Sigard Mackay
Major Sigard Mackay
Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper as Sigard Mackay
Alias: Mackay, Sig
Age: 40
Features: Burn scars, missing eye
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Major
Department: Weapons
Position: Chief Weapons Officer (Weps)


Sigard Mackay has the reputation of being a rough and tumble sort of man. As it has been noted by officers he has worked with and for he likes to take the bull by the horns…And then find a way to shoot ship to ship ordinance out of it's ass. He started out as a green crewman from the 'industrial' part of Aerilon,(as if the agricultural colony had that many factories), and worked his way up through the ranks.

He's survived being blown up, and came back stronger and smarter. Never one to be the top of his class, Sig's got a strong work ethic, and is creative enough to make up for his short comings. As it stands he's worked his whole life to get to where he is. Be assured, he will make his mark.

Immediate Family

  • Soren Mackay (father)
  • Maren Mackay (mother)
  • Menelaus Mackay (Older brother)
  • Jaeger Mackay (Younger Brother)
  • Illiana Graves (Daughter)
  • Callum Graves (Son)

Service Jacket

  • 1st Tour - CF Prometheus
  • 2nd Tour - CFS Boudica
  • 3rd Tour - BS Solaria - Chief of Guns
  • Weapons Officer - BS Atlantia
  • CWO - BS Cerberus

Physical Features

Sig Mackay is a tall man. That much is able to be seen. Standing at 6'4" this man's body is neither lean, nor is he as athletic as a marine. Instead his body is one that's broad shouldered and thick. Made from a life of hard work. Tanned skin, is off colour and tight around his neck, down the left side of his body. Signs of heavy scarring on his chest, and burns neck, down to his wrist, spread out of his back and chest. Another thing notice would be the thin black patch covering his left eye, and the greenish green eye on the other side of an equine nose. His features are sharp, and hair that comes to his neck, is grey as the stubble on his chin.

Mackay is dressed in a Colonial officer's uniform. The medium blue jacket is tucked into matching trousers, with a black, brass-buckled belt around the waist. A softer, darker blue fabric decorates the shoulders. The black buttons are off-center, running up the right hand side of the tunic. The left breast sports a single button-down pocket. On his left sleeve is the black, gold and white Battlestar Cerberus patch. The pins on his collar show a rank of Captain.

Around his waist a thick black belt is worn, where the wooden handle can be seen hanging out from the hip holster. An old Dragon Mark XIX, with words engraved on the butt of the pistol.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Picture Name Notes
Tillman_icon.jpg Captain Clive Tillman Good guy. He's the TACCO on board this tub, and already I gotta like him. He's got th' grit of a dog that don't like bein' hit. Like a shark. I foresee a wonderful working relationship forming
Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra "Toast" Hahn A friend of Tillman's. Good from what I can tell, though she keeps a little reserved. Probably the Gemenese in her. She's our CAG and from what I can tell. She's got a tight frakkin handle. Good. She's got them cats to herd.


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