PHD #449: Muddy Water
Muddy Water
Summary: Ciro, Circe, and Corrath invade the showers to wash away the Gemenon.
Date: 21 May 2042 AE
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One of the Heads
Like any normal head on the ship, this one is painted in light grey with some blue around the top of the room. Down the center there are 16 sinks, 8 on each side backed up to each other. Along the hull areas of the room, showers and lockers are toward the back and off to the left of the sinks are closed toilets and open urinals.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #449

Word has already begun to spread that troopers have returned from some sort of planetary mission, and the amount of time that it takes to process, check in weapons, and return gear is not small. Nearly an hour has passed, and the tired form of Ciro Sondray steps into the head in his collection of filthy, dusty fatigues. Rolling his arm in his shoulder, he steps across the tile and sets a pile of clean, folded offduties on the basin next to a small pouch of self-grooming supplies. The cracked warpaint on his face flakes as he leans down, quickly untying his boots.

Circe for her part has had to do all that and then get back to medbay to see to all the additional supplies she took returned to their place. That sore leg of her's had been given some muscle relaxants and she is feeling somewhat better. Though through all of this, she had hurried. With Corrath's help, what would have been a long time unloading was shortened. The towel wrapped around her form, she is at least modest to that point and the smell of the showers makes her smile. Turning to look back at Corrath, whom she enters with, the medic grins. "This is one of two things I missed after being away from here." She tells him, two sets of dogtags about her neck.

Whistling, Sofia has beaten the Marine rush and is merrily adjusting one of the pipes. "Hey! Er! One sec!" She adjusts faster now, seeing the Marine(s) entering. She looks almost comical pushing the wrench as fast as she can. "Unless … you want a cold shower. That's cool by me, I mean I'm totally not gonna judge," She promises. It only takes a moment. "There. Give it a sec." Thumbsups. She phews.

And then a stream of water hits her in the eyes. "One MORE second!"

Having stuck around to help pack and clean the gear as necessary, Corrath had then made his way up to the head along with the rest. While he might not carry the lingering stink like the others, he has managed to get a bit dirty. Clad in just his fatigue pants, there's a towel and a clean set of clothes tossed over his right shoulder and like the medic, two sets of dog tags dangle from his neck, the silver glinting just a bit as it catches the light. Lips curve into a smirk at Cir's comment before he's offering, "I can imagine. Nothing like a nice shower to ease the muscles." But wait, the Marine Head has been invaded by the Navy and Cor's eyes shift over to Sofia at her comment and just as he's going to reply, she's getting hit in the face by that water, causing him to blink. "Whoa .. don't be breaking our showers, Specialist." There's a tinge of humor in his words.

"Not gonna judge…" Ciro's voice comes at a chuckle as he starts to unbutton his combat shirt. When he pulls it off there's a puff of dusty, brown air. Yes. A PUFF. He turns and stuffs it into a bag, and then starts to work at his belt. His muscular torso looks as if a woman wearing far too much foundation used his chest for a sobbing blanket, with muddy brown streaks racing all over his body, down under his beltline. "No, take your time, Wolfe, I want a hot shower. I deserve a hot shower. Right???"

"Oh poor snipe.." Says the towel wearing Circe, for her part, there is no extra clothes. She just has that towel. "Don't let them unsettle you…make sure the cowshit gets a cold shower." She winks at the other woman and waits, shifting from foot to foot as her lips part. "Though is it safe?" She asks the other woman in hopes of being able to get to her shower and the need to be free of the grime from behind her ears.

"Yeah, I rushed it," Sofia admits sadly. She blushes and smiles weakly at Corrath. "No worries sir, it just slipped-" She grunts and seems to be moving something - wrench there and … leak stopped, though she's damp now. "Well, everyone /else/ was going to take a shower… I just was beating the rush," Right? Right. She looks /really/ sheepish. "Um. It should be fine now, I turned it back on," She promises. "And yes, you do deserve a hot shower. Mohawk and all." Grin. Though all the dirt makes her look a bit horrified. Seems Sofia has SOME fixation on cleanliness. She nods and looks amused at Circe. "It's fine, I just turned it off for a sec."

