Escort Carrier Marsyas (CEC-198)


CEC Marsyas is a relic from the first Cylon War— though nobody would think it to look at her. She's been through several rounds of renovations, and the only pieces of her still intact from her first commissioning are the offices and conference rooms. Even these are kept in pristine condition, lending the ship a look of classy nostalgia.

The rest of the vessel has been significantly updated. Its engines can match pace with the best in the fleet, and one of its landing decks has been converted into a large mobile hospital ward to supplement the sickbay, its Viper complement having been reduced to the minimal and ceremonial.

CEC Marsyas is on reserve for disaster response, its Marine squadrons both well-organized units trained in infrastructure management, distribution of food, medicine and supplies, and the organization of widespread evacuations. The air wing, despite being half the size of that of a normal escort carrier, is almost entirely comprised of Raptor forces, the ship's Raptor complement being almost three times that of a normal escort carrier.

CEC Marsyas is a ship of comfort and mercy, and in the past has been granted safe passage even into areas of military conflict in order to complete its humanitarian efforts.


Command Staff

  • Commander Meleager Grassleigh: CO

Prior Crew


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