Raine Lunair
Lieutenant Raine Lunair
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor as Raine Lunair
Alias: Loopy, Luny, Rai, Ray, RUN!
Age: 27
Features: Purple eyes, pale skin, dark hair
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: CMC
Position: Charlie PLT CO, Company S4


Lunair is a green, but well meaning officer who takes her job seriously. She might've been better off being an officer in the days of cavalry and noblisse oblige, but darnit, she's gonna give it a go. She's young, optimistic and doing her level best. How much that means though, is anyone's guess.

Now that she's had her first real field action, things are a bit more than she expected. Whether it crushes her or tempers her will be anyone's guess. These days, she acts as sort of a den mother. She's growing into the role quickly - although for all her fondness of heroics, old military history and generally wanting to be noble, there's a goofy, dorky core deep down in there. Sadly, she's struggled with an inferiority complex, her own inexperience (After all - she was previously resigned to being a paper monkey and other planetside tasks) and a painful awareness of what others think of her.

It's a frustrating way to learn, but Lunair seems to be maturing and accepting her role. That she may well be more suited to grooming others' talents, taking care of the food supply and making sure things get where they need to. Far from the heroics she dreamed of early on, but that's life isn't it? Instead, she finds joy and keeps busy herding new recruits, helping the hydroponics grow and flourish, ensuring her NCOs can get what they need to do their tasks (She's learned - rather painfully, that commanding seniors may be unwise and sometimes it's best to be the wielder of their orders as much as a giver) and just generally looking after things.

Immediate Family

None that aren't mutants, irradiated or zorched. But she did have family on Canceron.

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Raine stands at about 5'4", and has an average build on the end of a little heavy. She doesn't seem to stand out for any particular feature. However, Raine does seem to be pretty healthy and strong looking. She has a very regal face in light of her body's flaws, with high cheekbones, a slender nose and dark red lips that don't seem to need the help of make up. There however, there seems to be her most notable feature: Purple eyes! It's a bit of a what the fudge moment, to realize she has pale skin and dark purple eyes. Her hair is also a deep shade of black. It's a startling contrast, although her curly hair is pulled back much as she can. Alas, a few ringlets seem determined to ruin the pattern and sneak out.
Raine is dressed in a Colonial officer's uniform. The medium blue jacket is tucked into matching trousers, with a black, brass-buckled belt around the waist. A softer, darker blue fabric decorates the shoulders. The black buttons are off-center, running up the right hand side of the tunic. The left breast sports a single button-down pocket. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Battlestar Cerberus patch. The pins on her collar show a rank of Lieutenant JG.

Though, it should be noted Lunair's hair is slowly growing back. She seems to keep the headscarves around at least.

On the Grid

Soundtrack. Thingy. With less ear bleeding than ever!


  • Lunair loves to weave, sew and embroider! She can also dance!
  • Lunair collects hats!
  • Lunair is loopy.
  • 3 out of 4 officers agree, Lunair makes awesome coffee.
  • Totally does NOT have a crush on King and wonders where people get that idea.
  • Apparently 9 out of 10 Cylons hate Elizabeth Taylor, as Lunair has yet to not get shot in the face. Maybe she's after Tisiphone's callsign?

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