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This page is so that the Marine military police can keep track of ongoing investigations. The information here should be considered IC unless otherwise noted; the idea behind the page is that if it is kept properly updated, the platoon can keep up-to-date on the cases and new Marines can find points of entry into ongoing investigations.

This file tracks the investigation into the attack on Doctor Cameron Adair and the vandalism of the Deck 10 Secure BioLab where Cylon technology samples were being stored. The lead investigators on this case are CPL Daniel Kincaid and LCPL Jadon Spade.

Case Log

Date Action Taken Follow-Up Required
1 June 2042 AE Investigative team meets, reviews file, and develops initial investigative plan. CPL Kincaid will review statements taken by initial responders, security tapes, access logs, and attempt to determine motive for attacks. LCPL Spade will interview medical personnel about nature of attack on Dr. Adair and determine why Adair was in lab on evening of attack.
2 August 2042 AE CPL Kincaid asks SGT Blaine to join investigative team. Team reviews security camera footage from night of attack, which shows a male-like figure, medium build, average height and weight, in medical scrubs, with no rank pins. Access logs show no code from time of figure's entry, suggesting that the figure circumvented the lock or erased his entry log. SGT Blaine will ask Dr. Magnus Dekker to do a forensic computer science consult. CPL Kincaid will pursue follow-up interviews with those who found Adair.
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