Janus Julian Aleksander Marshall
Commander (Ret.) J.J. Marshall
Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek as J.J. Marshall
Alias: "Staredown"
Age: 73
Features: Ancient and proper
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Commander (Ret.)
Department: Civilian
Position: Analyst/Advisor


Janus Julian Aleksander Marshall was born on Caprica in 1967 to Karl and Valentine Marshall. His father was the CEO of Mammon Wealth Management Consultants, a company that was starting to see surging growth on Caprica; his mother was a Scorpian diplomat. He attended a preparatory school and was expected to follow his father's footsteps into commerce and business. Although his parents divorced when he was 12, they were still both overjoyed when he was accepted into Caprica University with a full scholarship, and again when he graduated with honors in Business Administration.

Immediate Family

Father: Karl Marshall (Deceased); former CEO of Mammon Wealth Management Consultants.
Mother: Valentine Marshall (Deceased); former Scorpia Diplomat.
Sister: Eliza Penelope Marshall (Deceased); former Tenured Professor (and later Professor Emerita) of Interplanetary Commerce at Caprica University.

Wife 1: LT Isabel Barton. Married in 1992, KIA in 1995.
Wife 2: MAJ (ret.) Jocelyn Nicander. Married in 1998, divorced in 2002 (Presumed dead).
Wife 3: Vanessa Winter. Married in 2004, divorced in 2008 (Presumed dead).

Daughter: MAJ Calliope Olivia Marshall-Nicander, born 2001. Chief Weapons Officer, Missile Frigate Praetorian.
Son: Rayner Ignatius Marshall-Winter, born 2005 (Presumed dead).

History/Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
1985 Civilian Caprica University Enrolls with full scholarship.
1989 Civilian Caprica University Graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
1989 Officer Candidate OCS: Colonial Fleet Academy, Caprica Graduates as Top Candidate.
1990 Nugget Flight School ECO Pipeline.
1990 Ensign Heavy Cruiser Demeter Promoted to Ensign, given callsign "Staredown".
1991 LTJG Heavy Cruiser Demeter Promoted to LTJG.
1993 LT Battlestar Galactica Promoted to LT, posted.
1994 LT Battlestar Theia Posted.
1995 LT Battlestar Kronos Battlestar Theia destroyed at Caprica. Taken in by Battlestar Kronos during retreat.
1997 CAPT Battlestar Kronos Promoted to CAPT.
1998 CAPT Battlestar Kronos Becomes Squadron Leader of VAQ-88, "Gamblers".
2000 MAJ Battlestar Kronos Promoted to MAJ.
2002 MAJ Escort Carrier Delphus Posted as CAG.
2004 MAJ/Civilian Picon Honorably Discharged from the Fleet. Enrolls at Eunomia University.
2005 Civilian Picon Begins work at Mammon Wealth Management Consultants (Picon Branch), his father's business.
2007 Civilian Picon Graduates Eunomia University with a PhD in Political Science.
2008 Civilian Picon Fired from Mammon WMC.
2009 CAPT Battlestar Hyperion Reinstated into the Fleet with a rank of CAPT.
2012 MAJ Battlestar Hyperion Promoted to MAJ.
2015 LT COL Flight School, CFAB Caprica City Promoted to LT COL, posted.
2021 COL Escort Carrier Pleides Promoted to COL, posted as XO.
2024 CMDR Assaultstar Victory Promoted to CMDR, posted as CO.
2029 CMDR Battlestar Columbia Posted as CO.
2033 CMDR/Civilian Tauron Honorably Discharged from the Fleet. Works as freelance military analyst.
2036 Civilian Tauron Becomes an advisor to Tauron government on military affairs.

Physical Features

Although J.J. "Staredown" Marshall only stands at 5'8", he holds a commanding stature about him. Perhaps it's his seniority - he's definitely advanced in years. Despite not looking every day of 73, his hair is shock white, not gray, and the lines of his face belie the wisdom of his age. There's also something about the way he carries himself at all times with decorum and propriety. But his genial smile has a disarming effect, and his dark brown eyes speak of warmth and understanding paired with insightful intelligence. Instead of seeming like a senescent ancient, he gives the impression of being a wise and powerful gentleman.

Marshall is dressed simply in a dark single-breasted suit with subtle pinstripes. Combined with a plain white dress shirt, tie, and loafers, he looks sharp and professional. Furthering that image, he's usually seen carrying a black briefcase or a leather portfolio wherever he goes. The only jewellery visible on his person is a silver ring with the insignia of Assaultstar Victory upon it, which sits on the index finger of his right hand.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Abbot_icon.jpg Michael Abbot: I knew Michael. We crossed paths a few times over the course of our careers. He was a golden boy with a silver tongue, and I liked him from what I saw. An outstanding officer through and through. I'm not convinced of the results of his trial, but he met his fate with proud nobility.


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