There's a quick chuckle towards Sofia as Corrath lifts a hand, giving a slight wave of it, "I'm just teasing, Specialist. Good work, though." There's a nod to accompany that and when his attention shifts to Ciro, there's a quick smirk towards the man, "Hey Sondray … what the frak did you do down there? Roll around in the mud?" The words are a jest, clearly laced with humor and with that said, he's looking back to Circe. "Need me to scrub your back for you?" The words are a soft tease, offered as he angles towards one of the benches to toss his clean clothes on them, towel remaining perched on his shoulder.

While Ciro isn't the rude bastard to walk around naked to 'air dry' at the gym, he doesn't seem to be self-conscious about his need to strip out of the clothing he wore down on Gemenon. At Sofia's mention of the completion of her task, he tosses his well worn boxer-briefs into the cleaning bag. If Sofia and the others thought the stains of brown mud and facepaint were bad, the fact that it travels down his hip and perhaps even into more intimate places is worse. "You're a creature of the Lords, Wolfe." He says casually, making the last few steps to the shower stall. Reaching in, he turns it on and is assaulted by a spray of ice-cold water. He hops in place, letting out a shocked noise as the water that was waiting in the pipes cycles out and is replaced by warmer water. His head goes under. The paint bleeds away. "Oh holy shit this is the best thing…ever." He groans from his tiled stall. "No, sir. I rolled around in the dirt. It was hotter than hell, and it turned my sweat into mud. Three days no shower. Go figure."

TUrning to look over her shoulder at Corrath's offer, she grins. Circe winks and then moves for her own stall, moving to the side in order to turn it on. "Hmmmm, if you are willing." she calls back finally and then watches as Ciro stands right in the path of the water. A laugh escapes her lips, bright and teasing. The medic tests the water and then unwraps her towel, setting it over the stall wall and move to dips her head beneath the water. "At least you don't have long hair!" She chimes out to Ciro, sighing as she rubs and scrubs at her face, the red starting to grow more so by the brush of her fingers.

Awww. The back rub offer makes Sofia smile. She can't help it. It's sweet and adorable. She grins at Corrath. "Thanks." She nods. "Um. I'll just - change the air filters here then," Rather than risk any work on pipes or the water heaters. She smiles at poor Ciro. "Thanks, King Mohawk," She beams. She winces at some of their stories. Poor guys. With that, she settles in to her task rather than being a pervy peeping tom.

Offering a quick chuckle to Ciro, Corrath can't help but give a shake of his head, "Mmmm. Dirt. Sounds like you had a blast down there, then. Complete with local fauna invading your gear." Oh, he knows what the purpose of that would have been, but offer that none-the-less. Sofia is given another quick chuckle as he nods his head, "No worries, Specialist. Do what you need to do." To Circe, there's a soft laugh and he's moving to follow her towards the stall, pausing long enough to strip out of his pants and toss his towel to one side, "Oh, more then willing."

"oh damn, it was the best down there. Dirt. Sun. Wind." Ciro grins, his voice muffled by the sound of the water. His hands start rubbing away at the grime, trying to clean himself the best he can. He then plants his palms against the wall and lowers his head. "So, did anything of interest happen while we were away? Quiet?"

Looking back at Corrath a moment, she steps aside to let him use the water and leans over the half wall with her arms upon it to watch Ciro and his upper half. Beyond him is Wolfe and she grins at the other woman. "Yeah, do spill." Circe says. There is a crossing of her ankles as her cheek moves to rest against her arm, the sound of water right behind her causing her to relax with a sigh. As her eyes close, she is imagining sun and green plants.

"Thank you sir, but I'm not cruel enough to turn the hot water off midshower. And I don't run fast enough anyway…" Not nearly fast enough to deal with a horde of angry Marines. "Um. There was one bad thing. Mostly, we've been keeping afloat really. I watch out for people, do some chores. We're still working on Miss Ximena's fish tanks," She smiles at this. There's a PANG kind of noise as an air filter comes loose. "But it has been pretty quiet. Some people seemed to be kind of tense, but I guess waiting does that." Waiting for what? Sofia is odd.

