Nikias Makaed
Executive Nikias Makaed
Gideon Emery
Gideon Emery as Nikias Makaed
Alias: Maked
Age: 30
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Colony: Leonis
Rank: Executive
Department: Civilian (QUODEL)
Position: Corporate Executive for Tzonis Group


Employee of the Tzonis Group, a corporation with numerous holdings and subsidiaries whose main business is government and military contracts. The Tzonis Group has been accused of unethical dealings in the past, though nothing has progressed to the court room, and the bad press is usually short-lived and dwarfed by bigger scandals. Mr. Makaed is not in a particularly high level position within the corporation, and so is a relative unknown to those outside of it. The justification for his presence on the QUODEL is questionable, and likely the result of corporate meddling.

Immediate Family

Jonas Makaed, Father, Retired Surgeon
Lisa Knossa, Biological Mother, Retired Lawyer
Nessa Makaed, Stepmother, Retired Biochemist and Professor

Ariston Makaed, Brother (6 years older), Attorney
Sera Makaed, Sister (3 years older), Geologist and Professor
Paulo Makaed, Brother (1 year younger), Politician
Kira Makaed, Half-Sister (4 years younger), Stock Broker
Olim Makaed, Half-Brother (6 years younger), University Student
Terim Makaed, Half-Brother (6 years younger), University Student

Work Experience

Physical Features

Nikias Makaed is not so much memorable in his appearance so much in his mannerisms, though more on that later. Visually he appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties, fair skinned, and showing just a little strengthening of the lines in his face without completely abandoning youth. A strong nose and jaw accentuates a slightly rugged look. Straight dark brown hair, prone to disarray despite his efforts, and grey-green eyes, do little to set him apart from others.
For his previously mentioned mannerisms, his eyes are often moving to take in the people, places, and events around him, indicating an acute awareness of his surroundings. Even when nothing is going on, he can be seen taking in the details of the architecture around him. When in earshot, he'll sometimes murmur a few things to himself, audibly noting something of interest to remember later, or grinning at something only he's in on. He has a hard time hiding the activity going on in his mind.
At the moment he's dressed in a dark blue jacket over a white collared shirt, though no tie. Black dress pants and a pair of new designer shoes round out the ensemble, giving the impression of someone with money but not strictly formal.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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