Margaret Tiran
Corporal Margaret "Jinxie" Tiran
Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger as Margaret "Jinxie" Tiran
Alias: Meg
Age: 22
Features: High and tight hair, built like a tank, heavy Aerilon accent, famous family
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Corporal
Department: Marines
Position: Fire Team three leader, Second Squad, Charlie Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Batt 9th Marines


Another Tiran in the corps. Raised hard on an Aerilon farm, just promoted to Corporal.

Immediate Family

Father- Master Sergeant Jebediah Tiran
Mother- Sgt Rose Tiran(ret)

The Tirans are a well known family in the CMC, with a service history dating all the way back. She has numerous uncles, aunts, cousins and the like in the service or retired from it.

Service Jacket

Enlisted at 17
Fort Argus, Sagittaron
Marine Advanced hand to hand course
Promoted Lance Corporal assigned Virdis Anchorage
Promoted Corporal assigned BSG Cerberus

Physical Features

There is a joke in the CMC that back on Aerilon they teach the Tiran's to chew iron and spit nails, and despite a ready smile Margaret Tiran looks like she well could if she put her mind to it. She has rather plain, broad common features that might almost reach wholesomely pretty if corps training hadn't pared away every last inch of softness. Instead her heavy strong jaw and cheekbones and the gunmetal grey of her eyes just make her look hard. She keeps her brown hair clipped high and tight, the severity of her haircut adding to the look of a professional marine. She is a big lass too, spot on six foot in her boots and with a heavy, stocky build. It looks like she might naturally run to fat, but a lifetime of hard training has left her all solid muscle with barely a spare ounce of fat. She speaks with a heavy Aerilon accent, almost indecipherable on the rare occasions she speaks quickly.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Margaret got her nickname for being a magnet for bad luck. Yet somehow it seems to work out for her and those around her.
Rumoured to be quite possibly the worse triad player in the fleet.
Also, surprisingly quite a talented artist, at least with pencil and paper. Unusual in a family known for breeding generations of gung-ho marines.

Recent Logs


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