Following Circe into the stall, Corrath flashes a smile as she steps to the side and he's easing beneath the water, enjoying it for a moment before taking a half step back so that she can join him beneath it. Eyes play over towards Ciro, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he gives a shake of his head, "Frak. I'm jealous of that fact." Then, he's looking to Circe and to Sofia before scrunching his nose slightly, "Pretty quiet. There was an incident in the Bio Chem lab, though."

"Sounds horrible. Anything we have to worry about?" Ciro asks in response to Corrath. His dripping head whips away from the water in Sofia's direction, instintively taking a step away from the water with the loud noise as if it's going to either turn into ice or lava. "What was that?" He asks, eyebrows rising in Sofia's direction. "Ugh…I'm so frakking hungry he groans. Hey Wolfe? Can you bring that thing we talked about to the galley, by any chance? That one book?"

The mention of the bio chem lab has Circe turning slightly, rising away from the wall to face Corrath now. She does step closer, slightly beneath the water as she watches him, brow raised. "What do you mean..incident?" THere is some concern in her voice. She had spent a lot of her time there, spare hours helping to analyze data. She curls a palm up to catch the water against it, letting it collect as she rubs it agains her neck, scrubbing along the back of it.

A deep sigh. "Mmmn. I haven't been able to get much. It's being looked into. I just heard someone beat the frak out of a doctor and trashed the lab." Sofia seems perturbed. "That's about all I know honestly. I didn't hear anyone died but - yeah." MPs don't always share gossip well. "Crappy news to come home to, I'm sure. Other than that though, it's honestly been quiet. Most of us find projects to turn to. I really hope this fish tank takes off," She admits. "And yeah, totally." SHe smiles at Ciro's direction. "I don't know if it's anything to worry about but …" She shrugs.

There's a slight nod of his head towards something that Sofia says and it's then that he's looking to Ciro, "Don't know yet, Sondray. I hope it's an isolated incident in all honesty." It's now that he's looking to Circe, his hands lifting to come settle against her arms. "The BioChem Lab was basically -trashed-, Circe. Equipment, samples and computers smashed and destroyed. But, that's not all .." There's a sigh and his hands squeeze the medic's arms, softly, "Doctor Adair was found beated and unconscious. He's in the ICU and when I last looked, he was still in a coma."

"The fish tank's a good idea, really." Ciro replies, raising his voice for Corrath and Circe. "I did a little bit of manual labor helping the Engineers get some crates up to the Elpis. They're gonna try to put together a hatchery so that we can have a steady flow of fish." His words die off in reverence to the severity of the JAGs report, followed by a concerned look on his face. "Guy's probably lucky to be alive, then. Sounds like a wrong place, wrong time sort of deal."

That information that is offered to her causes the medic to freeze, her lips parting slightly. "What the Frak!" She exclaims suddenly, anger edging her words but most is firmed with concern. "Frak it…Gods frak it!" She hisses. Shower now? Scrubbing her arms quickly and then her face. "I got back up data..I should probably get it down to the officers at medbay." She looks about ready to run out of the head in order to report down there. "Why the frak didn't anyone tell me when I checked in supplies.."

Sofia winces at Circe's reaction. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. And honestly, this is hush hush as far as I know," She admits. "I only got that much because I happened to be moving some stuff by." She shrugs. Chance favors a snipe with a cart. "Frankly, I hope he'll be okay and they catch whomever did this." She seems perturbed. Then a smile and a nod at Ciro. "I hope it all works out. Wish I had more for you. I don't know." There's a WHAM noise as the filter is put back in. "There we go."

While Ciro and Sofia are heard, Corrath's attention remains focused on Circe for the moment, hands remaining on her arms, to which he's offering another soft squeeze, "Cir, there's nothing that you can do right now. The BioChem lab would be linked to a secure medical mainframe .. they'd already have the backup data available. It was just the physical equipment that was damaged." There's a slight pause, one in which he looks towards Ciro and Sofia to give a slight nod before he looks back to Circe. "You weren't told, Cir, because there's nothing you can do and because you need to unwind from your mission. The other Doctors have things in hand for now and Doctor Adair is getting the best possible care that he can."

