BCH #004: Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Summary: Nostos and Sawyer meet and discuss goings on in the Fleet.
Date: 2.22.2041
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Nostos Sawyer 

Viper Squadron

Viper Squadron pilots call this home. Berthings line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each stack of berths and a round table sits in the center with chairs around it. A hatch at the end leads to the communal Head that the Raptor pilots share.

There is the sound of slight coughing coming out of Angelus' bunk and moments later there a foot emerges from behind the curtain as a leg makes its way to the cold floor. A moment after that another leg and then the curtain is slid open as Nostos wakes up in a grey t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. He stands and makes his way slowly over to the coffee machine but stops as he is about to pour some coffee and instead he turns to his locker and gets out a bottle of water. Water in hand he moves to the table and he takes a seat as he rubs his throat a bit.

Ah, but Sawyer is already at the table, flipping through a magazine quietly while she makes notes on a pad of hexagonal paper with the occasional scratch of a pencil. Civvie through and through, she stands out in sharp contrast to Nostos as she wears her rather pink sleepwear - even after a warning from Sitka. As the pilot approaches in his early morning stumble, she glances up and gives him a smile that could melt butter.

A beautiful young woman giving Nostos a smile like that means one of two things and both of them could end badly, however, the pilot is an idealistic type. "Morning." A beat, "Or is it evening?" His voice sounds a bit gruff sort of like he has had a bad cold recently but there is no sign of sniffles coming out of him now. The pilot looks up at the pink pajamas and he says, "How are you?" He looks a bit sleepy since he probably didn't get much rest, this is evident from the bags under his eyes.

Sawyer lifts her pencil to scratch lightly at her temple with its eraser. "Uhhm. Morning? I think? It's all relative, after a while, isn't it?" She doesn't seem exactly bright eyed and bushytailed either, but she's awake. And working. There's a vague sort of shrug when he asks how she's doing, her smile fading a few notches. "Rough week. This isn't quite as easy as an assignment as I thought it would be. You look a little rough around the edges too."

Nostos takes a sip of water and he winces slightly as he swallows, "A few breaths full toxic gas will make anyone rough around the edges." Angelus looks up at the ceiling for a minute and then back to Sawyer, "I suppose it is relative." There is a pause as his brain begins to actively work, "Do I know you o' Angel of the Pink Apparel and the Blonde Tresses?" He asks in all the humor he can muster, which is normally quite easy for him but in this moment it is funny in a pathetic sort of way.

Sawyer's smile renews some when he coins an amusing term for her, and she extends her long tapered fingers towards him for a polite shake. "I'm sorry, my manners are horrifically lacking before my first cup of coffee." A pause. This is the part she hates, "Sawyer Averies, Acropolis Monthly. I'm the civilian assigned to Airwing while they do a comprehensive review of the ship. I apologize ahead of time for the intrusion."

Nostos stands and slowly and he lumbers over to the coffee machine and he pours a cup of coffee in a clean mug, he picks up a spoon, two sugars, and one packet of powdered cream. The pilot then silently lumbers back and he sets the coffee plus accoutrements and then he takes a seat as he looks back at Sawyer, "I'm Angelus Nostos, Lieutenant Junior Grade, my callsign is Halo and welcome to the Wing, Ms. Averies or would your prefer Sawyer?" Angelus rubs his throat slightly as he looks over at Sawyer, "I'm sorry to say I have not heard of Acropolis Monthly though if you have a copy I'd love to read it." Then his brain starts working again as he asks, "Wait, what sort of intrusion are you providing?"

Sawyer gives a small delighted chuckle as she's virtually weighted on by the pilot and she reaches out appreciatively to doctor her own coffee. Everything he brought over is added to the dark liquid and it's quickly stirred with an enthusiastic clank of the spoon on the side of the coffee mug. "Thanks. And Sawyer, just sawyer would be great. I've been 'Miss-ed' to death already." Her smile is only broken when she takes a sip of her coffee. "As to the intrusion? Well. I'm in your bunks, drinking your coffee. Most of these jocks think that's intrusion enough. So, why on earth were you inhaling toxic gases?"

