Paul McManus
PO3 Paul Fraser McManus
Bismarck Du Plessis
Bismarck Du Plessis as Paul Fraser McManus
Age: 26
Features: A large man with a shy smile
Colony: Virgon
Rank: PO3
Department: Medical
Position: Navy Corpsman


Paul McManus is a relatively late entry Corpsman, known more for his rugby skills than his work. Fans of the game might recognise a man with several international caps for Virgon, as well as representing the Navy team at league level.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
2035 AE Recruit Recruited on Virgon Entered Basic Training aged 21.
2036 AE Picon 'A' school, corpsman training.
2036-38 CN / SPC Battlestar Aegean (BS-104) Navy Corpsman.
2038-40 SPC Fort Cetus, Picon Navy Corpsman, attached to CMC.
2040-41 PO3 Escort Carrier Marsyas (CEC-198) Navy Corpsman, SAR.
Warday PO3 Tauron Known to have been attending a rugby tournament on Tauron when the cylons struck.

Physical Features

It should come as little surprise to anyone that a man with McManus's build should end up playing top flight rugby. Six foot two, and two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle, he is a large man by anyone's standards. Dark hair is kept in a short back and sides, and neatly trimmed sideburns, high cheekbones and a square jaw give his face a slightly flattened look. Narrow eyes are set deep into his face, and his nose is slightly crooked, as is his almost shy grin when it shows. He has a number of scratches, light scars and very often bruises dotted around his body, including a clear scar just at his hairline on his forehead with suture marks still showing.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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