PHD #417: Mad Dogs And Bunnyrabbits
Mad Dogs and Bunnyrabbits
Summary: Khloe and Bunny make words go en route to Burke's Naming.
Date: 19 April 2042 AE
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Khloe Evandreus 
Post-Holocaust Day: #417

Waiting for the Elpis ferry Raptor to take off, Khloe Vakos sits passenger. A loaner cane from sickbay leans up against the bulkhead, something that the Captain is forced to use until her leg injury completely heals. Dressed in her uniform blues, she's currently going over a stack of alcohol vouchers - likely intending on using them as currency rather than actually purchasing alcohol.

What's this? Evan Doe, parking his jeans-clad ass in the back of a Raptor? The world is upside down. "Hey, Pops. Coming to christen Burke's new name, eh?" he asks her, Leontinian accent thickly slathered onto the words as he does a shuffle-slide and turns about to bring himself into alignment with the seating and plop down in the next seat, arm reaching back over a shoulder to start to buckle in.

"I figured I would use the excuse to do some shopping," Khloe explains, tucking the vouchers into her jacket. "I don't plan on staying too long at that stinkhole called Pete's." She gives Bunny a critical eye, looking him up and down. "Have you recovered from your panic attack?"

Evandreus looks aside to Khloe with a tender little smile, as though taken by surprise that she'd thought to ask after him like that. "I'm fine, thanks," he tells her. "Bad timing, is all. They were just finishing weaning me off of my anti-depressants and suddenly…" he shakes his head with a dirisive snort, eyes veiled with a flicker of lashes before they open again and roll mightily, as if the entire human race were some exasperating moron one merely has to tolerate. "Y'know?"

Khloe shakes her head. "No, I don't know," she says flatly. "Bunny, I'm not your Es-El, so what I'm about to say doesn't amount to a hill of beans. But, you so much as freak out like that again, I will pull rank and ground you. Do you understand? I won't have pilots spewing that kind of drek on an open channel, potentially demoralizing other pilots."

Evandreus tips his head slowly aside, glance growing a higher and higher angle of askew as he tries to piece together what she's getting at. Finally, eyes open wide, "Oh! You mean during the… oh." He'd thought she was talking about the actual panic attack he'd gone through the evening before. "Yah, that wasn't cool," he offers her, with an aura of mild contrition, "I usually don't go on comms unless there's something that actually needs to be said. Man, the number of times I've yelled at Stiffy to keep her comments off-channel. It was just… so much bullshit, the whole thing." he shakes his head sorrowfully. "Why do people feel the need to pull that shit on one another? It's all so senseless."

Khloe narrows her eyes slightly. "I'm not entirely sure what you mean." She pauses as the Raptor launches, and there's a bit too much engine noise and vibration for her to continue her thoughts. Once it subsides, she adds, "It's not your job to provide commentary, Bunny. It's your job to drive your bus so your ECO can do their job."

"The fighting. Don't we have enough problems with the Cylons without us turning on one another like that. The moment we have a disagreement we start killing each other. And sure, they started it, but damned if our own people weren't out for blood, too. Did you hear about the boarding team? After they subdued the Areion marines they went around and executed anyone who was still alive. Just for shits and giggles, I guess. They weren't done being angry. You know Leyla shot a man who was down on the floor, disabled? Shot him. Dead. And their guys had their orders from their command just as we did. In my mind, there's no excuse for that. That's just bloodthirstiness, there," Bunny gives his pronouncement on the condition of humanity. "Just a pack of starving dogs gnawing at one another, at that point." A pause creates the illusion of a change of topic. "I know the job, Pops. My Boots says fly, I go fly. And it's not as though I'm the only pilot in the history of ever to have said something over comms." Not even close. Comms chatter is more or less an art form, to some. Mostly in the form of 'woo hoo' type noises and sexual innuendo. "You're right, though, comms chatter totally sucks. Makes it hard as crap to hear if orders start coming through. Which is why I wasn't using the comms line we were actually using for command distribution," he points out. "But if you want to put up a ban on comms chatter, I'd be right behind you. Clear up the lines."

Khloe lets Evan speak his piece, just folding her arms across her chest and not interrupting. Once he's done, she nods. "I agree with you, Lieutenant. However, when you chose to express your opinion was not the appropriate time, nor was it the appropriate venue. It doesn't matter if our enemies are Cylons or human. You have a job to do. If you can't do it without objection, then you should not fly. It's that simple."

"I know, hon. I'm sorry," Evan offers tenderly, even going so far as to lift a hand to rest on Khloe's shoulder and give it a friendly squeeze. "I was blinded by a sudden unconquerable rage. I guess I'm no different from the rest of humankind. I just don't shoot people when I get angry. I give condescending speeches about how childish they're acting," he tosses out with a crookedly abashed smile.

Khloe is slow to shift her shoulder out from under Evan's touch. She doesn't quite glare at him for it, either. "Be mindful of your temper in the future, then. While you're ranting, someone could be calling out for help, and not getting heard." The ferry Raptor touches down with a thud aboard the Elpis, and once the pilot gives the thumbs up, Khloe begins unbuckling.

Evandreus lets Khloe unbuckle first. The seats are at close quarters to one another, and Evan is all elbows when he's trying to get that thing undone, so he won't risk the jab to Khloe's ribs, content to sit there held by the straps for a further moment. "Right," he tells her, a note of sadness touching his voice, just there. "Hey, I meant it about the chatter thing, though. It's a serious issue. But I'll bring it to Boots when he's… feeling better." Up the CoC, Bunny. Not over to the Viper CoC.

Khloe nods. "Fair enough, Lieutenant." And then the side door opens, and she disembarks.

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