"I was trying to get high beyond all reason." Angelus says with a straight face before he breaks out in a small laugh which causes him to wince slightly, "Sorry, there was an accident of sorts and myself and another person helped move people out of the toxic area. As a result I caught a wiff or two of toxic fun. So, now I'm on two days rest and regular medical check ups till I am cleared for flight." There is a pause as he lets his throat rest for a moment and after taking a sip of water Nostos shakes his head, "That is because most pilots have never dealt with the press. I on the other hand come from rich parents back on Caprica, the Nostos family is well known in certain social circles. So, I've spoken to the press once or twice." There is a grin to Sawyer, "And Sawyer, I've learned it is always best to play nice with reporters."

"We're vicious things, aren't we? Of course, if you keep plying me with coffee, I'll play nice." Sawyer leans back in her chair, looking perfectly content at the moment, with her both her hands wrapped around the mug to warm her palms. "You mind if I ask about this accident? There seem to be a lot of those happening lately. I'm hoping I can find a common thread and maybe prevent anyone else from getting hurt."

Nostos looks over at Sawyer and he says, "Vicious sometimes, yes, but the best reporters are seekers of truth." There is a moment where Nostos studies Sayer and he asks, "If you are embedded what kind of security clearance do you get around all of the pilots here?" Angelus asks, "If you are cleared to know about this I won't mind telling you all about the accident but I can't put my career in trouble." The pilot is calm and not unwilling to help out but he also wants to stay within the boundaries on this issue. "And if you want plying I think I can also find you some chocolate. The kind in the assorted box."

"I'm supposed to live, breath, and eat like you. I suppose one of these days, that means I have to give up the pink pajamas in lieu of Navy issue sweats, but so for, I'm sticking to my guns." Sawyer's voice is light, like there's a laugh just around the corner. "And if it makes you more comfortable, I can be a real stickler about not revealing my sources. This is more for just my general concern then any story." And she manages to say that completely innocently.

"Atta gal, give 'em hell." The Caprican says still sounding utterly Caprican as he addresses Sawyer. "Really, stick to your guns. The first rule of being in the fleet is that they want us all to be uniform. All of us are to act the same and to be the same because our strength lies in unity and not in individualism. Though, all of us find things to stick with to remember who we are. If you need to stick to your pink pajamas then do it." Angelus stops and rubs his throat as he takes another sip of water and after a moment to rest his voice he says, "As for the accident, there was a strange thing where to the best I can figure one of the electical wires got lose in one of the storage closets containing cleaning supplies the wire hit the liquid and heated it up. Some poor woman was caught in the room. I pulled her out with her legs on fire and Ensign O'Sullivan pulled out Lieutenant Ekonomo."

At least to Sawyer's credit, she's not taking notes, though she does look sorely tempted to pick up that pencil and do so. "Are they alright? The two that were pulled out of the fire? And what were they possibly both doing in a storage closet on fire…were they first responders?" Sawyer suddenly gives a little laugh. "Sorry. I know, a million questions, right?"

Angelus looks at Sawyer and he gives a wry smile that is a mixture of amusement and ego, "You are a reporter and your job is asking questions." Angelus takes another sip of his water, "I'm afraid I did a bad job of explaining things, the Lieutenant and I had just come off of CAP, that would be Combat Air Patrol, when we ran into Ensign O'Sullivan and we found a Storage Closet that was open, which is a very unusual thing since doors are to be sealed at all times in case of breach. We were the first responders. The Lieutenant felt unconcious in the dark and he was not on fire. The woman we found was unconcious. The Ensign removed the Lieutenant and I removed the woman. The bottom of her pants were on fire. I had called for emergency response and the Ensign put out the fire on the woman's pants. Everyone in the room should be fine as we all have been given treatment and no one should suffer permanent damage."