"In this case it's probably best that you didn't have more for us, Wolfe. It's okay though, it's not your fault." Ciro grunts, lathering a small amount of shampoo into his hair, scrubbing like he's worried about lice. He's so messy, he's going to have to shave as well. "Getting really sick of these people inside of the fleet making things harder for the rest of us. So that's all that happened, they just smashed the equipment? Frakkin' unbelievable…"

Looking up at Cor and trying to clear her face, Circe shakes her head, "Not told because of something stupid like the end of a mission. That sounds like someone wasn't thinking. Any ideas of who it is, if not I am going to find out." She mutters. Her gaze has darkened and any thoughts of the beauty of Gemenon are forgotten for now. "Frak leave for what..not even three days and this shit happens.." She is obviously in a follow mood and as she turns, that ring on one of the pairs of dogtags shows.

"I suspect there's right. Not much you can do for someone in a coma but take good care of them," Sofia remarks. "On top of that, there's back ups but it might be good to let them know," She remarks. She looks apologetic at Corrath. "They also likely kept it quiet since the looking intos are just getting started," She shakes her head. "Personally, I'm gonna stay out of foot and check on Elpis sometimes. That's all I really can do," She admits.

Letting his hands lower from Circe's arms, Corrath simply gives a nod of his head, "I made the choice not to tell you when you disembarked the Raptor, Circe. And again when we were unpacking. You're tired and beat and there's nothing that you can do that the other Doctors and Medical Staff haven't already done." He doesn't look back to Ciro and Sofia yet. "I was going to let you know once you'd had a moment to unwind and before you heard the rumors sifting through the halls. Lieutenant Raine is leading the investigation with the MP's and I've told the Gunny to check for a report on it, so that he can start to get to the bottom of this."

Ciro's shower shuts off, and he reaches outside of the stall to grab his hanging, white towel with the Cerberus' logo. Wrapping it around his waist, he steps out into the main area, giving Sofia a flattened pair of lips that everyone gets while listening to a couple argue. ooo-kay then. He cringes. He looks clean, of course, save for his face. Lathering his face, he starts to shave. "So…" He lowers his voice, speaking to Sofia. "…I should probably tell you ahead of time that I don't have a lot of world-ending details to speak of, though it's obvious you're curious about what we did."

They are right and Circe bites back her words, shoving her frustration down. She was tired, exchausted. Fresh air does that to you and after it being so long since she had taken a lungful, she is realizing how tired she really is. Though adrenaline spiking through her is not helping to ease her into rest. She lets out a long sigh and then moves back in to push Corrath a little back to allow her to the water. Turning her back to him, she rolls her shoulders. "You offered to scrub my back." She murmurs.

Sofia offers, "I'm gonna clean the pipes later then. So you guys can enjoy some more hot water." Beam. She lets the couple be. "If you really want to help out, I suspect Elpis might need some friends," SHe notes. Poor kiddo. "Otherwise I'm … y'know." Useless. She shakes her head. She pauses and looks to Ciro. Her eyes widen. "Well DUH."

Sofia and Ciro aren't forgotten, but Corrath is a little pre-occupied at the moment. Eyes remain focused on Circe and when she moves back and pushes him out of the water, there's a faint smile that returns to his lips. As her back is exposed and she offers those words, he's moving to lather his hands before beginning to tend to the task of washing her back. During this, he leans in to murmer something softly to her.

Ciro glances over his shoulder to see the JAG reaching in to help Circe shower. Yeah…that's not scandalous. He looks to Sofia with wide eyes and gives her a broad grin. He whispers to her. "Speaking of pipe cleaning…" He muses, turning back to the mirror, scraping away a line of his beard growth as he goes. He swishes the razer in the water and goes back to his work. "Well duh, huh? Either way I wanted to take a look at that sketchbook. I figure it's about time I start looking into that stuff, and we talked about that before I disappeared. You eaten dinner yet?"

Catching that look back at them, Circe gaze is distant for a moment before focusing on Ciro. She clears her throat and then turns her head down and it is COr's words that make her gaze move in consideration across the floor. "Its okay." she says softly, sighing as her eyes close and she keeps her words without speaking them, enjoying instead the gentle touch and the brush of the shower over her unwashed skin.

