BCH #007: Method Acting
Method Acting
Summary: Alexander "reports for duty." Cidra gets a new crewmember.
Date: 19 Feb 2041
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Cidra Alexander 

[ Naval Offices ]----——[ Deck 10 - Battlestar Cerberus ]

This area is set-up much like any standard office building. Cubicles have been constructed using cheap waist-high walls, their contents left neutral for whoever needs to use them. Inside each cubicle is a desk with a laptop and chair. Simple overhead lights bring dull illumination to the room except over the back wall where each one of the colonies twelve flags hangs from its own pole. Fake, potted plants dot the room and seem to be standard issue along with the water cooler and coffee machines. Off the main room are a few private offices such as that of the JAG or CAG.

Presumably Alexander was told to report to the CAG here before this little experiment began. And here Cidra is. In her office. Her hatch is ajar and she is sitting at her desk. Smoking and waiting.

As if on cue Alexander appears as it seems he respects the opportunity given to him and the chance to serve as an Officer in the fleet. Secretly he is here to immerse himself in what it means to be part of the Air Wing so that he can more effectively play the role on the big screen though even in this he has to inform everyone that he has signed up for this duty. As he makes his way into the room he stops at the door, dressed in blues and he throws a salute. The salute is proper and practiced as it would appear someone has spent time in Officer Training on some level.

"Mister Aurelia." It is stated flatly by Cidra. She sets her cigarette in her ashtray and stands, back bamboo-straight. "Close the door and come to attention." Her tone is cool and there is a flinty look in her gray-blue eyes as she regards him. The woman is displeased and making no effort to conceal it.

Alexander notices the mister first and the cool tones and if it bothered him in the least it doesn't show. As he shuts the door he comes to attention ready for inspection since he has made sure every part of his uniform and appearance is up to snuff. Also, Alexander remains utterly quiet as he is to speak when spoken to and at no other time will he speak unless freely ordered to do so.

Cidra does not return the salute and remains in her chair. There is not an 'At ease' or 'As you were' forthcoming from her. He can stay at attention. She picks up her cigarette again, smoking as she regards him. The CAG's office isn't as tiny as some, but cigarette smoke in the enclosed space still isn't particularly enjoyable. Well, she doesn't seem to mind. "The XO has told me what you wish to do. Let us be frank with one another. I think it abject idiocy and objected to it very strongly. I was told my concerns were 'noted.' And here you are. So. I will do this thing, because command sees fit to play along with you. But. Let us be crystalline clear. If you are to be my 'Nugget,' that makes me your CAG, and that makes me the supreme commander of your life, death and every waking moment for the length of time we occupy this…strange situation. Is that quite understood?"

Indeed, Alexander remains standing at attention salute still raised. There is research and then there is living breathing research and each moment of this no matter how exruciating it is can be learned from; especially when an arm is starting to go numb from holding a salute and standing at attention. Alexander responds with a simple but full of military gusto, "Sir, yes, sir."

"Good." Cidra bites off the word shortly. No 'At ease' yet. "Let us also be clear. While I am living and breathing air on this ship, you will not so much as lay a finger upon a plane control stick or an ECO board. My pilots do some of the most dangerous, demanding work aboard this vessel, work for which they trained for years to be vaguely competent at. Unless I have been grossly under-informed, you are not a qualified pilot or countermeasures officer. What I shall allow you to do is assist with Landing Signals operations in air control. It will give you some idea of what the pilots. I am also willing to allow you to go on ride-alongs in our Raptors, as a civilian journalist with us is doing currently. If you like, you can do this under the fiction you are interested in entering flight school or transferring at some point. Myself, this is your show, I do not care what you tell my personnel."

Alexander remains standing at attention without a hint of emotion on his face, the man knows how to keep his emotions in check when he is on the job, if he is displeased or elated it doesn't show. He remains standing at attention with the salute still holding its own. His stance is still strong and straight and he remains as silent as the grave as he has not been asked to speak which means he is here to listen.

Cidra just lets Alexander keep standing that way. "You may bunk with our Raptor personnel under this arrangement. A locker has been set aside for you. I am done with you now. I have, I think, done as much as I can to see that this is a mere nuisance and not an actual danger to my pilots. Or yourself. You may go. After you tell me precisely this. *Why* are you doing this?"

"Sir, I have been asked by the Fleet to represent what it means to be a Colonial Officer in a new film that the Fleet is producing to increase interest in joining the Fleet. The script is not yet done and I believe I will be playing a Viper Pilot or a Raptor Pilot in the film. As a method actor I try to experience the lives of my characters to the best of my abilities and when I can't I do copious amounts of research. Upon completing my research I am able to portray a character on screen that is not one sided or shallow but a character with depth. To often pilots on film seem very shallow and I would like to break that stereotype. I explained this to the Colonel as I have interviewed two of your pilots and the Colonel thought it would be best for me to take on the role of an Officer in the Fleet to learn first hand, sir." The answer comes without so much as a breath and it is as succinct as he can make it. Alexander continues to stand at attention though at this point his arm is starting to burn a bit, still though he holds it there. This actor takes his work seriously.

"Ah." It is, again, bitten off shortly. What she makes of the explanation is difficult to discern. Cidra's gaze remains flinty. "Fleet PR, then. Well. I follow orders. I have followed orders before that I knew very well could have gotten me killed. Those orders made much more sense to me than this. But, I follow this. Do not distract my people and do what you are told. Go now. Dismissed."

The new nugget drops the salute and turns on his heels to go claim a bunk space. He doesn't share his thoughts because in this moment he is in a one sided conversation and nuggets aren't allowed to speak, freely or otherwise and so the blonde man becomes a blue blur as he hits the door and prepares for processing.

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