Dev Markum
Lieutenant Dev Markum
Jerome Kaino
Jerome Kaino as Dev Markum
Age: 29
Features: Dark hair; dark eyes; naturally tan skin; burly; Taurian tatau
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Weapons
Position: Weapons Officer


LT Dev Markum is from one of the rougher parts of Tauron and enlisted at the age of 18 as his sole means of GTFO. Although he certainly is built like a Marine stereotype, he had enough common sense to realize it's much better to shoot at stuff from within a large, heavily armored ship.

By the age of 25, his gunnery skills, his innate leadership qualities, and his strong work ethic earned him enough sponsorship to land a spot in OCS. Since then, he's continuously displayed the traits of someone who has all the makings to one day be a Chief Weapons Officer. Far more dutiful than ambitious, Markum is perfectly content to fill the role of right-hand man.

For the most part, he is a jolly fellow with a rather long fuse. When pressed too far, however, his good nature explodes into a terrible temper.

Immediate Family

All on Tauron and all presumably dead.

On the Grid


  • Qualified to stand duty as Officer of the Watch
  • Mustang officer
  • Trained in the art of Taurian tatau
  • Can drink hard booze as though it were water

Recent Logs


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