Gabriel "Fiasco" Marduk
Lieutenant Gabriel Marduk
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez as Gabriel Marduk
Alias: Fiasco
Age: 35
Features: Flashy and flamboyant
Colony: Gemenon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air Wing: VF-211 "Checkmates"
Position: Viper Pilot

Another NPC from the CEX Areion, although he totally defected to Cerberus' side during the events of 15 April 2042 AE. Wooo! If you'd like a scene with Fiasco, please contact Devlin.


There are places where a class clown can do just fine, sliding through with humor and charm and half-decent grades to forgive the occasional disruptive outburst. A religious academy in rural Gemenon is not one of those places. Gabriel Fabrizio "Fiasco" Marduk, believe it or not, is from rural Gemenon. Born on arguably the most conservative of the colonies, he never quite fit, far too restless, rambunctious, and above all, loud. He squirmed in temple and shouted in school and ran… everywhere, all the time. Tossed out of school for the second time at age 15, his mortified parents despaired and shipped him off to the only military reform school around.

To say that Gabriel took well to the structures and restrictions of military life wouldn't be precisely true. What he did take well to, however, were the things they taught there. Suddenly everything had an application. History was military history, learning about epic battles of the past. Science was how to place a bullet or fly a fighter or engineer a tank. Literature…well, there wasn't a whole lot of that, anyway. Despite countless demerits for everything from unmade beds to violating curfew to possessing contraband to insubordination, Fiasco excelled academically and athletically and graduated with what would have been honors if only it weren't for his disciplinary issues.

He applied, of course, directly to the Fleet Academy on Picon, and while there was some question whether he'd be accepted (his recommendations from former teachers were…mixed), at the end of the day his off-the-charts aptitude scores saw him through. The academy went basically the same way high school had: he did well academically and extremely well athletically, racking up plenty of minor violations along the way, but again, not enough to keep him from the next level, which was flight school. All about the Vipers from day one, Marduk didn't make the greatest first impression on many of his instructors, but there was no denying his obvious talent. He graduated tops in his class, and then «REDACTED»

Service Jacket


On the Grid


  • Favorite word: "WOOO!"
  • Flying style: Erratic, unpredictable, alternately brilliant and disastrous.
  • Favorite phrase: "Damn, girl!"
  • Favorite female body part: Ass
  • Favorite body part of his own: Dude, who could choose just one?
  • Favorite song:
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Second favorite color: Purple
  • Second favorite word: "YEEEAAAH!"

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