Megan Amosi
Lieutenant Megan Amosi
Scottie Thompson
Scottie Thompson as Megan Amosi
Alias: Meg
Age: 28
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Colony: Gemenon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Medical Doctor


While there is truth to the saying that 'An apple does not fall far from the tree' there is something to be said about the necessity for the apple to overcome inertia and the laws of gravity and defy the laws of thermodynamics to gain forward momentum and defy expectations. For a native of Gemenon, one whose father was a Religious Scholar and mother a Professor of Economics, the expectations were perhaps different than typically considered Gemanese. The expectation that she would go to college, and excel in a academic pursuits was not at all the sort of expectation that she rebelled against. The rebellion, such as it was, was against the notion of standing up in a lecture hall before a galley full of students and speaking - at length - on any one given topic or another. There's something to be said about how some people consider speaking in public before large gatherings to be more awful than nearly anything else on the list - even above death by misadventure involving ocean creatures that have teeth and view humans as a potential snack. Her formative years were largely normal, routine even, her friends being the children of other professors and academics. Her education shaped by her parents with directed goals and benchmarks, and she was a rather biddable child - even if her teenage years turned her parents gray and had her mother often remarking 'Now I understand why some animals eat their young. By the time they reach this age and size they're too big to bury in the back yard or fit into the oven,' in a tone of exasperated humor that often drew commiserating remarks from her colleagues.

The greatest battle of her education years was over where to attend university. As professors, both, of the Kobol College (Theology department and Economics department, respectively) her parents felt that it would be a fine tradition to carry forward with her education. Megan's desire to have some measure of independence and freedom caused the sort of skirmish that lasted weeks and threatened to stretch into months until a truce was agreed upon. Her attendance of the Kobol College of Medicine would be agreed upon if, in turn, after graduation from college and completion of her internship that she would be granted a years hiatus to travel the colonies and explore different worlds if her marks were high enough to have her within the top five percentile of her class upon completion. The deal struck, and celebrated with a family party that invited every single living relative within any reasonable (and unreasonable!) travel time, the likes of which had not been held in many a year. Megan threw herself into her studies with the sort of drive and attention that allowed her to roll through one semester after another, taking courses through the summer terms to try to cut down the sheer number of years that it would take to accomplish. All said and done she managed to shave off one whole year of her education and residency to emerge, just after her 28th birthday, with her formal education completed and faced with the decision of which positions to submit her candidacy for. But the deal held true and, in a move designed to help recoup some of her own sense of independence and perhaps even to get some mental down-time, she packed a travel bag and headed to Tauron to make the first leg of her walk-about with the intention to visit an old college roommate who was working at a clinic in Minos.

And then - disaster. Not more than two weeks into her visit on Tauron, learning more about the Tauron culture from her former roommate Anya and generously welcomed by Anya's family, and her world as she knows it comes to a shocking end. Logic says that the sudden and vicious, even methodical, attack upon the Colonies brought the end to countless lives and destroyed even more countless families. But for her, even at her age, it was a sudden ripping apart of her life, suddenly becoming an orphan bereft of family and every other touch stone of her life. Minos was one of the first cities to fall, the eye searing display of explosion upon explosion granted frequent nightmares of the sort to rip one awake - screaming - from the memory. Night terrors, or nightmares, were common among the survivors.

For that is what they became - survivors. Scrambling from one hiding place to the next, scavenging for food, raiding for medical supplies, lurking -hiding- their numbers being whittled away slowly and steadily from exhaustion, fatigue, illness, and from sheer grief. Those that turned their faces to the wall, even when there was no wall left to turn their faces toward, died just as easily from grief as they did from starvation or any other wound. Dead means dead, no matter how the end is reached. For, among the dead, was her friend and the family of her Friend. Meg had taken the day to visit the museums of Knossos and was en route to Minos when the first of the bombs fell. The dreaded sounds of Cylon's patrolling the ruins of the cities day and night, endlessly for the first few months as survivors were flushed out of rubble aqueducts. Even when the Cylon presence was scaled back there was no reprieve from the nightmare. In the end, if The End is an accurate term, she was rounded up with the others who were unlucky enough to have been discovered and held prisoner and held the equal expectation that she would not long survive in Cylon care. The shocking addition of two Marines, real Colonial Marines, to their number brought the first spark of hope to this batch of survivors.

Once everything was sorted out, the planet of Tauron being glimpsed one last time as they were being lifted off planet, Megan began to realize that she may survive this after all. Once the survivors were settled and the background checks completed, her education history showing that she was a doctor, not a Gemanese faith-healer, a genuine doctor she was eager to put her skills back into use. So much loss, so much death, and when offered the chance to volunteer to serve in the Military - what's left of it - she readily accepted. Basic training and officer training coupled with refresher training to hone the skills that had been left idle in the months of scrambling to survive result in her being a newly minted and entirely green around the edges naval officer. When all else is lost all that is left is to turn every ounce of training and ability toward each day so that, in the end, to be said to have led an eminently useful life - that is the goal.

Immediate Family

Daniel Amosi (father - believed deceased)
Jo Amosi (mother - believed deceased)

Service Jacket

Assigned to BC Cerebus - medical officer

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