Mika Dai
PO 2nd Class Mika Dai
Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi as Mika Dai
Name: Mika Dai
Alias: Miao
Age: 25
Features: 5'2" (who is counting that 1/4th inch?), petite frame, masses of raven hair.
Rank: PO 2nd Class
Department: Deck
Position: Avionics Technician
Colony: Picon


Immediate Family


Service Jacket

Cerberus is only the second ship she's been posted to, assigned to it just shortly after its christening. The first was Chimaera. The initiative that Mika shows is to all that is her job, but she is not as prolific at some to addressing the crowd, and she certainly isn't one to seek the limelight.

Year Rank Station Notes
2035 Recruit Boot Camp/A-School Enlisted on Picon at the age of 18.
2035-2036 Crewman Assigned to Battlestar Chimaera Promoted to Crewman just after her first year of service.
2036-2037 Specialist Battlestar Chimaera Promoted to Specialist after her second year of service.
2037-2038 PO3 Battlestar Chimaera Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class and posted.
2038-2040 PO2 A-School Given a promotion.
2040 PO2 Reassigned to Battlestar Cerberus Posted out from A-School.

Physical Features

Thick, straight and obsidian, Mika's long mane is kept neat, combed to perfection and pulled away from her features into a single-band ponytail at her crown. Functional, the style also allows her almond-shaped amber eyes, long lashes, shaped eyebrows, and full lips to be unhindered by stray strands. It also reveals a deep, newer scar that begins horizontal on her upper right forehead, striking near her left eye and continuing downwards into her lower left cheek. From whatever caused this injury, this woman was lucky to have lived.

Petite: slender -and- short is Mika, no higher than 5'3" in flats. She is adorned in stylish work-appropriate clothing: a boat-necked black shirt that fits trimly to her frame and glides over the beginnings of her hips. Similarly-hued cargo pants drape down the length of her legs, ending in sensible black sneakers. Two pair of silver-hooped earrings grace her ears, the first coupling in her lobes and the second at the tip of her ears, all small in size. What shows of her upper back is tattooed, dark pink non-outlined cherry blossoms lingering within the layers of her skin.

On the Grid

Known Associates

She tends to keep to herself.


Painting and boxing are two of Mika's hobbies. And? She never backs down from a challenge - woman either has a death wish or a heck of a lot of pride.

Recent Logs


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