Eleon "Trio" McCrae
Mr Eleon McCrae
Ken Watanabe
Ken Watanabe as Eleon McCrae
Alias: Trio
Age: 39
Features: Weary and worn.
Colony: Sagittaron
Rank: Mr
Department: Civilian
Position: Unemployed
Cylon: Model Three


Eleon McCrae was the man responsible for one of the most notorious engagements of the Sagittaron Insurgency: the Aigosthena Massacre, in which Vipers under his personal command killed hundreds of civilians in cold blood. Following an official investigation, Captain McCrae was dishonorably discharged from the Colonial Fleet and confined to house arrest.

Mr McCrae resurfaced on 19 August 2041 as a prisoner of Melpomene and elements of the Southern Sagittaron Liberation Front (SSLF). He was tortured and executed by SSLF personnel after Colonial officers present at the scene refused to intervene on his behalf.

He was revealed to be a Cylon skinjob — model number 3 — after Colonial forces boarded his basestar on 20 March 2042 AE.

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