Magus "Priest" Boreas
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Magus Boreas
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis as Magus Boreas
Alias: Priest
Age: 27
Features: Blue eyes, red-brown hair
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Department: Air-Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot


Magus Boreas grew up in the Black Country of Tauron, his father was religious man was never particularily care for organized religion. He grew up the second son of the family, with a younger sister as well. His older brother named Elois and sister Rhea. Magus's mother died giving birth to the would be fourth child, another son, three years later after Rhea was born. The baby died as well, and both were ultimately burried together.

Growing up in an economically poor area he had to find other means to believe in a better life. It was because of this he sought faith and in the end found a path following Zeus. A local priest suggested he enter the service of the patron god and with some helpful aid by the priest he would be able to. He decided that the calling was his path and eventually ventured offworld in order to study ecclesiastical studies at the University of Metis on Caprica in 2031 AE. He graduated in four years and entered the priesthood for a year. But his blood still ran back to the black country and a peaceful life in the Priesthood was not for him. He swore an oath to serve Posiedon, and set forth to find where the pastures were not so green and find those who were 'lost at sea' in more ways then one.

Returning to Tauron in 2035, he sought out the military, and though initially directed to join the ecclesiastical services there, he convinced the military it was not enough for him. After some conversations of Faith with a Major Ganas, a recruitor for the ecclesiastical services, he was given a letter of recommendation to enter Flight school. He started his training in 2035, and eventually completed his training to become a Raptor pilot in 2038. His training during this time focused mostly on SAR and Close Air support for the Marines. His first assignment was given to Tau Garrison in Tauron much to his surprise. For his first year at the station he was an ensign and after giving words of solace to his companions was dubbed 'Priest'. It was in 2040 that a new ECO, one of considerable talent would be assigned to him by the callsign Shakes. A Sagittaron the woman showed a extreme devotion to her own goddess Demeter. The two worked well together and on warday in 2041 that proved an asset when they both escaped with several others in the Raptor to the remote Black Country where he called home. When Cerberus landed, those who survived with them and the two Raptor crewman were saved and given a new home amongst what was left of the human resistance.

Immediate Family

Demadon Boreas Father of Magus. Presumed dead after the attacks on Tauron
Iliona Boreas Mother of Magus. Died during child birth
Elios Boreas Magus' older brother Presumed dead after the attacks of Tauron.
Rhea Boreas Magus' younger sister Presumed dead after the attacks on Tauron.
Sander Boreas Magus' youngest sibling Died at birth

Service Jacket

Period Position Locale Notes
2031 AE Student University of Metis Caprica Ecclesiastical Studies
2034 AE Graduate of U of Metis Caprica Caprica Graduated in Ecclesiastical Studies
2034 AE Priesthood Caprica Left when the calling did not fit
2035 AE Military Tauron Talked to a recruiter, Major Ganas. Spoke of faith and was ultimately written a recommendation to flight school

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates

Solstice_icon.jpg Lieutenant JG Solstice "Shakes" Vasco : My second ECO and now only familiar face aboard Cerberus.


Recent Logs


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