Maia "Gadget" Westfield
Lieutenant Maia Westfield
Claudine Barretto
Claudine Barretto as Maia Westfield
Alias: Gadget
Age: 28
Features: Constant cheery smile
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Electronic Countermeasures


Born in poverty in Leonis, Maia was one of the few children given up for adoption. She would be quickly adopted by the Westfields, an upper class family living in Delphi of Caprica. Jonathan Westfield, her father, had served in the Colonial Fleet, and came from a long line of military men. Her mother, Genevive, was a housewife who dotted on her adopted daughter, as they were unable to conceive children due to an illness. As such, Maia grew up amongst affluence and wealth and was doted upon by her parents. Everything she could ever want, she got.

Of course, one of the things she was interested in was taking things apart and putting them back together. And so after several broken and reassembled clocks, video players and other things, her parents decided to put her into a magnet school for the sciences and engineering. There she flourished amongst the other children, happily taking in various subjects like a sponge. She was happy and was soon being courted by some of the best schools in the colonies much like many of the other graduates were.

However, she was interested in only one school. The Caprican Fleet Academy, where her father had gone. And thus, she came in and decided to major in electrical engineering due to her interests and technical prowess. There, her aptitude exams placed her amongst the pilots, particularly those who would have the knack to become electronic countermeasures officers. She trained with the others while pursuing her degree and eventually was able to get a dual bachelors and masters upon graduation. Upon graduation, it was off to her first tour of duty. That would be on the Battlestar Pegasus.

Four years she'd be on the Pegasus, serving as an officer amongst the air wing. While she was an able pilot, her technical skills were exemplary and she soon focused on ECM. She would get in trouble, taking apart a few pieces of machinery on her raptor,but she would be able to put it together again. While everything was peaceful, she often helped the deck crew or engineering with her skills, but in the end, she would be scouting and serving as recon as an ECO. There, she earned the callsign Gadget due to the various Rube-Goldberg-esque inventions she'd make in her spare time. She went up the ladder and as of present time was recently promoted to lieutenant. Now, she has recently transferred to the Battlestar Cerberus to serve as an ECO and only time will tell what she does there.

Service Jacket

  • Caprica Fleet Academy: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
  • B.S. Honors Thesis: Asymptotic Analysis of Large Arrays for Communications and DRADIS Applications
  • Flight School: 23rd out of 46 Pilots
  • Advanced ECO Training: 4th out of 50 Trainees - Advanced Electronic Warfare Certification
  • Caprica University: Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • M.S. Thesis: Characterization of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers With Electrical and Optical Derivative Spectroscopy
  • Battlestar Pegasus: Blue Squadron - 4 years
  • Battlestar Cerberus: Harriers - Present

Physical Features

Maia stands tall at five feet, seven inches. She has dark brown colored eyes, and dark brown hair, which is cut to about shoulder length. Though mostly left loose, a small amount of her hair has been gathered into a small braid against the rest of her hair, hanging down among the locks. She has a somewhat youthful countenance in both face and build, which makes her look a bit younger than she actually is. Of course, there's a pair of golden spectacles resting on the bridge of her nose, which she has to push up on occasion.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Picture Name Relationship Notes
Archer_icon.jpg Kellan Archer Boyfriend: Boyfriend, love of her life, yada yada. They've been together almost a year now, having served together on the Pegasus. She's just happy he's here on the Cerberus even if their duties tend to keep them apart. At least he's just over on a different deck instead of lightyears away.
Hellicon_icon.jpg Christopher Hellicon Former Flame: Served together on the Pegasus as well. Dated briefly while serving in the wing, but decided to call off the relationship on rather amicable terms. Very surprised to see him once more after all this time and their friendship remains. He made her an honorary member of deck crew considering he knows of her mechanical and electrical aptitude.


  • The character of Maia is based on "Gadget" from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. In fact, amongst her clothes is a t-shirt with said characters proudly displayed.
  • Received her call sign on board the BS Pegasus for making random little devices with no real practical use.
  • When off duty, she can often be seen on deck, having the urge to tinker with instruments, taking things apart and putting them back together. On the Pegasus, she got in trouble for this initially, until the LSO realized that what she tinkered with often ran more efficiently after.
  • Maia is a licensed Professional Engineer, having taken the exam after her first tour of duty. So yes, she can notarize.
  • Military life has yet to damper her spirit. An optimist by nature, she likes to see things from the 'glass is half-full' side. She can find something nice about everyone she has met (thus far) and tends to focus on that.
  • Lacking the enzyme 'alcohol dehydrogenase', Maia is a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol. Her cheeks flush bright red even with two glasses of beer or just one shot of liquor, and so she tends to stick with one drink and will nurse it the whole night instead.
  • Admitted chocoholic. Fortunately, constant PT and a fast metabolism keeps her in shape.

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