Medical Cabinet


This page holds the Daily Log, Report Files, Medical Records and Experiment Logs for the Medical Staff aboard the Cerberus. As usual, this information is all OOC unless proper IC clearance is acquired prior to use.

These are the research topics currently being investigated. Any projects claimed by PCs should be considered under the supervision of that person — they (the Research Lead) should be your first/primary point of contact for details. If they are unavailable, please contact the CMO.

LT Gracious Bia

Project: Compile a list of medical supplies shortages. Cross-reference with botanical substitutes. Make a list of suggested uses for the hydroponics facility that's coming online at some point.

See Also: Essential Medicines (def'n) - Essential Medicines (list). Resist urge to staple links to foreheads of those wanting to devote hydroponics to W33D, MAAAN.

LT Jesse Stavrian

Project: Medical analysis of tissue samples brought back from Leonis. Source, method of creation, variance from human tissue?

Niree Tuata's tissue samples added to testing, at Lance Corporal Cadmus's request.

LTJG Kadena Macer

Project: Medical analysis of (disassembled) Centurion — what caused odd reactions at Parnassus Anchorage?

Odd reactions at Parnassus Anchorage related to MolGen project? Further analysis of Centurion required.


Project: Human <-> Cylon biomechanical goop interfacing — is it possible?


Project: Parnassus Anchorage's irregular radiological readings — analysis of samples, cause?

Dr. Kildren's report on her initial research. Summary: Radiation on Parnassus Anchorage was (1) not nuclear in origin and (2) meant to affect silicon compounds. Information has been passed along to Captain Gabrieli, ChEng.

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