Alexander Marcion
Lieutenant Alexander Marcion
James McAvoy
James McAvoy as Alexander Marcion
Alias: Alex
Age: 28
Features: Medium build, light skin, often spacy look
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Engineering
Position: Engineering Officer


Immediate Family

Father- Dr. Drake Marcion, MD. Leonis.
Mother- Dr. Annabelle Marcion, MD. Leonis.

Service Jacket

On his first real assignment since being recruited, Alex was a member of the team that designed and constructed the Cerberus' FTL Drive.

Physical Features

Pale from hours spent in labs and workshops, Alex does his best to maintain a good military physique, but occasionally fails to keep proper muscle tone, in which case he tends to be skinny.

On the Grid

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Gabrieli_icon.jpg Capt Dominic Gabrieli Heads engineering and heads it well, recruited me for work on E-Class. Proud to work for him. Can be a bit of a boys clubber, but respects what I do. Respect him, as well.
Sofia_icon.jpg 3M Gloria Sofia Requisitions officer. Also bookie. Does what she does well quickly and effectively. If ever interested in Pyramid, may get her to advise on team to cheer for. Prefer to cheer for winners.
Tisiphone_icon.jpg Ensign Tisiphone Apostolos Anomaly. Viper pilot who enjoys math. Interested in my theories. Fun to talk to. Makes nervous sometimes, but seems nervous herself. Pretty. Told her, accidentally. No ramifications. Yet.
Ren_icon.jpg SPC Elijah Ren Good kid, good specialist. Dead under my command, on my first mission as SL. Deserved better. Lords of Kobol, watch over him.


Sporting a pair of Ph.D's, Marcion is considered to be an up and comer in the Field of FTL technology. His papers on Faster-Than-Light travel are becoming vogue in some venues, particularly in his theorisation on FTL "Bubbles".


-"Maybe YOU cannae break the laws of physics, I on the other hand do it every day. Usually right after breakfast."
-"FTL? It's simple. You push the magic button and the little fairies take you where you want to go."

Recent Logs


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