would make it difficult to declare otherwise. Since, he's found new station in the Medical Department of the Battlestar Cerberus, in the field of psychiatry once more.

Immediate Family

Name Relation Status
Alcandor Glavin Step Father Farmer. Married to Drusila (2001-2009).
Drusila Salutio Birth Mother Writer. Moved to Leonis in 2009.
Titus Mukesha Birth Father Freighter-bound first mate. Married to Drusila (2010-2023).
Felix Kairis Step Father Medical doctor. Married to Drusila (2013-present).
Paulinus Trivedi Step Father Musician. Married to Drusila (2014-present).
Numerous Sisters Two adopted, three step-sisters, two half-sisters.
Numerous Brothers One adopted, one step brother, one half-brother.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2030 AE N/A Pantheiras University Med School Funding
2035 AE LTJG OCS Pantheiras Psychiatric Residency
2036 - 2038 AE LTJG Fleet Veterans Hospital Study and Treatment
2038-2040 AE LT Classified Inked out
2041 AE LT CFAS Anadyomeme Study and Treatment

Physical Features

He's fair skinned, quite nearly pale too if not for the slightest of tans. A tan, showing hint of a former sun fed tone but having faded considerably as of late. He stands at a height of five-foot-nine, with a moderately athletic build to match in slightly slim form. His black hair is short, though just a little less so on the top and in back. His eyes are a very distinct blue, reflective in glassy form, and nearly indistinguishable from a darker shade of green. He wears a pair of slim glasses, with thick black acetate frames with a faded top layer of forest green. Beneath his left eye is a slight scar, though pale and difficult to notice. His facial features are well defined; handsome even, with distinguished chin, symmetric jawline, and button nose. As for facial hair, he's currently clean shaven.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Dance - There's not always a whole lot of reason to dance these days. What, with all that happens, and the situation that's been placed in everybodies laps. But given a suitable situation, Mukesha may be prone to show off. He has more than just military and medical training, after all.

Military - Mukesha is a Lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet. So, aside from being a medical doctor in his own right, he's also a medical doctor and officer among the military presence aboard the Cerberus. This makes him bound to the same protocols, regulations, and orders as all other military personnel on board.

Psychiatry - Free of charge, on duty, or off. It's his means of giving back to the crew, and he doesn't exactly skimp at it. While on duty he's prone only to treat military personnel as per his own duties. While off though, he's not above accepting requests to aid civilians on his own time.

Pyramid - Mukesha played at a University level, previous to med school. While it's been awhile since he's played on a team, a few casual games here and there between then and now have kept him from getting too rusty. He may even get involved in something similar aboard the Cerberus, should his work afford him time.

Relaxation - The opportunity to unwind often beckons, lest he end up in a state no better than those he treats. This exhibits itself in a variety of ways, rather than specification; as it can just as well be Triad, a cup of coffee, or a comfy corner of the ship in which to recline.

Research - Despite his designation, Mukesha has spent more time as a psychologist than as a psychiatrist; even within the military. Adept in the study of mental disorders, mental illnesses, and human behaviors, he's more than able to participate in assignments relating to Psychology beyond mere treatment.


Recent Logs


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