Malani Yarrow
Ms Malani Yarrow
Cheryl Burke
Cheryl Burke as Malani Yarrow
Alias: Lani
Age: 26
Features: Dark hair; dark eyes; very fit; tatau
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Ms
Department: Civilian
Position: Tatau artist


A talented tatau artist and promising apprentice Kaiwhakairo, Malani Yarrow and her mentor, Amato, were attending an annual tatau moot at a Matatau enclave in southeastern Tauron when the Cylons nuked the Twelve Colonies. They and a handful other practitioners managed to survive long enough to be rescued by the BSG-132.

Currently, she resides on the MV Elpis but has an arrangement with the CMES that permits her to travel from ship to ship to perform tatau rites.

Immediate Family

Either confirmed or presumed deceased. Her mentor, Amato, is considered kin. Anyone capable of reading Malani's achyddiaeth will be able to determine that.

Service Jacket

Formally trained in and skilled with assorted tatau needle techniques. Is currently apprenticed to Udo Amato to become a Kaiwhakairo.

Physical Features

Dark-haired and dark-eyed, Malani is of average height for her gender and very fit. Polite and prone to smiling, most standards would classify her in the spectrum of cute.

On the Grid

Known Associates


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