Robin Merrell
Senior Chief Petty Officer Robin Merrell
China Chow
China Chow as Robin Merrell
Alias: mer
Age: 37
Features: Dark n Dusky FTW!
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Department: Engineering
Position: M&R Chief

Senior Chief Robin Merrell was killed on 10 MAR 2041 (Warday+12) when unexploded munitions were detonated during a salvage operation. While removing a piece of panelling on a ship wreckage during an EVA, two wires shorted across an unseen missile warhead and caused an exothermic reaction. Her remains were unable to be recovered but she is listed as KIA due to LTJG Parres witnessing the event.


SCPO Merrell is a brand new addition to the Cerberus. With two decades in the Navy, she's seen the darkest corners of some of the oldest ships still on deployment. She's spent most of her career focusing on structural work and patching but has gotten quite a bit of experience in other areas. A native of Tauron, this woman doesn't talk much about home but she generally has a sunny disposition. Its known that she's unmarried and doesn't seem too interested in the concept, nearly her whole adult life spent aboard ships. Though there's a bit of a mean streak in her when it comes to some people from the richer colonies like Caprica and Virgon. Nobody knows what the hell that's about.

Immediate Family

None. Chief Merrell doesn't have any known living relatives that she ever talks about or mentions.

Service Jacket

Destroyer Grenadier Bay (CD-8344)
Destroyer Talon Sea/ (CD-5905)
Battlestar Volans (BS-23)
Battlestar Corvus (BS-78)

Physical Features

Merrell stands, all told, just about five feet, four inches. Long brown hair is secured into a loose ponytail that flops when she walks. Her dusky complexion and full lips are complimented by brown eyes that often appear full of life and zeal, as well, with a small and barely-visible scar sitting above her left eye and cutting a bit into her brow. Obviously fit for duty physically, she has a thin build but the tone to get the job done. She woman has a variety of scratches and bruises all over her arms to prove that she's spent plenty of time with a proverbial wrench.

On the Grid

Known Associates


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