Thomas "Splash" Malone
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Thomas Edward Malone
Grégory Fitoussi
Grégory Fitoussi as Thomas Edward Malone
Alias: Splash, Tommy
Age: 27
Features: Dark brown hair, dark green eyes, usually smiling
Colony: Libran
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air wing
Position: Viper Pilot


Education in Law, College-level Pyramid player. New arrival at the Cerberus, his first shipboard assignment.

Immediate Family

Full Name Relationship Opinion
Martin Malone Father Even though I've made some choices my parents didn't want me to make, my father's been there for me, supporting the choices even though he didn't agree with them. Even though he's always been busy with work, he never said that he didn't have time when Molly or me had to speak with him.
Laura Malone Mother Given that father was away very often for work-related things, mother's always been there for us. Whenever there was something we needed help for, and father wasn't available, she was the one to run to.
Molly Felicia Malone Huntingdon Sister She's the old one, being a few years older than me. She's currently working for the same bank father's running, as a security systems expert. I made the mistake of introducing her to one of my best friends in college, and now they're married and have daughter.
Hephaestion Jerome Hungtingdon Brother-in-law Jerry's been one of my best friends since we met at college. Back in those days, we did lots of strange things. I introduced him to my sister, and now the two are married, and I don't think there's any better guy for her out there. He did what I didn't, and got through into the lawyer profession.
Charlotte Malone Hungtindon Niece Little Charlotte is Molly and Jerry's daughter, about two years old now. She's the pride and joy of the family, and I always make sure to visit them when I'm back home. Just seeing that little one makes me smile.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Standing at about six feet, and looking like someone who's spent a lot of time staying in shape, this man in his mid-to-late twenties, looks to be a bit on the slender side for his height and age. His dark brown hair is an inch or two in length, and is kept carefully away from his face. Dark green eyes watch the world a bit carefully, and he has a nose that's slightly larger than the average. Pale thin lips frame two rows of teeth that seems to be rather well taken care of. His jaw looks a bit sharp in the angles, and has some stubble on it, more often than not.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Trivia, and so on

  • Has a tendency to break into song every now and then, although he's far from a good singer. But, as he says, the most important thing in singing is that the heart is in it.
  • Most of the time, he's an easy going and optimistic kind of person, but once in a while, he has dark periods where he tends to be quite the opposite.
  • Was a skilled Pyramid player during his student days.

Recent Logs


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