Landing Ship Minotaur (CLS-322)



After the Sagittaron insurgencies had wracked the Colony for a few years, the Marines realized that they simply didn't have the deployment capabilities in numbers and speed they needed. Thus, the Dalton class was born. Designed from the bottom-up as a landing ship, it took cues from wars long in the past. Heavy gun systems were installed along the top for orbital preparation of the battlefield and recessed medium gun positions along the side for defense once on the surface. This was done to facilitate its main purpose: to drop from orbit and land troops directly onto the surface of a planet. Many pundits referred to this class as a 'battlestar for Marines' and it wasn't a far off assessment. While it was commanded and staffed by Naval personnel, its primary function was to land and disgorge an two entire heavy battalions of Marines rather than Vipers. This would normally include organic armor, antiaircraft, and heavy weapons groups. The Minotaur also had the honor of carrying the Division HQ from the 142nd Marine Infantry Division in addition to its two heavy battalions. Ultimate command of the ship rested with the ranking naval officer, despite the admiral leading the division whose troops were aboard. Thus a delicate balance of trust had to be established via the two command structures and the officers selected to command these ships and units were chosen very carefully.


CLS-322 was assigned to BSG-83 Minerva during almost the entire time it was deployed.

Command Staff

  • Commander Mark Hereford, Commanding Officer:
  • Lieutenant Colonel Catherine St. Johns, Executive Officer:
  • Rear Admiral Joseph Premmer, Marine Division CO:
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