When he waves away the fact that she's being so nosy, Sawyer non-chalantly picks up her pencil, if only to jot down the names he's used as those are the sorts of things that can easily escape your mind. "So when the three of you went to investigate, there was already a woman inside and unconcious? Was she later identified? Have you checked up on her since?" The reporter keeps things casual, like they're just lounging around in their pajamas and sharing a morning chat. Her voice is conversational, not prying. Even if that's what she's trying to do.

Nostos stands and moves back to his locker and he opens it again to pull out a box of assorted chocolates which he brings over to Sawyer and he opens the box for the woman to help herself too, "Please, enjoy yourself." If Sawyer were to peak into Angelus' locker it is full of all sorts of random things that normally wouldn't be associated with a pilot, luxury itemsof all types. Angelus as he takes another small sip of his water. "She was identified I am sure but I don't know who she is beyond that she will survive and medical is taking care of her. Trust me, medical keeps secrets closely."

Sawyer's fingers twiddle above the open and presented box of chocolates, her eyes wide with anticipation as she makes a choice. Sawyer's soft curves mean she's not the type to nitpick over a few calories. She selects one that looks like a cube, and when she bites into it, there's a gooey string of caramel stretching from her teeth to the remaining half of the sweet. "That they are. But for once, I'm grateful about someone keeping secrets. It's a comfort to know that they won't be talking about my latest pap smear to just anyone. Has Engineering done an investigation?"

"Getting secrets of medical is damn near impossible. You'd have a better chance of getting blood out of a stone." Angelus muses as he looks at the chocolates and he pulls one that is a mixture of peanut butter and chopped almonds on the inside. "I am sure they have started an investigation since that is common procedure within the Fleet. Military procedures sort of demand it, Sawyer." Angelus then rolls his right shoulder and it is a rather large shoulder indeed, clearly the man works out, "Now, if I may ask, what is it that you want to learn from us while you are embedded?"

Sawyer leans back in her chair again, minus a pencil and plus a half piece of chocolate and her coffee again. She hitches her knees up on the edge of the table, letting her bare feet dangle in the void. "I'm slowly learning about standard operating procedures. This is my first military gig, afterall." Another sip of coffee is taken to clear the caramel out of her teeth. "Ultimately, the QUODEL is here to see if military funding is being applied in the most cost effective and efficient manner or if there are budgetary cuts to be made. But while I'm working as a patsy for them, it doesn't mean I can't weasel out a story or two of my own to publish, right?"

Nostos nods his head, "It would seem to me that QUODEL is full of people that have been asked to look for the unfavorable traits of the crew of this ship. I believe the term is Devil's Advocate." Now, Angelus rolls his left shoulder this time and it pops slightly, "Well, I should hope your stories are kind to us. You have the freedom to report as you see fit and I hope you write the truth." A beat, "I just hope we don't do anything to make the truth look ugly." Another sip of water is taken and Angelus asks another question, "Has anyone briefed you on what all we do and all of the jargon that goes with it?" The pilot it would seem wants to make sure that Sawyer is up to speed and part of the team.

Sawyer draws her knees off the lip of the table, slowly getting to her feet with a lazy little stretch that has her t-shirt drawing up on her stomach. A yawn follows, and Sawyer is sliding her coffee mug onto the table with her magazine and notes. "I'll tell you what. Save that notion, and we'll sit down properly soon and you can hash it all out with me and I'll take proper notes like a good student. Right now, though. I think I'm due a shower. You'll excuse me?"

The pilot does his best not to look at said stomach and he mostly manages to pull it off, mostly, perhaps a reporters keen eye might catch him looking. "That sounds like a plan, Sawyer, if you are going to be part of the Wing then we need to get the other pilots to like you and you need to know all about us, language, habits, culture, and customs. I'll leave out superstitions since that is an idividual sort of affair." Nostos takes another sip of his water, "Enjoy your shower. I think I'm going to sit here and veg for a while so my throat can heal." He says as he picks up another chocolate since it soothes his throat ever so slightly.

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