PHD #131: Meet the Shrink
Meet the Shrink
Summary: Dr. Byrne sees to Alessandra's mental evaluation pre-release. Bedpans and colostomies are threatened.
Date: 07 Jul 2041 AE
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Byrne Alessandra 
Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Post-Holocaust Day: #131

Things are busy with nurses and medics doing their work, tending to patients and other work as is needed. Thankfully in Alessandra's case, things have become decidedly less hectic. Having gotten a reprise from the tedium of being ill and stuck here, Allie was allowed to attend the Colonel's Triad gathering (that cut short from being called away), and then having to return as promised so she could go in the first place. She's not as sick as she had been as the fact that she's no longer needing a full oxygen mask, the O2 she is breathing taken nasally now, but she's still hooked up to the IVs. All in all, sicker than some but no where sicker than others, the escape from Hell on the horizon for her.

Coming out of the Psychiatrists Office is Dr. Byrne, though it's been years since he's done any real medical work, which he tends to be mildly proud of. Always the mind, never the body, as far as he's concerned. Byrne moves past a few rows of beds glancing from this patient to that before slowing near Alessandra's bed. Why? Well, there was a rumor that she'd need to get checked for brain damage. Byrne loves brain damage. Thus he is intrigued. Straightening his coat, he moves off towards her bed and snatches up her chart, reviewing it quietly.

With there being very little to do while infirmed, Allie's noticing the doctor as soon as he begins to slow down. He's not anyone she recognizes which has him being shown a bit more manners than she might someone else. "Can I help you, sir?" See? Polite pilot is polite. She watches the shrink while waiting for his answer, her expression cautiously wary.

Said Doctor doesn't respond at first. Nope. He just keeps on reading. Maybe he wants her to think she's gone crazy? That sounds overly mean though. Finally he looks up from the chart, leaning on his cane a bit more as he slides it back into its holder, "More than likely not. I'm fairly certain it'll be my job to help you in the near future, so I was just reading up on your file." Who the hell is this guy?

Alessandra hmms and then looks up, deciding to mess with the guy, whoever he is. "Oh. Well, okay. I don't have to pee just yet but I'm sure there will be a nice, full bedpan for you to gather before you know it." There is one of those half grins that does nothing to clue Byrne into if she's joking or not, the man perhaps having been mistaken for an orderly.

Byrne doesn't smile or smirk. In fact he appears to act like he hadn't even heard her as he moves around at a hobble to the side of the bed, flicking his finger against the IV bag once. "I'm sure that's not the only fluid that will need collecting, your chart's indicated you'll need a colostamy bag as well. Something about a pain in the ass." Wow…Was that a joke? The psychiatrist is usually so serious, though that's when he's assessing people, not when he's trading wise cracks.

"Uh…" Allie's smart ass attitude seems to have gotten her into trouble again, or so she thinks, and she's quiet now, trying to think of some witty retort or clever jab to get him back with. "Who the frak are you?" No longer polite and, in fact, a bit annoyed now, she can't help but to toss some eye-daggers his way. "Because no offense but you're talking about making me crap in a bag and I can't say I'm comfortable with that at all." Whooops. Byrne was taken seriously.

"Doctor Devin Tiberius Byrne." Replies Burn with a mild shrug, leaning over to the side a bit to check the oxygen flow rate coming through the tubes. "And to be fair, you started it by telling a Doctor to come collect your urine." That's a job for OTHER Doctors. Yeesh. Once more he ambles unevenly over to her chart and picks it back up, "CO2 imbalance, which led to hallucinations. Possible chance of lasting mental status issues." he sets the chart back down, "I've been keeping an eye on your status remotely, but felt it was best if I checked on your mental status first hand now that you're mostly recovered."

Alessandra rolls her eyes. "You had it coming to you, you know. Just standing there, not saying who you were. For all I knew, you were one of the people who mops the deck after someone pukes on it." Not apologetic in the least. "I guess you know who I am so introducing myself is…moot." Shrugging, she calms down and manages to smile. All is forgiven. "I couldn't really tell you what I went through. I really don't remember much." Which is most likely for the best. "I am sure I'm alright outside of that, however."

"A man walks up to your bed in a lab coat, reading a chart, and you assume he's an Orderly?" Byrne tsks quietly though he's smirking as he does so, and then he gets a bit more serious, offering a quiet nod, "Well memory loss is common with such dissociative episodes. Anytime we break from reality our minds often don't give us ready access to it. That being said, I don't need you to regail me with the details of your hallucinatory state. I'm more interested in your current mental state. So, what's the date, current state of the fleet, and whats 18 times 12?"

Alessandra whooops's mentally when Dr. Byrne mentions his labcoat, this being one of those 'well, duh' moments. "I…guess not." Wrinkling her nose, she leans back when he starts to first explain why she has gapes in her memory and what it is he's looking for. When he starts to drill her with questions she listens only to answer as quickly as they are directed towards her. "July 7th, frakked as always and 216," the answers given in the same order Doctor Byrne posed his queries.

Mental check list made of the responses and the Doctor nods once, "Good." he offers quietly and then picks up her chart and pulls out his pen, clicking it once and making a quick note, "I'll need to do a more comprehensive exam after your new blood work, O2 levels and scan results come in, but you are alert, and aware, which is a good sign." a beat pause, "And I've removed the order for a colostamy bag."

"I think they'll be letting me go today, at some point," Alessandra says with a faint nod. "So yeah. I'm sure you and the others will find that I am alright." Her lips press into a tight line and then are puckered, her expression abashed. "Thanks for checking me out and sorry I thought you were an orderly. Forgive me?"

"Good, good. I'll need you to come meet with me after you've been discharged to get you cleared for active duty, but I don't forsee any issue with it right now." Byrne replies as he leans against his cane with a small sigh of relief that only comes from relieving pain, "I suppose I could see my way to forgiving you. Maybe." he shrugs once. "We'll see." a beat pause and he starts to turn, "Until our next meeting, Lieutenant Sophronia." and then he hobbles off.

Alessandra watches as the doctor leaves, what smile she has been keeping on her face off and on unable to be found. He's left to go without so much as a nod as she's now lost in thought, the fear settling back into her gut, this time it being over the thought of never being able to fly again. Hopefully she'll never have to discover what that's like.

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