Martina "Marty" Dames
Ms Martina "Marty" Dames
Lauren Ambrose
Lauren Ambrose as Martina "Marty" Dames
Alias: Marty
Age: 27
Features: Redhead, waif
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Ms
Department: Civilian
Position: Best Boy, TV4 News at Eight
Bar Staff at Colonial Pete's


What does the daughter of a successful businessman do when she discovers most of her family's wealth was built upon the backs of sweatshop laborers on Tauron? She falls in with anti-establishment protesters, learns everything there is to know about the Herb, and gets sent to prison after supplying said protesters with a blueprint of her father's Taurian factory — all before the age of eighteen.

Martina — called "Marty" by her friends — was that daughter. Trading in the fancy dresses of her sweet sixteen for environmentally-conscious threads, the idealistic girl spent six months in juvenile detention before being released on her eighteenth birthday. Her experience made for one hell of a college application essay, and she won acceptance to Nemean University with flying colors: only to discover that her father had cut her off and sent her into the world with naught but the clothes off her back and her childhood savings.

Fortunately, Marty was able to find gainful employ as a temp, adding two-month chunks of experience to her résumé while living from paycheck to paycheck in student hostels. That precarious existence finally ended after six grueling years when she met Colin Ashwood on one of her rare nights out. He was a rising star in the business; she was an intelligent and competent woman with promise far exceeding her current position. After sharing ten drinks, four hours of conversation, and one torrid night, Ashwood made a couple of calls and got her hired as a secretary in TV4's front office. When his best boy of four years retired two months later, Marty stepped into those shoes and has been with Ashwood — and News at Eight — ever since.

Marty survived the Holocaust along with her not-quite fiancé and the rest of Ashwood's lighting team when they were dispatched to cover a protest at an H-Train station in Morningvale. She encountered a Colonial advance scouting party on 15 May 2041 AE, saving it from a Centurion ambush with the help of Ashwood, Frankie Holquin, and Chris Calita.

Marty was rescued on 18 June 2041 AE by Raptors from CVW-14; Ashwood died saving her life. Following her discharge from Medical, she's mostly kept to herself, though she's recently resurfaced as a part-time waitress aboard MV Elpis.

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