Sofia isn't either. Though she titters at Ciro. She sticks her tongue out a little and whispers. "You're terrible." This is a tease. "Ah, should I offer some lotion? You're probably all sunburnt," Sofia's eyebrows furrow. She seems a bit concerned. "Not yet. I've been handing out scrap metal and earning my keep so they don't airlock me as dead weight," She jokes wryly. "I will bring the book."

As Circe replies to him, Corrath's leaning in to brush a soft kiss to the back of her head as he gives a nod, regardless that she can't see that action. "Alright," is then offered softly and it's only then that he's easing back from her so as to finish washing her back. Eyes shift over to Ciro and Sofia and as the latter, he's flashing a quick smile, "Hey Specialist, I'll give you a bunch of booze vouchers if you tackle the Sergeant and shave off his mohawk."

"I'm actually not sunburnt, actually. I had that scarf. No one else had that, but when I heard how hot it was going to be I brought my scarf that I wore when I was fighting on Sagittaron. Prometheus indeed." Ciro grins broadly, arrogantly. "Good, bring the book and I hope you don't mind me forcing food down by the gallon…" He stops, lowering his eyes to Sofia. "I'll give you more booze vouchers if you cut off the cold water so that the JAG has to take a COLDer shower."
The banter picks back up again, but Circe has a hard time focusing for a moment on that. Her mind is elsewhere and her brows furrow. Something makes her tense and slowly she lifts her head. "Cor.." She turns and grabs for her towel, moving out to begin wrapping it around herself. She is slowly putting things together, piece by piece and still dripping soap, the medic is tugging her hair up, winding it in her fingers. "I gotta get down to med bay."

Sofia looks amused. Then her eyes widen. "Aaah, I dunno…" She eyes Ciro and his mohawk, calculating their respective velocities. Then she looks at Ciro. She smiles, "Really? That must be an awesome scarf…" She considers. "Iiiiiiii don't mind, but getting the cooks to agree might be tough," She notes. "And aw, no, then I cut hot water to -everyone- and I'm not getting shanked," She winks. "But I'm gonna go get that book. I'll clean these pipes later so you guys have some peaceful time. I'll leave the aloe lotion for you sunburned folks."

There's a laugh at Ciro's offer to Sofia and Corrath is giving a slight shake of his head in response to it. Thankfully, the Specialist doesn't act on it and as Circe says his name and then begins to make her way out of the stall, he's turning the shower off and following suit. His towel is grabbed and secured around his waist as he angles over towards his clothing, "Ya, I figured, Cir. I'll walk up with you."

"Oh no I just kept it around my face most of the time, even though it was a little harder to breathe." Ciro admits, glancing over his shoulder as Circe steps out of the shower. Watching the exchange between her and Corrath, he goes back to shaving. "Alright, give me fifteen minutes. Then I'll be in the galley. Circe, O'Hare? If you need someone trustworthy around you let me know. I'll be in the galley if you need to send a runner."

No clothes to change into, Circe is just keeping that towel wrapped about her, giving the other two a look. "See you soon, may take you up on that Sondray." She intones. There is a moment before she is doesn't really care to wait for Corrath, but stalls herself enough for him to change. She is hooking the edge of her towel into the front to help keep it closed.

Sofia smiles. She seems amused. "I'll drop it by the Marine berthings, the lotion. Just to be safe." She offers. "I'll meet you there then," She promises Ciro. "Um. Did you want me to bring you some clothes by?" Sofia offers to Circe, concerned. "Aaah, a cute girl wandering the halls in a towel - I hope you have an escort," She nods. She smiles. She really does /care/. "Other than that, I'll be out of your hair. You may have your hair and hot water…" Ominous eyebrow furrow, "for NOW!" Dun dun dun!

Turning his attention back Ciro, Corrath gives a quick nod of his head, "I'll keep that in mind, Sondray. Got something I need to go over with you, anyways. Later, though." Then, he's looking to Sofia, "Catch ya later, Specialist. Thanks for getting the hot water going." He takes just enough time to slip into his pants, chosing to just grab the rest of his gear so that he can trail on after Circe.

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